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783A Summer Popcorn  13 James  18-8-2019 17:00
1 Wilfred Edwards  Heaven Just Knows
3 Johnny Shand   That Night In The Rain
4 Art Waine  I Wish
5 Bobby Hart  Cry My Eyes Out
6 Del Shannon  Over You
7 Don Wyatt   Do I Need You
8 Eric Lindell  Find Another Girl
9 Jamie Coe  I Cried on My Pillow
10 Laurel Aitken  How Can I Forget You
11 Pee Wee And The Prophets  Im So Tired
13 The Electras   Al I Want to Do Is Run
14 Winston Groovy   Leaving Me Standing
15 Matilda Jones   Wrong Too Long
16 The Royalettes  Take My Love
17 Johnny Tillotson   Please Don't Go Away
18 Roy Orbison  Goodnight
19 The Three Suns  Whispering Shadows
20 Cathy Jean  Canadian Sunset

783B Franky 3     18-8-2019 18:00
1 Tony Lawrence  I need somebody
2 Charles Dell  Let's tell him now
3 Lefty Frizzell  Heavens plan
4 Holidays   Whatch out girl
5 Ray Stevens  Funnty man
6 Joyce Heath  I wouldn't dream of it
7 Royalettes  There he goes
8 Jon Tee  Crazy
9 Fran Lori  Love is
10 Kim Moon  Orientel hop
11 Grant Higgins  The seasons of love
12 Caro Emerald   The lipsticks on his collar
13 King Bee  Jana Dóra
14 Champs inst Mohawks
15 Nick Charles  The right girl
16 Phillips Dee & the dutchman  Forget about the girl i left behind
17 Bobby Rydell   Baby it's you
18 Ivan Block  She's got love
19 Junior Waters  Turn away
20 Jerry Wilder  Yesiree, yesiree
21 Jimmy Williams  Wishing ring
22 King Coleman  Crazy Feelin
23 Gia Malone  I've got a crush on you

782A Summer Popcorn 11 Hans  11-8-2019 17:00
1 Les Miserables   C'est L'ete (Summertime)
2 Seal  Cry to me
3 Shadows (Canada)  Tonight my love tonight
4 Zona Visser   Teach me to forget you
5 Jack Dauvil et son accordeon inst Chariot ((I will follow you - him)) (instrumental)
6 Jerry   Mary isn't home tonight
7 Lou Rawls  What'll i do
8 Tony Martin  Perhaps perhaps perhaps
9 Tran-Sisters   Pull the covers right up (over my head)
10 Hamid Cooper  Summertime
11 Alton Ellis and the Skatalites  Mouth A Massey (122) (ska)
12 Monica Rocha  Laughing boy
13 Nancy Sinatra  Pensa me (Think of me) (Italian)
14 Jimmy Clanton  All the words in the world (de Neil Sedaka hit)
15 Madara and White Orchestra  Pineapple peaches an' cream (Mercury)
16 Jeff Barry   Tear filled eyes can't tell lies
17 Melvin Davis  It's no news
18 Sonny Knight  Small girl big world (Fifo 105 - 1961)
19 Steve Alaimo   Big Bad Beulah
20 Petula Clark   This is goodbye (Elle est fini la belle histoire
21 Burk and the Sea inst Northern lights

782B Summer Popcorn 12 Sandra  11-8-2019 18:00
1 Kelly Garrett  This Heart Is Haunted (1964)
2 Freddie Scott  Brand New World (1963)
3 Connie Francis  Baby (Italiaans)
4 Charles Sheffield  It’s Your Voodoo Working, 1,48
5 Cathy Caroll  But You Lied (1962), 1,47
6 Edmundo Ros inst Harry Lime Cha Cha i
7 James Royal   Work Song (1965)
8 Betty Lavette  You’ll Never Change (1962), 2,32
9 Jimmy Ruffin  Don’t Feel Sorry For Me
10 Gillian Hills  Cou Couche Panier
11 Jerry Butler  The Wicked Man (1961)
12 James Booker  Gonzo (1960), 2,26
13 The McGuire Sisters  Banana Split, 2,19
14 Barbara & The Del Capris  Mama, I Think I’m In Love (1964)
15 Bob Kayli
  Tie Me Tight
16 Les Scarlet  Panama Cha Cha Cha
17 Johnny Horton  Lovers’ Rock (1957)
18 Liza Smith  I Wanna Love You (1960)
19 Gene Chandler  Pretty Little Girl (1964)
20 Joanne Engel  I Want Him (1964)
21 El Chicano  inst Viva Tirado, 4,39

781A Summer Popcorn 9 Het eerste uur met Hans  
1 Nathaniel Mayer  Summertime
2 Teddy Randazzo   First love never dies
3 Ann Kirk  It kinda picks me up
4 Ty Whitney  Move over darling
5 Plunderers   Boss (Roulette 4665 DJ) (instrumental)
6 Louis Jordan  Old age
7 Craig Douglas   Fly away
8 Hi-Los  Silly boy (1963)
9 Johnny Hartman  I can't help it (HMV Pop 1436 - UK 1965)
10 Fred Ford  Summertime [Cover (TN) 45 - 19632]
11 Baba Brooks  Jam session         (instrumental ska)
12 Toni Arden  What a difference a day made
13 Mr T-Bone and the Caroloregians  Quando vedrai la mia ragazza (italiaans)
14 Freddie Gorman   A living dream called a girl (110) (pc)
15 Mustang  Undergrad (1965) (113) (pc) (instrumental)
16 Durand Jones and the Indications  Put a smile on your face
17 Johnny Bristol   A woman's love (120) (pc)
18 Pepe Marquez   I want a love i can see
19 Les Brown Jr  Bernie's tune (120) (pc) (instrumental)
781B Summer Popcorn 10 Ton  doet het tweede uur vandaag
1 Edmundo Ross  Summertime
2 Conway Twitty  Cést si bo
3 Sarah Vaughan  Broken hearted melody
4 Jaquueline Boyer  La mer , Laplage
5 Barbara Mc Nair  A little love that's all i want from you
6 Don Catelli  Lady of Spain
7 Enrique Guzman  Harlem Espagnol
8 Jose Alberto El Canario  Mi gran amor le di
9 Gene Pitney  Every breath i take
10 Conny Fabry  Koningin van de nacht
11 Helen Shapiro  Sans penser a rien
12 Tommy McCook &Skatelites  Penut vendor
13 Lenny Miles  Living dream
14 Kenny Chandler  Yours
15 George Maharis  Tonight you belong to me
16 Brenda Lee  Your used to be
17 The Bluesbusters  You're the one
18 Jacky Noguez  Ciao ciao ciao bambino
19 Hern Jeffries  Buenas Noches mi amor
20 Xavier Cugat  Adios
21 Hoagy Lands   True love thet last

780A Summer Popcorn 7 James  28-7-2019 17:00
 In het Summerpopcorn uur van James gaan we dit keer terug naar 10 juli 2004.  
 In de Vinylclub van Midvliet FM was die middag Theo Dumoulin van Radio 192 te gast.  
 Uit het Popcorn archief van James vandaag het eerste uur van de uitzending met Theo  
 Veel luisterplezier.  

 In het tweede uur Summerpopcorn horen we weer een lijst van Franky de Bergé (B)  

780B Summer Popcorn 8  Franky  28-7-2019 18:00
1 Charles Perry   How Can I. 1965
2 Johnny Blue Boy   I'm Going Away.
3 The Capitols   Hello Stranger. 1966
4 Jimmy Clanton  Dreams Of A Fool. 1962
5 Gospel Classics   More Love, That's What We Need. 1968
6 Jimmy Young   Chain Gang. 1956
7 Skeeter Davis  I Can't Stay Mad At You. 1969
8 Maxine Starr   Love Is. 1962
9 Nancy Holloway   Your Turn's Gonna Come. 1964
10 Toni Fisher   Love Is Just A Word.
11 Naomi Shelton  Everybody Knows. 2014
12 Ritchie Dean   Now You Tell Me. 1964
13 The Marketts  Under The Stars. 1963
14 Little Peggy March  Losin My Touch.  1965
15 Jane Baker  Sing On Baby. 1956
16 Johnnie Taylor  Rome. 1962
17 Joe Perkins  Runaway Slave. 1965
18 Thomas Wayne  Stop The River. 1964
19 Billy Fury  Letter Full Of Tears.1962
20 Diana Emond  Steve's The One. 1963
21 The Embers  Groovin'. 1967
22 June Jackson & The Jackaels  That Look In Your Eyes. 1960
23 The Supremes  Time Changes Things. 1968
779A Summer Popcorn 5 Ton  21-7-2019 17:00
1 The Checkmates  Begin the beguine
2 Ray Conniff   Just friends
3 Trini Lopes  Smile
4 Petula Clark  Ne joue Pas
5 The Blue Diamonds  Toujours
6 Elvis Presley  Fountain of love
7 Cliff Richard  Outsider
8 The Platters  Love your magic spell is everywhere
9 Alma Cogan  Hold your hand out naughty boy
10 Perez Prado inst You'll drive me crazy
11 Corry Brokken  N Ik weet (Et pourtan)
12 Danny Fischer  It's a sin to tell a lie
13 Diana Ross & the Supremes D Johnny und Joe
14 Vikki Carr  Magari
15 The Four Esquires  Love me forever
16 Eddy Williams  Stay with me
17 Ray Adams  Here my song Violette
18 Bet E. Martin  I kow a girl
19 Peggy Lee  Hey there
20 Gene Pitney  Count the days
21 Determinations  Sweet night dew

779 B Summer Popcorn 6 Sandra   21-7-2019 18:00
Frank Gari  Utopia (1960)
The Vernons Girls  Tommorow Is Another Day (1964)
Johnny Appalachian   Up In Smoke, 2,09
Burt Blanca  Tout En Fumée (1963)
Diane Maxwell  Love Charms (1959)
Tony Abbott & his Orchestra  Surrender i
Maxine Brown   She Got Everything
Earl Grant  House Of Bamboo (1959)
Gladys Knight & The Pips  Stop Running Around
Donna Lee-Anne  Fifteen Only Fifteen (1962)
Sam Cooke  Sugar Dumpling (1962), 2,18
Little Willie John    Fever (1956)
Annette  Jamaica Ska, 2,21
San Remo Golden Strings  I’m Satisfied
Carol Connors   Big Big Love (1962)
The Franciscans   Walk To The Bottom Of The Sea
Baby Jane and the Rockabyes  Half Deserted Street (1963)
Clyde McPhatter  I Love You Til The Cows Come Home (1961)
Celia Marie  Walk With Me (1962)
The Miracles  If Your Mother Only Knew

778A Summer Popcorn 3 Franky   14-7-2019 17:00
1 Lenny O Henry   Across the street 1963
2 The Champs  Ali Baba. 1959
3 Monk Higgins   Ceatrix Did It. 1966
4 Freddie Houston  Chills And Fever. 1963
5 Mel Torme   Comin Home Baby. 1962
6 Joey Dee  Enough Is Enough.  1963
7 Rene Bloch   Harlem Nocturne. 1959
8 Baby Washington  Hey Lonely One. 1963
9 The Martinis  Hung Over. 1965
10 Luther Ingram  I Spy For The Fbi. 1966
11 Henry Lumpkin  Im A Walking. 1963
12 Little Hank   Mister Bang-bang Man. 1966
13 Jimmy Cross   Play The Other Side. 1965
14 Willie Mitchell  Secret Home. 1964
15 Freddie Houston  Soft Walking. 1962
16 Dave Baby Cortez  Summertime. 1966
17 The Tkos  The Fat Man. 1966
18 Freddy & The Kinfolks  The Goat. 1968
19 Johnny Lytle   The Loop. 1966
20 Johnny Payne  Thinklin Bells. 1962
21 The Tams   Untie Me. 1962
22 The Marvelows   Your Little Sister. 1965
23 Impressions   Youve Been Cheatin. 1965
778B Summer Popcorn 4 Hans  14-7-2019 18:00
1 Sylvie Mora   Summertime
2 Juliana Luk (of Ravina Juliana – of ….)I did nothing wrong 
3 Michael Stewart with Sy Oliver  Chain gang
4 Clarence Raid (Reid)and his De(l)miras  Anything that's good to you
5 Champs   Rockin' crickets
6 Orchestra Bruno Martino Que pasa muchacha
7 Lee Richards   Cha cha cha in old Hong Kong
8 Sallie Blair  A kiss a day
9 Riaan Vosloo and Benedic Lamdin Crying tree
10 Joy Boys   Summertime
11 Family Circle (zie ook Symarip) Phoenix reggae
12 Ben Hughes   Missing pieces
13 Zhang Lo (Chung Lee)  Yoshiko
14 Christine Holmes  My dream
15 Cha Cha All Star Orch.  Off beat
16 Betty Madigan   Bigger and better things
17 Jackie Curtiss   Cecilia
18 Joannie Mae Mathews -   Give me true love 
19 Federico y su Combo Sunny
20 Ray Rivera  Latin workout

Afgelopen  Zondagmiddag namen Sandra van der Hak en James Giezenberg jullie in de Popcorn Corner mee

op een zoektocht naar die ingrediënten die nodig zijn om een

Popcorn Oldie tot een Popcorn Oldie te maken.

Wanneer verschijnen deze ingrediënten in het muziekbeeld en hoe hebben
die in de loop der jaren de nu als

Belgium Popcorn Oldies bekend staande
muziek gevormd.

  1. Ludwig Rüth Und Sein Orchester - Kleiner Mann was Nun 1933 78 rpm
2, Duke Elington en Irving Mills - The Mooche 1928

  1. Bix Beiderbecke - At The Jazz Band Ball (1927), Sandra
  2. Johnny Otis - Harlem Nocturne is a jazz standard written by Earle Hagen and Dick Rogers in 1939 for the Ray Noble Orch
  3. The Andrews Sisters - Bei Mir Bist Du Schön (1937)
  1. Xavier Cugat And His Orchestra - Temptation Columbia US in 1940
  2. Ruth Brown and her Rhythmakers - Mambo Baby (1954)
6.. Anita O'Day - Pagan Love Song uit 1950 American romantic musical film met Esther Williams     en Howard Keel    
  1. Pérez Prado - Mambo No. 5 - een instrumentaal nummer van hem uit 1949
  1. Glenn Miller - Chattanooga Choo Choo uit de film Sun Valley Serenade uit 1941
  1. Cab Calloway & his Cab Jivers Broomin’ House Boogie (1949)
  1. Dinah Shore – Shoo-Fly Pie And Apple Pan Dowdy 1946 swing
Mechanische barriere in 1948
  1. The Glenn Miller Orch met de Modernaires ­ - Moonlight Cocktail 1942
Ontving als eerste een gouden plaat van RCA Victor12 Ella Fitzgerald - Somebody Bad Stole The Wedding Bell (1954)
  1. Doris Day - It's Magic ' uit de film " Romance on the High Seas " uit 1948
  2. Paul Williams & his Hucklebuckers - The Huckle-Buck (1949),3,08 (nr. 1 R&B) i
15 The Jive Five - What Time is It 1962
  1. The Ravens Feat Jimmy Ricks - Coming Back Home 1950
  1. The Clovers One Mint Julep (1951)
  1. Otis Blackwell Daddy Rollin' Stone 1953
  1. The Jewels - Natural Natural Ditty 1955 Vroege R&B stomper
  1. Dinah Washington - Relax Max (1956)
  1. Guy Mitchell – Ninety Nine Years ( Dead or Alive ) vroege jaren vijftig
  2. Roosemary Clooney & Perez Prado – Mambo Italiano vroege jaren vijftig
  3. The Miracles – Bad Girl 1959 Motown 1e of 2e release op dit label 1959
  4. Mickey & Sylvia - Se De Boom Run Dun (1956)
  1. Louis Armstrong - Sunrise Sunset 1957
27 . The Coasters   - Down In Mexico (1956)
  1. Jack Canstanzo - Peanut Vendor 1949
  1. Mike Pedicin - Burnt Toast And Black Coffee (1961
  1. Perez Prado - Sway
  1. Ruby & The Romantics My Summer Love (1963)

Luister oude afleveringen terug via:

776 Popcorncorner  30-6-2019
1 Little Ann  What should i do
2 Kenny Lynch  You can never stop me lovin you
3 Paul Sindab  I was a fool
4 Joan Moody  Big time operator
5 Bill Deal and the Rhondels  Don't play that song.
6 Tony Campello  Esqueca (Believe me)
7 Noelene Batley  Forgive me
8 Duprees the  My dearest one
9 Little Joe & the Latinaires  Ain't no big thing
10 Enouch light  inst  Gentle on my mind
11 Bobby Womack   Runaway
12 Kitty Kallen  One grain of sand
13 Jackie Wilson  It only happens (When i look at you)
14 Lucectia S El rebelde (he's a rebel)
15 Castels   I'd like to know
16 Billy Storm  Who'll keep an eye on Jane
17 Brook Benton  Tender years
18 Jerry Butlet   You won't be sorry
19 New ports the  Dixie woman
20 Skip & Flip   Cherry Pie
21 Gladstone Anderson  Leave me alone
22 Lucille Brown  Lonely inside
23 Marco Remez   Bla bla bla cha cha cha
24 Vinnie Monte   What's the matter with Marilyn
25 Half sisters  Forget where i live
26 Erik Monty  Monsieur L'Hermite (the Hermit of misty mountain)
27 Johnny White  F To et moi
28 James boys the   Another Lori
29 Conny Van den Bos  Ninotschka (Midnight in Moscow)
30 Beverly Harris & the Flares  Hotcha cha cha Brown
31 Kenny O'Dell  Happy with you
32 Piero Soffici  inst That's the way with love
33 Denise Germaine   Too-ra-loo-ra (bye bye baby)
34 Arborn the  Anybody here for love
35 Arnie Corrado  How nice
36 Della Rae  Hurry up summer
37 Dick Rivers F Mais je taime  (I Will)
38 Matt Monro  Honey on the vine
39 Sam & Dave   It was so nice while it lasted
40 Ray Evans   Goodbye
41 Gizelle   Leave me alone
42 Paula Wayne  In the name of love

775 Popcorncorner   23-6-2019
1 Bettye LaVette  Games people play
2 Angelo Jerry   The two together
3 Dells the   What do we prove
4 Buddy Lamp  Thank you love
5 Sophie Pascal  Tu es la  (You were here)
6 Timmy Brown   Baby it's o.k.
7 David Thorne  Don't let it get away
8 April Stevens  Teach me tiger
9 Ed Bruce   The greatest man
10 Jumping Jewels inst A hundred pounds of clay
11 Yvonne Carroll  There he goes
12 Skip and flip  It was i
13 Jeff Hunter  Man of stone
14 Peter Troy  Verdict of love
15 Young Rascals I Groovin'  (Italian)
16 Adda Lee  You're pushing a good thing to far
17 Peter Roka  Sylvia
18 Earl Sinks   Be Good
19 Peter Shelley  Love me love my dog
20 Beau Marks   Stay with me
21 Mustangs the  Moscoow nights
22 Supremes  Standing at the crossroads
23 Tony & the Velvets  Sunday
24 Four tops the  Walk away Renee
25 Lareine Lamar  That's not the way to love
26 Kylo Turner   I'll keep thinking of you
27 Toni Carroll  Overnight
28 Johnny Cymbal   There goes a bad girl
29 Herbie Goins  Thirty-six Twenty-two Thirty-six
30 Smoothies  Softly
31 Scott Bros the  Memories
32 Randy's all stars inst Mission impossible
33 Chuck Carbo   Out on a limb
34 Val Tino  Loving tree
35 Robert & Johnny   Brown pretty brown eyes
36 Carol Vega  One little thing
37 Laurie London  I'll make you forget him
38 Lovetones the  Sitting in the park
39 Alice Dona  Un seul mot de toi
40 Bobby Jones  I'm coming home
41 Trevor Peacock   Can i walk you home
42 Braceros inst Spanish moss

774 Popcorn Vaderdag  16-6-2019
1 Untouchables  Papa
2 Artistics  I'll leave it up to you
3 Kenneth Deal  Tell me where
4 Teri Allen  Can't run to daddy
5 Sonny Til & Orioles Hey little woman
6 Billie Dearborn  Your need me to love
7 Fantabulous Carousels Would you love me
8 Barry Biggs  Wide awake in a dream
9 Eddie Holland   If Cleopatra took a chance
10 Herp Alpert  Mi corazon pertence a papa (my heart belongs to daddy)
11 Sam Cox   Destination
12 Monitors the   Since i lost you
13 Selvin Johannes  Ole father time
14 Fayette Pinkney (Three Degrees) The grass will sing for you
15 Roscoe Robinson  Why are you afraid
16 Little Gigi  I volunteer
17 Showmen the  Sugar daddy
18 Jimmy Ruffin  Just before love ends
19 Gloria Lynne  (You don't have to be a) Tower of strength
20 Emotions  I love you madly
21 Booter T & MG's  Time is tight
22 Carlo Gerace  Daddy knows best
23 Danny Davis  Rumours
24 Fred Parris & the Restless Hearts  Bring it home to daddy
25 Aubry Jones  Big lover
26 Della Reese   I got the blues
27 Dottie and Millie Talkin'about my baby
28 Harptones  I gotta have your love
29 Robin Clark   Daddy daddy (Gotta get a phone in my room)
30 Corry Konings  Hurt
31 Major Lance  Dark and lonely
32 Beto Diaz  Caminos del mal
33 Sam Butler  I can't get over
34 Karen Carpenter  Johnny Angel
35 Frontiers the  I'm still lovin you
36 Anna Craig   Nobody loves me
37 Chet 'poison' Ivey In a little while
38 Richie Barrett  Some other guy
39 Aretha Franklin  Runnin' out of fools
40 Trents the  No one there
41 Hollywood flames Drop me a line
42 El Chicano   Song for my father

Op zondag 7 april is er weer een speciale aflevering van het programma de Popcorncorner.
Deze keer ontvangen we twee Popcornoldie verzamelaars uit België.
Nico Vereycken en Franky DeBergé vertellen over het ontstaan van de Popcornoldies in de jaren 70
en over het verzamelen van de zeldzame, vaak onbekende, muziek uit de jaren daarvoor.
Natuurlijk laten de heren mooie muzikale voorbeelden horen.
De Popcorncorner is er zondag tussen 17:00 en 19:00.

Nico Vereycken Popcornoldies voor Radio Midvliet FM op 7 April 2019

01- Naturals - Lenny Goofed.
02- Chaz & Two - Soup Bone.
03- Johnny Mc Bee - Nothing But Love.
04- Chuck Wright - Love I Won't Be Your Fool Anymore.
05- Betty O'brien - She'll Be Gone.
06- Sugar Pie Desanto - Going Back Where I Belong.
07- Lovelace Watkins - Dreams.
08- Jimmy Merritt - I'll Forget About You.
09- Lonnie Smith - Hola Muneca.
10- Ozzie Torrens - Ozzaboo.
11- David Coleman - Drown My Heart.
12- Darell Banks - Open The Door To You Heart.
13- Ramsey Lewis - Spend Your Life.
14- Earl Van Dyke - My Girl.
15- Johnny Nash - I Lost My Baby.
16- Lionel Torrence - Moscow Twist.
17- Erroll Garner - Affinidad.
18- Monk Higgins - Ceatrix Did It.
19- The Miracles - I'll Try Something New
20- Jerry Butler - You Can Run (but You Can't Hide)
21- Tommy Tate - A Lovers Reward.
22- Freddie Houston - Chills And Fever.
23- Johnny Watson - Wait A Minute Baby.
24- Leon Haywood - Soul Cargo.
25- Billy Larkin - Hole In The Wall.
26- Johnny & Jackey - Baby Don't You Worry.
27- Johnny Nash - Don't Take Away Your Love.
28- Jimmy Breedlove - My Guardian Angel.
29- Alan David - Aware Of Love.
30- Tony Middleton - Drifting.
31- Jackie Ross - Hold Me.
32- Drew Vels - It's My Time.
33- Little Jimmy Ray - You Need To Fall In Love.
34- Spooners Crowd - Two In The Morning.
35- Sam Baker And Nancy Cohen - Once Upon A Time.
36- Winston Francis - California Dreaming.

IMG 0586

Jaaroverzicht Overleden artiesten 2018 Uitz: 30-12-2018 en 6 -1-2019

Gaby Dirne ( P) (Chalence) 18-12-1931 -- 3-1-2018 Late night lady
France Gall 9-10-1947 -- 7-1-2018 (70) Ne dis pas aux copains
Edwin Hawkins (Singers) 18-8-1943 -- 15-1-2018 (74) Lean on me
Denise Lasalle 16-07-1939 -- 8-1-2018 One little thing
Hugh (Ramapola) Masekela 4-4-1938 -- 23-1-2018 (79) Grazing the grass
Buzz Clifford 8-10-1942 -- 26-1-2018 (85) Unchained melody
Rita  De neve 6-12-1944 -- 31-1-2018 (73) You don't know

Dennis Edwards (Temptations) 3-2-43 -- 1-2-2018 (74) Dream come true
Vic Damone ?? - 11-2-2018 (89) Close your eyes

Nokie Edwards (Ventures) 9-5-1935 -- 12-3-2018 (82) Hernando's Hideaway
Morgana King 4-7-1930 -- 22-3-2018 (87) Walk on by
Lys Assia 3-3-1924 - 24-3-2018 (94) Ein Schiff wird kommen

Lill-Babs 9-3-1939 --3-4-2018 (79) Leva Livet (It's my party)

Dick Williams  7-6-1926 - 5-5-2018 (91) Restless breed

Eugene Pitt ?? -- 29-6-2018 (80) Every day is like a year

Aretha Franklin 25-3-1942 -- 16-8-2018 (86) One step ahead
Eddie Willis (Funk brothers) 3-6-1936  -- 20-8-2018 (82) Mercy mercy me

Don Gardner  9-5-1931 -- 4-9-2018 (87) Nobody but you
Aneke Grönloh 7-6-1942 --14-9-2018 (76) Wladimir
Marty Balin 13-1-1942 -- 27-9-2018(86) Nobody but you

Charles Aznavour 22-5-1924-1-10-2018 (94) Et pourtant
Beranadette Carroll ?? -- 5-10 2018 (74) A don't want to know

Jody Williams 3-2-1935 -- 1-12-2018 (83) Lucky you
Nancy Wilson 20-2-1937 -- 13-12-2018 (81) And i love him

Iedereen heel goed 2019 toegewenst.

Kerstavond 24-12-2018 21:00  
Valerie Masters  Christmas calling
Reuben Anderson  Christmas time again
Poets   Maerry Christmas
Platters (the)  Winter wonderland
Adamo Asian Tombe la neige (Asian version)
Irma Thomas  Two winters long
Blazers with Johnny Moore  Christmas eve baby
Lou Rawls  Christmas will really be christmas
Brenda Lee  Christmas will be just another lonely day
Hollyridge strings (the) inst Santa's got a brand new bag
Larisa Mondrus Rus Snowflake
Marvin Gaye  Pretty little baby
Richard Anthony   Noel pour notre amour
Jerry Jackson  Wide awake in a dream
Byrdie Green   Get a hold of yourself
Stevie Wonder   Someday at christmas
Blackwells  Christmas Holiday
Kenny Vance & Planotones  You're my christmas present
Bobby Vinton  The bell that couldn't jingle
Edna Savage   Maybe this year
Booker T & MG's  inst Santa Claus is coming to town

1e Kerstdagavond 25-12-2018 22:00  

Kim Weston  Wish you a merry christmas
Honey & the Bees  Jing jing a ling
Gems  Love for christmas
Rosy Armen  Tombe la neige
Billy Fury   My christmas prayer
Otis Redding   White christmas
Red Hurley  Hey
Angels  Snowflakes and teardrops
Miracles (the)  Christmas everyday
Misletoe band  Sleigh ride
Marvin Gaye  Purple Snowflakes
Jan Bradley  X-mas time
Ramsey Lewis Trio  inst Christmas blues
Dean Martin  Baby its cold outside
Helen Shapiro  Little miss lonely
Ben E King  On the horizon
Pearl Bailey  Jinle bells cha cha
Lesley Duncan  You kissed me boy
Ronettes  Sleigh ride
Donna Loren  Blowin' out the candles
Three suns  Russian sleigh song

2e Kerstdagavond 26-12-2018 21:00  

Carla Thomas  All i want for X-mas
Johnny Payne  Tinklin' Bells
Chicks  Christmas presents
Orchids  Christmas the time to be with your baby
Bobby Jones  I am so lonely (in my appartment)
Judy Brown  Dear Santa
Merry Macs  The Christmas Cha cha cha
BB King  Help the poor
Diana Ray   Snow man
Billy Sax inst Savoir oublier
Superbs  Where on when
Roman Reed   Our special day
Daniel Guerard  Tombe la neige
Yvonne Norrman  N Rudolf med roda mulen
Flirtations  Christmas time is here again
Barbara Lynn  Heartbreaking years
Earl Grant  inst It was a verry good year
Linda Kerby  F Plus fort que tout
Crystalaires  Happy new year
Jimmy Norman   Dodn't blow out the candles
Ventures inst Snowflakes

747 Popcorncorner 23-12-2018 1e uur
1 Jan Bradley   Please Mr. Deejay
2 Fred Carter  What am i gonna do with Anna
3 Encounters  (It all started with ) A Christmascard
4 Dee Clark   It's impossible
5 Darlene Love  Winter wonderland
6 Spencer Sterling  Jilted
7 Cletus Marland  Every now and then
8 Lou Rawls  Christmas will realy be christmas
9 Marie Knight   I don't want to walk alone
10 Vertures (the)  Silver Bells
11 Barbara Brown with (George Smith)  So in love
12 Bobby Curtola  My christmas three
13 Daniele Vidal  Tombe la Neige
14 Tony Hestor  Spaceland (take8)
15 Bobby Guy (Howard Guyton)  Good enough
16 Teen Tones  Long cold winter ahead
17 Jerry Fuller  What happened to the music
18 Gladstone Anderson inst Leaving Rome
19 Marcy Joe   What i did this summer
20 Jimmy Jordan  Teenage tears
21 Pearl Bailey  Jingle bells cha cha
Popcorncorner 23-12-2019 2e uur
22 Patty LaBelle  Tear after tear
23 Dick Jordan  Little Christine
24 David Colemann   Drown my heart
25 Bookends  Christmas kisses
26 Johnnie Taylor  A love to call mine
27 Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery  If i were
28 Smokey Robinson   I can't stand to see you cry
29 Delighters (the)  Somebody help me
30 Gigi   Peace for Christmas
31 Johnny Preston   New baby for christmas
32 Billy Butterfield  Till the end of the time
33 Bobby Vinton   Is there a place(where i can go)
34 Sonny Hines  Look for me
35 Little Herman  One out of a hundred
36 Chicks  Christmas present
37 King Curtis inst So Rare
38 Jimmy Jones  I depend on you
39 Webs (the)  Tomorrow
40 Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell  Jinglebell rock
41 Lloyd Jones  Rome
42 John Buzon trio  inst Lizette

746 Popcorncorner  16-12-2018   17:00uur
1 Nancy Ames  I don't want to talk about
2 Johnny Darrow  Fools Paradise
3 Jimmy Ruffin   Don't feel sorry for me
4 Bobbie Smith & the Dreamgirls  Now he's gone
5 Rita Moss  Exactly like you
6 Jessie Williams  Tender words and tender kisses
7 Deon Jackson  Love makes the world go around
8 Roddie Joy   The la la song
9 Junior Waters  Turn away
10 Billy Larkin & Delegates inst And i love her
11 Georgettes  A pair of eyes
12 Barker Brothers  The Drifter
13 Primers   That lucky old sun
14 George Maharis  The rules of the road
15 Jan Burnette  Fool in love
16 Frankie Avalon  Ponchinello
17 Kim Charney   Sugar coated lies
18 Chuck Collins  Your heart wasn't in it
19 Shane Martin  I need you
20 Johnny Barnes  Nothing without your love
21 Armand Confora  inst Le temps de L'amour
   16-12-2018  18:00   2e uur
22 Kay Starr  Well i ask ya
23 Flamingos  Come on to my party
24 Billy Watson  Get myself together
25 Nancy Holloway  Prends tes cles
26 Mickey Woods  They call me cupid
27 Kenny Price   Somebody told Mary
28 Chuck Taylor  Little lover
29 Phil Flowers  If i could have my way
30 Esther Philips   Nobody but you
31 James Brown (inst) The Popcorn
32 Tina Robin  River of tears
33 Billy Daniels   Woe, woe, woe
34 Dean Reed  Once again
35 Marva Josie  I don't care
36 Ral Donner  I didn't figure on him
37 Zircons   Don't put off your tomorrow
38 Ann Margret  Just don't understand
39 Bobby King   Thanks Mr. Postman
40 Jimmy Jordan  Tick- tock
41 Bob Bellows  Goodbye blue eyes
42 Alan Haven  The Knack

745 Popcorncorner  9-12-2018
1 Kartina Dahari Sing Jefri zain
2 Johnny Barnes  Nothing without your love
3 Invincibles  This is my story
4 Bobby Keene  Angel or devil
5 Mark Wynter   Shy girl
6 Blue boys  I want to love you
7 Garry Hagger   On this night
8 Dee Dee Sharp  The night (met promo)
9 Versatiles (the) Just words
10 Fausto Papeti  inst Ligada a un granito de arena
11 Lowell Farmer  Lonely little girl
12 Vi Velasco  Oh no no not my baby
13 Accents Feat. Sandi Then he starts to cry
14 Grand Tracy  A painted smile
15 Richard Anthony  Dis a Laura (Tell laura i love her)
16 Gwenn Stacey  Lonely girl
17 Cletus Marland   You're gonna miss me
18 Lacey Jones  Two time loser
19 Milton Grayson  I love you much to much
20 Dave Howard  A hundred
21 Nicky Moore and the Sceptres Miss twist
22 Mama Cass  Baby i'm yours
23 Teddy Randazzo  But you broke my heart
24 Manolo Munoz  No te creo
25 Nicky Valo   Sugar lips
26 Reggy van der Burgt  Eenzaam op het Leidseplein
27 Toby Browne  Play the music keep on dancing
28 Barbara Jean  Don't remind me of Tommy
29 Bubby Greco  Love is a hurting
30 Christine Perrault  Il suffisait d(un rien (1966)
31 Barry Biggs  Wide awake in a dream
32 Lou Johnson  Magic Potion
33 Peggy March   Losin' my touch
34 Thierry Vincent  Moi jäi peur de rentrer (Afraid to go home)
35 Joe Dolan  Mysterious lady
36 Carrie Grant & Grandeurs Take all of my life
37 Conny Froboess  Midi midinette
38 Bill and Brett Landis  Forgive me
39 Four tops (the)  Walk away Renee
40 Bobby Jones   I am so lonely
41 Blues Busters  Behold
42 Al Caiola  The magnificent seven 

744 POPCORNCORNER   2-12-2018
1 Alma Cogan  Hold your hand out, you naughty boy
2 Bob Conrad  I want you (pretty baby)
3 Jimmy Jones  I depend on you
4 Gene and Wendell  Your sister or you
5 Duncan Brother  Make me what you want me to be
6 Anne Kern F Tant pis tant pis entre donc (Come on in)
7 Derrick Harriott   Close to me
8 Stereos  Mumbling word
9 Girlfriends  For my sake
10 Pérez Prado & his orch inst My Roberta
11 Nancy Holoway  La chanson du bonheur
12 Ricky Valance  Only the young
13 Vogues   True lovers
14 Freedy Gorman  I'm in a bad way
15 Etta James  Fools rush in
16 Ray Vance   Someone
17 Don Powell  Amici mei
18 Chuck Bowers  You and i  are in the same mood
19 England Sisters  Heartbeat
20 Art Neville  You won't do right
21 Eddy De Clercq and friends  Music to watch girls by
22 Barbara Middleton  Come on back to me
23 Tony Harris  I'll forever love you
24 Gary Criss  Our favorite melodies
25 HeatherTremaine  I'll come softly
26 Jimmy Hughes  Lovely Lady
27 David Thorne  Time out for tears
28 Morgan  Canta Bindi It Il mio Mondo
29 Ted Taylor  Be ever wonderful
30 Jimmy Holiday   In the eyes of my girl
31 Bessie Banks Nsoul Don't you worry baby the best is yet to come
32 Chantays inst Space probe
33 Gary Stites  Find yourself another fool
34 Freddy Neil   Heartbreak bound
35 Daniele Dupré F Tu me donnes (Come prima)
36 Hoagy Lands  I'm yours
37 Dolores Hill  What he used to tell me
38 Buddy Smith   When you lose the one you love
39 Elegant four  Time to say goodbye
40 George Freeman  Down and out
41 Arvettes (the)  Lovely emotions
42 Jay Haggard inst Swingin and swayin

743   25-11-2018  
1 Marlina Mars  The correct form  
2 David Ruffin  Action speaks louder than words  
3 Pentagons (the)  I'm in love  
4 Crystalettes  Please stay away  
5 Arthur Epps  Baby these are the things i need  
6 Danny Hargrove   Don't want your cryin'  
7 Carol Deene  I want to stay here  
8 Jerry Jackson  Turn back  
9 Rossoulano Edit  Stormy Kat 45-003   
10 Petula Clark  Groovin  
11 Kevin McQuinn  Keep me om your mind   
12 Sam the Sham & Pharaohs Love me like before  MGM 13506
13 Los Diamantes azules Buenas noches pequeno mio  
14 Al Collier  Who takes the place  
15 Joyce Kennedy   Does anybody levo me  
16 Ricky Nelson  I don't wanna love you Roi Bravo  
17 Lenny Welch  It's just not that easy  
18 Vibrations (the) Finding out the hard way  
19 Ginny Arnell   He's my little devil  
20 Bobby Goldboro   Dizzy boy  
21 Funky Organics inst Groove with me       
22 Charmaines  What kind of girl (do you think a am)  
23 Johnny York  True Lovers Bevnar 605 
24 Flirtations (the) This must be the end of the line  
25 Russel Brothers (the) There nothing you can do  
26 Pat Thomas  Where there's love there's hope  
27 Aki Aleong   Giving up on love  
28 Phyllis Smit  I need sombody to love 1969 Yew 1003 
29 Chuck Reed  That lucky old sun  
30 Capitols  I'll drink a toast  
31 Bobby Rydell  Telstar  
32 Heinz & the wild boys She ain't coming back  1965 Joe  meek  
33 Sandra Lynn  Prove it  
34 Jackey & Johnny  Baby, don't sha worry  
35 Barrett Strong  Misery  
36 Mina   Just let me cry  
37 Danny Williams  Go away HMV 1410 (Dancing easy Martini) 
38 Barry St. John  Hey boy  
39 Ronnie Savoy  Big hand little hand  
40 Frances Burnett  Sweety  
41 Ronnie Mitchell  Boca Raton  
42 Junior Walker & the allstars Cleo's back

742A Popcorncorner  18-11-2018
1 Lareine Lamar  That's not the way to love
2 Dee Clark  Bring back my heart
3 Ed Bruce   I'm gonna have a party
4 Shelley Fabares  Welcom home
5 Robert & Johnny   Beautiful brown eyes
6 Dawn Glass  A second thought
7 Jack Kirby   Cheer up little angel
8 Jocelyne Pascal F Docteur (fever)
9 Gainors  Tell him
10 Lou Bennett ft King Curtis  Dark eyes
11 Rick Lovejoy  My last love
12 Liz Verdi   Think it over
13 Willie Mitchel  Secret home
14 Ed Townsend  Down home
15 Don Frank and The Night riders  Gone away
16 Allisons  Lessons in love
17 Carl Sims  I like this place
18 Marti Barres  Ahbe casaba
19 Herb Johnson  Two steps ahead(of a woman)
20 Spontanes  Share my name
21 Bebo Valdes inst Persian  sha cha cha cha  

22 Choralettes  I destroyed your letters
23 Elgins  Heaven must have sent you
24 JT Rhythm  My sweet baby
25 Simone de Oliveira & Marco Polo I Tu sô tu (something stupid)
26 Crest (the)  Is it you
27 Dells  (the)  It's not unusual
28 Mary Wells   Never, never leave me
29 Sunny and the Sunliners  Put me in jail
30 January Jones  In this world
31 Clyde Mcphatter  Lonely people can't afford to cry
32 Jerry Vale  Blame it on me
33 For Real  Born to love that boy
34 Titus Tuner  Beautiful stranger
35 Lennon Sisters  Till
36 Les Dalcos (et Claude Steben) Tu ne savais pas
37 Freddy Darian  Another show another town
38 Karen Smith  Wide awake in a dream
39 Malcolm Dodds  Shangri La
40 Cicero Blake  See what tomorrow brings
41 Blues Brothers  Can't believe that you're gone
42 Beth Hart  Jazz man

741A    11-11-2018
1 Baby Washington  Hey lonely one
2 Eddie Bishop  Call me
3 Untouchables (the)  Raisin' Sugar Cane
4 Bobby Bennett  Alone with my tears
5 Mel Anton & the Checker's  Love is born
6 Sweet Jeena & The Roomates  Oh senorita
7 Henny Richardson  Pretty dancing girl
8 Marty Wilde  A brand new love
9 Debra Lewis   You stole him
10 Jumpin'  Jewels inst Marie Elena
11 Freddy Jaye  Thinking of you
12 Renee Gilbert F Tu ne sais pas
13 Franky Fanelli   Too young
14 Patsy Ann Noble  Crack in te door
15 Tony Brent   Ten lonely weekends
16 Tom Jones  If he should ever leave you
17 Raymond Lefevre orc inst Soul Coaxing
18 Norma Jean  Call me a fool
19 Kenny Gamble  You don't know what you got until you lose
20 Chance Eden  You'd better go by
21 Cesars Salad  Afrolypso

741B   11-11-2018
22 Marcie Blane  After the laughter
23 Gene Stridel  Let her go
24 Eddie Carr  Dirty old town
25 Ric Lance & the Spirals  Remember the lonely
26 Nick Charles  For you
27 Walter Jackson  After you
28 Bary Darvell  Lost love
29 Janie Grant  Peggy got engaged
30 Mike Hurst  Look in your eyes
31 Mal Perry  Love me again
32 Max Jaffa inst Gypsy cha cha
33 Grant Higgins  The seasons of love
34 Vikki Carr It Magari  (Forget you)
35 Ray Hutchinson  My heart will never know
36 Ronnie Wilson  Boy in a crowd
37 Eddie Bo   The river of tears
38 Jimmy Miller   On a back street
39 Wanda Jackson   Sad love songs
40 Bobby Hendricks  Let's get it over
41 Al Saxon  If you want
42 Bud Frank inst Pendant les vacances

740 A Halloween 2018  28-10 om 17:00 en 4-11 2018 om 18:00 uur
1 Archie King  The Vampire
2 Bruno Martino  Dracula cha cha
3 Vic Ciro  The sound
4 The Spooners Crowd inst Two in the morning
5 Sceaming Lord Sutch & Savages  Jack the ripper
6 Gar Bacon  The ghost of love
7 Swingin' Ghost  Vampire hop
8 Mike de Net  Ghost of your love
9 Ray Stevens  Laughing over my grave
10 The purple monster inst Munsters theme
11 Carole Bennett  Hauted lover
12 Salmas Brothers   Zombie
13 ZZ and the Maskers NL Dracula
14 Merv Griffin  The Screem' Meemies
15 Cocktail trio NL Spookhuis
16 Ghost a go go inst Blue ghost
17 Ron Hart  The ghost of Gary
18 Bob McFadden & Dor  The mummy
19 Johnny Thunder  Bad man
20 Scary movies  She made my blood run cold
21 The Marketts inst Out of limits

Het tweede uur Popcorncorner is nonstop gemaakt ahv de muziek van de afgelopen weken.

739A  Popcorncorner  21-10-2018 17:00
1 Demetris Tapp  Let go of my heart
2 Richard Anthony  F La mia festa
3 Paul Anka  My home town
4 Armand Kay  My love my love
5 Julie London  Can't get to losin you
6 Val Martinez   Someones gonna cry
7 Chuck Jackson  The prophet
8 Franck Fernandel  F La ville triste (it's a lonely town)
9 Mary Wells  Love letters
10 Montefiori Cocktail inst Tea for two
11 Bobby Conerly  A whole lot of soul is gone
12 Paul & Paula  Pledging my love
13 Duane Eddy   Forty miles of bad road
14 Los Diamantes azules S Buenas noches pequerno mio
15 Mike Preston  Game of chance
16 Morgana King  Walk on by
17 James Bryant   Long long time
18 Trini Lopez   Besame Mucho
19 Artistics  I'm gonna miss you
20 Louise Cordet  Don't make me over
21 Ramsey Lewis  Spanish Grease
739B  21-10- 2018  18:00 
1 Linda Hopkins   If you walk away
2 Dick Stewart   Without you
3 Nicola di Bari I Non fermi piangere piu
4 Ben Pirani  Dreamin's for free
5 Jerry Butler  Whatever you want
6 Marvelettes  Marionette
7 Alan Vallone  Just a friend
8 Rocky Hart  Crying
9 Skip Cunningham  It might as well be me
10 Swingin' Soul Machine  Spookys day off
11 Ray Pollard  This is my song
12 Lulu  What's easy for two is hard for one
13 James Hunter   Tell her
14 Robert Ward @ Ohio Untouchables  I'm gonna cry a river
15 Eddy Mitchell I Alice
16 Lou Johnson   Magic potion
17 Dick Lory   Handsome guy
18 Donna Dauglas  Teddy
19 Johnny Madara  Heavenly
20 Arthur Epps  Baby these are the things i need
21 Earl Bostic  Over the waves rock

738     2 uur Popcorncorner zondag 14 okt live tussen 17:00 en 19:00  
1 Rosie & the Originals  I don't understand
2 Gene Chandler  From day to day
3 Kenny Lynch   You can never stop me loving you
4 Cheryl Thompson   Black night
5 Roberto Jordan Sp Lindos Ojos (Pretty blue eyes)
6 Eden Kane  Forget me not
7 Hal Davis  Without you
8 Bobby Vinton  Is there a place
9 Downbeats F Je pense a vous (I think of you)
10 San Remo Golden strings  inst Hungry for love
11 Johnny Laboriel mex Calor
12 Dee Dee Warwick   It's not fare
10 Sarah Vaughan  Broken hearted melody
14 Milton Grayson  I love you much to much
15 Monique Klemann   I will follow him
16 Dick Jacobs   Zsa Zsa
17 Wilma Goich  I Io non ci saro
18 Billy Butler   (You make me think ) You ain't ready
19 Ann Margret   Slowly
20 Buddy Greco   From Atlanta to goodbye
21 Les McCann Inst St. James Infirmary
2e uur     
22 Bettye Smith  Much to much
23 Profiles (the)  Take a giant step
24 Jimmy Beaumont  There no other love
25 Bobby Solo  I Al tuo amore non ci credo
26 Linda Brannon  Deep inside me
27 Sam Cooke   Wonderful world
28 Bobby Helms  Hurry baby
29 Robert Johnny   A perfect wife
30 Los Flecos inst Destina
31 Orlons the  The wah watusi
32 Composers  Cowboy to girls
33 Jericho Brown  Bluebird
34 Dorothy Berry  You better watch out
35 Dorsey Burnette  Castle in the sky
36 Pony-tails   Seven minutes in heaven
37 Bertha Tillman   Lovin time
38 Paul Raven  Tower of strength
39 Johnny guiter Watson  Wait a minute baby
40 Joel Hamilton  Vikki is her name
41 Danny Forrest   It'll never be over for me
42 Earl van Dyke inst What's going on

Popcorncorner afl.737 op de nieuw uitzendtijd van
17:00 tot 19:00 op zondagmiddag 7 okt 2018.  

Betty Everett  My love

Chuck Harper  Summer is thru
Major Lance  Crying in the rain
Johnny Shand  Fantasy
Benny Joy   I never want to see you
Mieko Hirota  What's going on
Ricky Gianco I Ti cerchero
Royal Premiers  I can make it if i try
Joey Dee  Enough is enough
Bucky & The Strings inst Lolitas on the loose
Jeannie Thomas  Say something sweet to me
Wade Flemons   Welcome Stranger
Sam Cooke   Everbody likes to cha cha cha
Ornella Vanoni  I Non dirmi niente (Don't make me over)
Jimmy Wonderful & Honey bees  Tonight
Bobby Pedrick   Summernights
Sonny James  Apache
Yvonne Carroll  Please don't go
Brian   Look at me
Eddie Curtis   I'm available
Moving Strings  Tea for two
2e UUR  
Du-ettes  Hello Tommy
Johnny Barnes   Nothing without your love
Jimmy Foster   Stranger in Paradise
Marty Balin  Specialized in love
Charles Aznavour F Et pourtant
Diana Emond  The beginning of the end
Charlie McCoy  Cherry berry wine
Tony & Tyrone  Crossroads of love
Cascades  A little like lovin'
Marvin Jenkins   I've got the blues
Dave Baby Cortez inst  Popping popcorn
Jean Knight   Anyone can love him
Don Deal   Wandering wanderer
Bobby Curtola  Many moons ago
Timi Yuro   I ain't gonna cry no more
Sam Fletcher  I'd think it over
Geronimo I Cleopatra (Italian)
Irma Thomas  He's my guy
Freddie Paris  Take me as i am
Maxine Brown  Yesterday kisses
Embers  Walk on by
Jumping Jewels (the) inst Mexico

Vanaf 7 okt zijn we er iedere zondag tussen 17:00 en  19:00 als onderdeel van de nieuwe Midvliet Muziekzondag

Hier de playlist voor 30 september.

736 GIRLS of SUMMER  30-9-2018
1 Marie Applebee  Down by the sea (end of summer)
2 Sunbeams  Good old days
3 Demetriss Tapp  Let go of my heart
4 Mary Wells  Love makes the world go round
5 Shelley Fabares  Lost summer love
6 Joanie Sommers  Since Randy moved away
7 Tammi Terrell  I cried
8 Marie Knight  Born again
9 Kittens the   How long (can i go)
10 Barbara Mc Nair  You could never love him
11 Pat Hervey  Tears of misery
12 Vikki Carr   You don't have to say you love me
13 Chris Clark  Whisper you love me boy
14 Big Maybelle   Let me go
15 Orthea Barnes  Your picture on the wall
16 Ann Peebles  Trouble Heartaches and Sadness
17 Dusty Springfield  I can't wait to see my baby face
18 Doris Day  Move over darling
19 Betty Swann   I ain't that easy to lose
20 Alma Cogan   More
21 Juliana   You're saying goodnight

Summer Popcorncorner

Mijn persoonlijke keuze uit 12 weken Summerpopcorn

735 Summer Popcorn, the BEST    23-9-2018 22:00 uur
1 Marva Josie  Later for you baby
2 Herb Johnson  Two steps ahead of a woman
3 Johnny Nash  Some of your lovin'
4 Bob Conrad   I want you, pretty baby
5 Billy Lee Riley  Midnight hour
6 Pat and Andre   You're breaking my heart
7 Four Fellows  The city
8 Genie Pace  Uh huh oh yeah
9 Ronny Douglas  You'll come back
10 South central Avenue Municipal Blues B. The soul of Bonnie and Clyde
11 Exciters the  Hard way to go
12 Billy Ford   This is is worth fighting for
13 Eddie Hurt  Afraid of love
14 Cathy Jean  Canadian Sunset
15 Roy Hamilton  To the one i love
16 Dickey Lee  Good girl going bad
17 Little Esther Phillips   While it lasted
18 Richard Rich   I don't run into you
19 Supremes  That's a funny way
20 Fausto Papetti   Febre Nera
21 Living end inst Jumpin' at the lion's gate

734 Summer Popcorn 12 James 3 16-9-2018
1 Georgie Fame Sitting in the Park
2 Harry Jaynes & the Jaymen My Baby`s Coming Home
3 Larry Weiss Two Hearts in a Tangle
4 Temptations the My Girl
5 Adam Wade A Whisper Away
6 Doris Day A Whisper Away
7 Cathy Jean-Canadian Sunset Cathy Jean-Canadian Sunset
8 Doug Banks Baby Since You Went Away
9 Franky Karl Boy Next Door
10 Les Cooper & the Soulrockers Bossa Nova Dance
11 Joanie Sommers Since Randy Moved Away
12 Nelly Wysbek Heel Mijn Hart
13 Enrique Guzman Payasito
14 Byron Lee Won't Let You Go
15 Bobby Adams I Think You Want My Girl
16 Deane Hawley Pockett Full of Rainbows
17 Kane & Abel Break Down and Cry
18 Peggy March Kilindini Docks
19 Kilindini Docks Perez Prado
20 Nino Anthony Comfort Me with Apples
21 Marie Knight Cry Me a River

733 Summer Popcorn 11      Sandra 3       9-9-2018

1 The Four Graduates  A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening
2 Ruth Mc Fadden  Pencil & Paper
3 Laura Johnson  Wondering if you miss me
4 Frank Alamo  Hum hum hum
5 Skatalites the  Freedom sounds
6 Dee Dee Sharp  The night
7 Jackie Shane  In my tenement
8 Majorettes the  White Levis
9 Jo Ann Campbell  I really really love you
10 Micheal Legrand  Di gue ding ding
11 Vicki Carr  I will wait for you
12 Arthur Alexander  Anna (go to him)
13 Debbie Rollins  Who cares what people say
14 Gogi Grant  Kiss me honey kiss me
15 Billy Ford  This is worth fighting for
16 Felix Slatkin  Turkish bath
17 Lions the  Girl of the world
18 Tina Robin  Billy's gone away
19 Jarmels the  A little bit of soap
20 Little Eva  Uptown
21 Dave baby Cortez  Rinky dink

Summer Popcorn 10      2-9-2018      Samenstelling Hans

1 Southerners   Summertime
2 Eddie Holland  Happy go lucky
3 Nathalie  F C'est difficile de dire bonsoir (Hard to say goodnight)
4 Clairette Clementino   He don't want your love anymore
5 Super Dupers  The blue mirage (instrumental)
6 Fausto Mola   Non cercare scuse (italiaans)
7 Genie Pace  Uh huh oh yeah
8 Richard Rich   I don't run into you
9 Nella Bellero  Mi lascero baciare (italiaans)
10 Unnamed Artist  inst Summertime (instrumental)
11 Bobby Aitken  Garden of eden (ska)
12 Walker Brothers   I only came to dance with you
13 Peter Alexander D Der gitarren tramp (Travelin' man)
14 Chris Montez   Watch what happens
15 L.B. Wilson   Poco loco (instrumental)
16 Dickey Lee   Good girl goin' bad
17 Mary Wells  Love makes the world go round
18 Jo Ellyn  I can't stop myself
19 Cathy and Joe  It's all over now
20 Bill Doggett  inst Ocean liner (instrumental)
21 Lo Po Boys Citos  inst Jive samba (instrumental)

731 Summer Popcorn 9 26-8-2018     22:00

1  Allen Case    She's My Love

2  Alice Grant And George Appleyard    Talk About Love
3  Anita Bryant    It's Better To Cry Today Than To Cry Tomorrow
4  Don Randi    Mexican Pearls
5  Hank Marr    Silver Spoon
6  Harriette Blake    Dansero
7  Henri Rene    Cecilia
8  Tony Osborne    The Swinging Gypsies
9  Jericho Brown    I'm Watching You
10  Keith Colley    Enamorado
11  Lucy Campo    Silly Boy
12  Merv Griffin    Along Came Joe
13  Pat And Andre    You're Breaking My Heart
14  Phil Brito    O Sole Mio Cha Cha
15  Eddie Hurt    Afraid Of Love
16  Ruby And The Romantics    Not A Moment Too Soon
17  Tommy Maris    Wait For Me My Love
18  Kenny Lynch    For Lovin You Baby
19  Vern Rogers    Be Everything To Anyone You Love
20  Willie Restum    Sermonette

730 Summer Popcorn 8  19-8-2018 22:00

1 Freddy Darian  Another Show Another Town
2 Robie Lester  Another Show, Another Town
3 Davy Jones  Shenandoah
4 Dodie Stevens  You Don`t Have To Prove A Thing To Me
5 Shelby Flint  Somebody
6 Sue Thompson  T'iLL I Kissed You
7 Teddy Randazzo  Broken Bell
8 Eddie Williams  Peace Of Mind
9 Artie Lee  Shadago Window
10 Mauricio Smith  El Green Hornet
11 Vikki Carr  It Must Be Him
12 Linda Scott  Bermuda
13 Francis Fayewereldje  St' James Infirmery
14 Bob Newkirk  Rythm Or Blues
15 Supremes  Your Heart Belongs To Me
16 The Fleetwoods  Strangers By Day Lover`s By Night 
17 Billy Lee Riley  Midnite Hour
18 Caterine Valente  Similau
19 Gerald Wilson  Viva Tirado
20 Teresa Brewer  She`ll Never Never Love You ( Like I Do)
21 The Busters  Astronauts

729 Summer Popcorn 2018 Sandra 2    12-8-2018  22:00 uur
herhaling 19 - 8 - 2018 21:00

1 Varetta  Fly By Night

2 The Velvetones  Yes I Will

3 Ben E. King  The Hermit Of Misty Mountain

4 Pierre Lalonde  L’ Appertiens (Baby I’m Yours)

5 The Out-Islanders  Honorable Honk Kong Rock

6 Barbara Pittman   Handsome Man

7 Marva Josie  I Love New York

8 Andy Rose  Dance On Pretty Clown

9 Bernadette Carroll  Circus Girl

10 Nino Rienzi and his Orchestra  The Persian King

11 Otis Blackwell   Kiss Away

12 Diane Maxwell   Love Charms

13 Frankie Laine  Kisses That Shake The World

14 The Kaye Sisters  Nine Girls Out Of Ten Girls

15 Bruce Cloud  Let Me Come Back Home

16 Ella Mae Morse  Down In Mexico

17 Dee Clark  Drums In My Heart

18 The Shondells  I Gotta Tell It

19 Robert Knight   Dance Only With Me

20 Ralf Pagan  Up On The Roof

21 Xavier Cugat  Watermelon Man

728 Samenstelling Hans  5-8-2018 22:00
herhaling  12-8-2018  om 21:00
1 Usha Iyer and the Flintstones   Summertime (HMV)
2 Benny Sigler  Oh wind
3 Martha and the Vandellas  Tell me i'l never be alone
4 Lou Norris  The glory of love
5 Fulminators   Comin' home baby (instrumental) (slowed)
6 Mar-Kays (???)  Runaway girl
7 Betty Everett   You're no good (dj spector gr edit)
8 Lena Horne   Ours
9 Ronnie Self  Instant man (Decca 31351) (slowed)
10 Seeburg Spotlite Band  Summertime
11 Roommates   In my brain (Miaow Music) (instrumental ska)
12 Bryan Davies  In your shoes
13 Unknown   Johnny Angel (japanese)
14 Salmas Brothers  Lolita
15 Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames   The In crowd (instrumental)
16 Unknown -  Stand by me (spaans)
17 Rita Beach   First woman president (Lite Frost 741241)
18 Lou Courtney  The man with the cigar
19 Omegaman  Oye como suena (Fort Knox EP 074) (instrumental)

727 Summer Popcorn 2018 Deel 5.    29 juli 2018 vanaf 22:00 uur
Herhaling 5 aug  2018 vanaf  21:00
samenstelling Franky de Bergé

1  Machito    Green Onions
2  Ernest Wilson    Come To Me Softly
3  Johnny Maestro And The Crests    Besame Baby
4  Kenny Lynch    It Would Take A Miracle
5  Freddie Scott    Mr Heartache
6  Tony Middleton    Too Hot To Handle
7  Masimo Farao Trio    Stand By Me
8  Belmonte And Afro Latin 7    Misirlou
9  Thorbjorn Risager    Baby Please Don't Go
10  Richie Adams    Something Inside Of Me Died
11  Vitorino    Non Vivire Sin Ti
12  Gene Dozier    Watermelon Man
13  Irving Fields    Morroco
14  Machito    Hold On I'm Comin
15  Kenny Lynch    Why Do You Treat Me This Way
16  Little Esther Phillips    While It Lasted
17  Jimmy Hughes    Have You Don Got Over Me
18  Henri Rene    Watermelon Heart
19  Lacey Jones    Two Time Loser
20  Sonny Knight    If You Want This Love

Summer Popcorn 2918 Deel 4   22-7-2018 om 22:00
Samenstelling Jay Cee

Debbie Dovale  Hey lover
Andrea Caroll  It Hurts To Be Sixteen
Exiters the  Hard way to go
Mitty Collier  Pain
Dee Dee   The night
Pat Clayton   You gotta share
Joe Loco  Why don't you do right
Sonny Knight  If you want this love of mine
Robert Parker  Caught you in a lie
Sammy Love orc  Cleopatra rock
Jimmy Elledge  Can't you see it in my eyes
Roosevelt Grier  Lover set me free
Fausto Papetti   Febre nera
Gooie Rene   Romesville
Valliboys   The nighthawk
Willie Bobo orc  Trinidad
Plato  Copy cat
South central Avenue Municipal Blues B   The soul of Bonnie and Clyde
Hot Toddy's   Rocking crickets
Playing - unkown  Playing - unkown

725 Summer Popcorn 2018 Deel 3 15-juli 2018 vanaf 22:00

en 22 juli om 21:00 uur
Samenstelling Sandra van der Hak

Roy Hamilton  To The One I Love
Marva Josie  Later For You Baby
The Cookies  On Broadway
Bobby Keene  Angel Or Devil
Dolly Parton   The Love You Gave
Perry Como  Dream On Little Dreamer
Bill Doggett  Soda Pop i
Audrey Freeman  Three Rooms
Byron Lee & The Dragonaires  Forget Her
Lavern Baker   Love Me Right
The Jokers   Tabou i
Randy Sparks  I Can’t Help It
The Exciters  Hard Way To Go
The Charmers  Sweet Talk
Martin Denny  Miserlou i
Larry Hale  In Front Of Her House
Donald & The Delighters  Elephant Walk
Dionne Warwick   Geh’ Vorbei (Walk On By)
Cicero Blake  See What Tomorrow Brings
Johnny Nash   Some Of Your Lovin’
Rubin Mitchell  Mas Que Nada i

724 Summer Popcorn 2018 deel2    8 juli 2018 vanaf 22:00

en 15 juli 2018 vanaf 21:00
Samenstelling Hans Salaets

Chip Allan   Summertime
Archie and Al Perkins  You can belong to someone
Lucy Campo   I hurt
Alan Knight  What's the matter with young love
Jack Hansen and his Orchestra  Goldfinger (instrumental)
Laurie Paris   Stay
Lucia Altieri  Quel passe del sud (Silver Record XP 612)
J. Riley   100 pounds of clay
Johnny Winter   Eternally (1963 45rpm)
Mongo Santamaria  Summertime (instrumental)
Ballistic Brothers  Peckings (ska)
Unknown  Fever (Hoctor records)
Jorma Lyytinen   Torero
Dick Michaels  Will you still love me tomorrow
Tall ''Paul'' Hankins   Soul searchin (Hot spot)   
and the Fabulous Dynamics    inst 
Supremes  That's a funny way (motown)
Four Fellows   The city (Ad Lib Pop Line 0208 - 1962)
Jo Ellyn  I can't stop myself
Helen Shapiro  Sometime yesterday (alt. version)
Les Brown jr.  Drum's safari (instrumental)

723 Summer Popcorn 2018 Deel 1.    1 juli 2018 vanaf 22:00 uur
Herhaling 8 juli 2018 vanaf 21:00
samenstelling Franky de Bergé

 Herb Johnson   Two Steps Ahead Of A Woman
 Jimmy Barkan   What's A Matter Baby
 Matt Collins   King For Tonight
 New Wave Record Co   A Lana
 Martha Reeves And The Vandellas   Hello Stranger
 Clara Wilson & The Cleftones   Foolish Little Girl
 Gleams   He's A Rebel
 Jerry Styner   In The Middle Of The Night
 Toni Fisher   365 Disappointments
 Kenny Lynch   You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
 Connie & Clara   I Will Follow Him
 King Pins   A Lucky Guy
 John Leyton   Time Will Tell
 Matt Collins   What Kind Of Love Is This
 Bobby Vee   Charms
 Clara Wilson   My Guy
 Ronny Douglas   You´ll Come Back
 Bob Conrad   I Want You, Pretty Baby
 The Black Boys   Look For A Star
 Nevil Cameron   Se Te Ne Vai

722 Popcorncorner  1-7-2018 21:00
1 Little Eva   Taking back what i said
2 Smokie Robinson& Miracles  Whatever makes you happy
3 Jimmy Beaumont   I'm gonna try my wings
4 Randy Crawford  Letter full of tears
5 Duffy Power  What now
6 Vilma Santos & Edgar Mortiz FIL Something stupid
7 Jimmy Hughes  Dilly dilly
8 Mike Lawing  In LA
9 Jennifer  F Mais qu' est ce que ca peut vous faire
10 Yvette Horner  inst  Et  pourtant (Yet i know)
11 Gene Pitney  Amore Mio
12 Jane Morgan  Romantica
13 Jimmy Radcliffe  Long after tonight is all over
14 Ennio Sangiusto  S Quinientas Millas (500 miles)
15 Elly de Wit  N Barcarolle in de nacht
16 Ernest Baker   Alone again
17 Ralpf Ottavio  Pretty blue eyes
18 Jackie Hill  Won't you come closer
19 Charles Ruggiero feat Laura Mace  Comin' home baby
20 Towsen   Cherrigale
21 Gem tones (the) inst The man with the golden arm

721 Popcorncorner  17-6-2018
1 Teri Allen -    Can't run to daddy anymore
2 Chuck Jackson -    Hand it over
3 Wade Flemons -    That other place
4 Marjana Derzaj -Slovenia-  Kocija (Chariot)
5 Freddy Cole - I'd have it made
6 Avons- Once upon a summers's day
7 Byrdie Green - Get a hold of yourself
8 Micheal Cox - Say that again
9 Ray Mondo - You're so sympatico
10 Jocco - Delilah pt1
11 Ray Flemming - I'm glad i have you
12 Kartina Dahari -Singapor- Rindu
13 Sean Wilson - The girl of my best friend
14 Marvin Gaye - Wherever i lay my hat
15 Adam Wade - Wheels on the highway
16 Anne Kern -F- Je Tattendrai
17 Dubs the - Could this be magic
18 Harry Middlebrooks - Two tickets and a candy heart
19 Spaniels - Goodnight sweetheart , goodnight
20 Mini Roman - Up to my heart in love
21 Enoch Light - Gentle on my mind

Popcorncorner 720 17-6-2018
Doris Troy   Whatcha do about it
Dave Richardson & the Invincibles  This is my story
Henry Garry Wilson  Nothing at night
Dean Barlow  Yesterday's kisses
Rose Dany  F Toi … tu me ressembles
Brook Benton  It's my lazy day
Skyliners the   This i swear
Ronnie Wilson   Boy in a crowd
Sunny Boys  My friend Sam
Wand Rhythm and Blues ens inst Hand it over
Ray Peterson  Sweet and Innocent
Carmen Cole   I'll never stand in your way
Bobby Solo  inst Non saprai mai
Barbara Middleton  Come back to me
Drifters the  This magic moment
Bobby Valenti   Let's go steady again
Johnny Faro  I'm afraid
Sin Samut Z-azie (Kiss me and dry your tears) Kmer
Hillard Street   Invisible chains
Chance Eden  You 'd better go now
Jimmy and the Groove boys inst Loop de loop train Playlist volgt .......

 (AFL 717 )
De Popcornoldies  TOP-100  20-5-2018 

1 Sam Fletcher - I’d think it over   25
2 Gino  El Desperados // Monko - Jr Hypnotik latin // Race to the moon ( inst) 19
3 Mack Tubb and the Shades -Tenderly i love you  18
4 Billy Steward   - No girl   17
5 Barbara Lewis -Think a little sugar  17
6 Marketts the -Bella Dalena (inst)   16
7 Jimmy Griffin- Nei baci di un altro      16
8 Billy Butler & Enchanters -You make me think that) You ain't tready  16
9 Chuck Jackson -Any day now (my wild  beautiful bird)    15
10 Kurt Harris -Emperor of my baby's heart   15
11 Gene Chandler -You threw a lucky punch   14
12 Chell-Mars the - Roamin' heart   13
13 Billy Fury - I will  12
14 George Hudson- Cry to me  12
15 Timi Yuro- Let me call you sweetheart  12
16 Ray Conniff -Just friends  12
17 George Greeley  -Ride the high country (inst)  12

18 Nancy Holloway -Tu n'est pas venu 12
19 Bruce Channel - It's Me   12
20 Billy Preston - Let me know  12
21 Hank Levine- Image   12
22 Sam Taylor   - La playa (inst)  11
23 Marc Allen- Lonely   10
24 Sue Winford -If you try to steal my baby  10
25 Dean Carter- 16 tons   10
26 Troy Dodds -Try my love   10
27 Linda Lanzetta  -President Kennedy cha cha cha  10
28 Billy Joe Royal -If It wasn't for a woman  10
29 Barbara McNear- (A little love )That’s all i want from you  10
30 Johnny Maestro’s- I’m stepping out of the picture  10
31 Allan Jeffers   -I'm leaving you with a dream  10
32 Ronnie Wilson  -Boy in a crowd   10
33 Aaron Neville -How Could I Help But Love You  10
17:02 - 17:58 Pres ----
34 El Chicano - Sue Fue Mi) Chachita 10
35 Vi Velasco- That's not the answer  10
36 Adam Wade -    Rain from the skies   9
37 Cliff Richard- Our day will come  8
38 Rose DuBats -Signals from saturn   8
39 Sonny Boy Williamson- Bring it on home  8
40 Lenny Miles -Livin' dream  8
41 Mel Henke -The twisters  8
42 Jimmy Beaumont -Never say goodbye  8
43 Platters the -Love, your magic spell is everywhere  8
44 Bobby Kline  -Say something nice to me  8
45 Gene Chandler- If you can't be true  8
46 Bobby Gray    -  Devil eyes  8
47 Maxime Brown- Oh no not my baby  8
48 Clyde McPhatter- I'll Love You Til The Cows Come Home  8
49 Eden Kane Forget me not-       8

 16:02 - 16:58 Pres ---- 

50 Dave 'Baby' Cortez- Green Onions  8
51 Richard Chamberlain -A kiss to bilt a dream on  7
52 Laurel "Lorenzo" Aitken- Mi vida sin tu amor  7
53 Mable Scott -Fool burro   7
54 Latinement soul collection - Striptease lol inst  7
55 Ronny Douglas  -You´ll come back  7
56 Paul Sindab - I was a fool   7
57 Determinations -Sweet night dew  7
58 Earl Connely -Don’t let me go  7
59 Della Reese     -Blow out the sun  7
60 Antony Newley -Lonely boy and pretty girl   7
61 Bobby Solo  -Al Tuo Amore Non Ci Credo  7
62 Untouchables the- Raisin'Sugar Cane  7
63 Matt Monro- I will wait for you    6
64 Clark Terry- Spanish rice (inst)    6
65 Syylvia st Clair- Bring back yesterday  6

 15:02 - 15:58 Pres ----
66 Pete Bennett -Fever (inst)       6
67 Jesse Davis- Albuquerque       6
68 Soul runners the -Charley       6
69 Bob Conrad  -I want you, pretty baby    6
70 Bluesbusters the- You’re the one   6
71 Jerry Jackson -Always    6
72 Jay Traynor- Up and over    6
73 Lucky Clark- Let me be the fool    6
74 Guy Mitchell  -  Ninety nine years   6
75 Don Diego & Orch -La hora inst      6
76 Clovers the -Love Potion Nr 9      6
77 Ramsey Lewis- China Gate       6
78 Cathy Carroll- Poor little puppett   6
79 Ray Conniff- Green eyes   5
80 Cathy and Cookie- Hi diddle de diddle  5
81 Milt Buckner -Green onions inst      5
82 Holly Maxwell "(Happines will cost you)
One thin dime"   5

 14:02 - 14:58 Pres ----
83 Miss X et Al Piano Don Jaime de Mora y Aragon- Christine   5
84 Barbara Redd- I’ll be all alone  5
85 Azie Mortimer- Lips   5
86 Jamie Coe -Cleopatra    5
87 Guy Pastor- Weep    5
88 Gale Garnett -You've been talkin'about me baby  5
89 San Remo Golden Strings the -Hungry For Love   4
90 Kitty Ford- Don’t play number 9    4
91 Johnny -Nash Falling in and out of love  4
92 Sarah Cantine- Feeling good   4
93 Ozzie Torrens-  Boogaloo in apartment 41   4
94 Sam Baker And Nancy Cohen  -Once upon a time    4
95 Petula Clark -Ne joue pas    4
96 Bobbie Smith- Walk on into my heart   4
97 Harvey -Any way you wanta     4
98 Bobby Bennett  - Alone with my tears  4
99 Janice Harper- I need you    4
100 Major Lance- Um Um Um   4

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En vele anderen die de Top 100 op welke wijze dan ook ondersteund hebben.

719   10-6-2018 21:00
1 Dorelles (the)  Good luck to lucky girl
2 Frank Gari  Be my girl
3 Tony Middleton  Drifting
4 Bibi Johns  (SW) Ingen I Var Vida Värld
5 Edwin Rutten  Het spijt me
6 Ian Vint  Cry Baby
7 Vikki Carr   Forget you
8 Salvatore Adamo  Stand by me
9 Phil Colbert   Who's got the action
10 Bob and Earl  inst  Harlem shuffle (instrumental)
11 Chantal Kelly   Je sais bien
12 Alma Cogan   I wish you love
13 Johnny Walker  Rain from the skies
14 Vellvettes (the)  I like to know
15 Dick Glasser (Dick Lory)  Jeannie's bikini
16 Bobby "Blue" Bland  Don't cry no more
17 Sam & Dave  It was so nice while it lasted
18 Bill Giant   Tomorrow's clown
19 Flamingos the  Nobody loves me like you
20 Bob Conrad   I want you pretty baby
21 Lee Morgan  inst Party time

Popcorncorner 718 3-6-2018  21:00
1 Randy Lee  Young days
2 Ted Taylor      Close your eyes
3 Bobby Rydell Frenesi
4 Trini Lopez Smile
5 Chubby Checker The Girl With the Swingin Derriere
6 Sacha Distel) Que c'est bon  
7 Bet E. Martin I know a girl                                                   
8 Betty O Brien She'll Be Gone
9 Mel Anton Don' t treat me this way
10 Clyde Otis. Jungle drums
11 Jo Leemans Diep in mijn hart
12 Al McCarther  His true love for you
13 Baby Washington Hey loney one                              
14 Arthur Alexander Anna 
15 Billy Larkin And The Delegates Hole In The Wall inst
16 Dee Dee Sharp The night                                       
17 Marvelettes the Don't mess with Bill 
18 Jimmy Crawford Our last embrace
19 Dusty Springfield I can't wait until I see my baby's face 
20 Eddie Hurt Afraid of Love                                                     
21 Willie Mitchell  Secret Home

717 is de Top 100

716 Moederdag  13-5-2018
1 Rocky Volcano  Bella maman (mother in law)
2 Mary Saxton  Big city guy
3 Wade Flemonds   Too long will be to late
4 Wane Harrell  Lonely boy
5 Jan Burnette   The boy i used to know
6 Manolo Munoz S No te creo
7 Jesse James  Dreams never hurt nobody
8 Ebony Keyes  If you knew
9 Jarmels the  I'll follow you
10 Carl Stevens  inst Call of the jungle
11 Associations the  Spooky
12 Gary Criss  Sweet warm & soft
13 Sammy Hawkins  Standing on the sideline
14 Monica Kirby   Johnny trouble
15 Leon Peterson  Now you're on your own
16 Mixtures   Chinese Checkers
17 Blue Diamonds F Toujours
18 Jimmy Dalles  Hurtin in my hearth
19 Art Neville  Lover of love
20 Sandy Posey  Miss lonely
21 Les Guitares du diable inst Ma melodie

715 Popcorncorner  13-5-2018
Andrew sisters  I've got to pass your house
Accents (the)  22 del rio avenue
Barry Lane & Group  I don't want you
Billy and the Moonlighters  Little indian girl
Laila Kinnunen Fin "Saavu mun kÄtteni syleilyyn
(Mes mains sur les hanches)"
Mark Dinning   The lovin' touch
Tommy Stagg & Group  Memories of love
Trini Lopez  Master Jack
Mike Lane  World of pretend
Leroy Holmes inst Search for vulcan
Harvey (Fuqua)  Any way you wanta
Dean Stevens  I've just heard
Bet E Martin  I know a girl
Jimmy Fontana  Melodia
Jimmy Merritt  I'll forget about you
Becky & the Lollipops  My boyfriend
Scott brothers  Love me tenderly
Hank Jones & Oliver Nelson  Winchester Cathedral
Frankie Vaughan   Travelin man
Micky y los Tonys Sp Sospecha (suspicion)
Jumping Jewels   Zero zero

714 Popcorn  6-5-2018 21:00
1 Joan Moody  Music to my ear
2 High Tide   Hey Cutie
3 Charles Brown  Cry no more
4 Tommy Tate with the Dollets  Ordinarily
5 Sugar Pie DeSanto  Crazy Loving
6 William Bell  Any other way
7 Five Counts  Spanish nights
8 Billy Stewart   No girl
9 Johnny Faro  I'm afraid
10 Lefty "guitar" Bates & orch Ena
11 Tina Robin   River of tears
12 Randy Lee   Young days
13 Jessie Williams  Tender words and tender kisses
14 Liliane Saint Pierre F Plus Jamais
15 Rocky Roberts I Se una sera
16 Sapphires   I found out to late
17 "Andy Anderson and
the Dawnbreakers"  Chop Suey
18 Marv Johnson  Why do you want to let me go
19 Chells-Mars  Roamin heart
20 Mickey & Sylvia  Sweeter as the days go by
21 Bo Keys inst Just Chillin'

713 Popcorncorner  29-4-2018
1 Renee Roberts  Nobody knows Im around
2 Obrey Wilson  That's where lonesome lives
3 Billy Watson  Get myself together
4 Ray Fleming  I'm glad i have you
5 Lenny Miles  Living dream
6 Cookies the  I want a boy for my birthday
7 Mel Henke  The twister
8 Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells  I'm yours, you're mine
9 Danny Davis  Tell me
10 Claude Ciari    Down town
11 Jeri Lynne Fraser  Catch me
12 Grant Tracy  A pained smile
13 Gene Chandler  Pretty little girl
14 Toni Fisher  Laugh or cry
15 James Ray   We got a thing going on
16 Lonnie Donegan  I wanna go home
17 Paul Sindab  I was a fool
18 Chris Baldo   Chaque fois
19 Kenny Gamble  No mail on Monday
20 Vikki Carr  I will wait for you
21 Eddie Calvert   Por favor

712  Popcorncorner 22-4-2018 21:00
1 Girlfriends  For my sake
2 Lee Williams & the Cymbals  Lost love
3 Top Notes the  I love you so much
4 Hoagy Lands  I'm yours
5 Billy Fury   I Will
6 Bobby Miller   Take it in stride
7 Lee Andrews and the Hearts  Cold gray dawn
8 Ria Bartok F Dans la nuit
9 Casinos the   I still love you
10 Ken Nordine inst Strollin' spooks
11 Betty Johnson  What's the matter little girl
12 Glenn Yarborough   Summer sunshine
13 Jimmy Justice   When love has left you
14 Del Price  That's all gotta do
15 Jerry Jackson  Always
16 Chubby Checker  You better believe it
17 Cathy and Cookie  Hi Diddle-de Diddle
18 Lloyd Jones ska Rome
19 Imperials the   I'm stll dancing
20 Trends the   No one there
21 Bobby Morrow  Exodus

711 Popcorncorner   8-4-2018
1 Amanda Humphey  Power of love
2 Bobby Stevens  Time
3 Bunny Sigler  Sunny Sunday
4 Valerie Pascale F T u te trompes
5 Dee Clark   Come Closer
6 Manuel Reyes M No vivire sin tu
7 Drifters  Nobody but me
8 Sue Winford  Love by the jukebox light
9 Eddie Hurt  Afraid of love
10 Sandra Phillips orc inst Oki
11 Webs the with Bobby Goldsboro  Dizzy boy
12 Vigor Fisher  Think of happiness
13 Pat Forchetti   Young lover
14 Artistics the  I'll leave it up to you
15 Tony Washington  Someone always cryin
16 Lucky Starr  Poor little Jimmy brown
17 Danny Capri   You're so sympatico
18 Aubry Jones  Big lover
19 Latin Soils  You've beem talking about me baby
20 Doris Troy   Tomorrow is another day
21 James Brown  The Popcorn

710 Popcorncorner  8-4-2018 21:00
1 Myriam Martin F Un clin dOeil (Just one look)
2 Johnny Folkstone  April fool
3 Gary Stites  Find yourself another fool
4 Dontells the  There goes the fool
5 Bobby Rydell   Stranger in the world
6 Performers the  Love is the answer
7 Richard Roundtree  This magic moment
8 Ben E King  I can't break the news to myself
9 Buddy & Brik   Misty eyes
10 Miles Grayson Trio inst  Sweet Bead
11 Debbie Reynolds   Are you for real
12 Eastern Aces  Stand by me
13 Nick Noble   Hello out there
14 Tony Campello  Dreamin
15 Garnett Mimms   Look away
16 Ebony Keyes  If you knew
17 Wright sisters   That's ok
18 Five Blobs  Rockin' pow wou
19 Jerry Jackson  It's rough out there
20 Cadillacs the  I'll never let you go
21 Buddy Cole inst Poinciana

709 Popcorncorner  1-4-2018 21:00
1 Lize Marke   Als het weer lente is
2 Tony & the Velvets  Sunday
3 Chuck Collins  Youre heart wasn't in it
4 Jerry Mason  You are lonely
5 Cornell Gunther  In a dream of love
6 Benny Thomas   Young and lonely
7 Art Neville  You want do right
8 Royal Premiers  I can make it if i try
9 Lena Calhoun & the Emotions  Been looking your way
10 Those fantabulous strings  Baby don't  go
11 Accents   Spring song (New girl)
12 Justin Jones  Dance by jourself
13 Audrey Kirby  Tut mir leid
14 Johnny Maestro& the Crest  The warning voice
15 Junior Parker  I'm so satisfied
16 Eddie Jefferson  Uh oh im in love again
17 Joanie Sommers  Since Randy moved away
18 Tony Scotti  With all my heart
19 Jerry Manolas  Midnight dream
20 Concords the  One step from heaven
21 Edmundo Ross  La Machiche

708 Popcorncorner  18-3-2018
1 Ruby Lee  I believe in you
2 Bobby Pedrick (Robert John)  Maybe
3 Flirtations   Little darlin
4 Dean Barlow  Yesterday's kisses
5 Bids & Pieces  Smoke stream
6 Jean du Shon  Look the other way
7 Johnny Shand  I'm not the one
8 Mimi Roman  Up to my heart
9 Jackie Wilson   It only happens (When i look at you)
10 Hollywood orchestra ìnst From russia with love
11 Jean Brooks  Tomorrow never came
12 Five Royales  Catch that teardrop
13 Larissa Mondrus R You just wait (Rus)
14 Anneke Grönloh N Wladimir
15 Tommy Autry   Three wishes
16 Janice Christian with Johnny & Charmers  Just a bad thing
17 Ray Fleming   Im glad i have you
18 Tony Bruno  The grass will sing for you
19 Maryka  F cn J'ai tant cherché
20 Frank Fafara  Golden one
21 Val Bennett  inst The Russians are coming

707 Popcorncorner  11-3-2018
1 Sandie Shaw   Ya di do da
2 George Hudson   Cry to me
3 Marvels the  You crack me up
4 Nicky Hilton  Your nose is gonna grow
5 Doug Banks   I just kept on dancing
6 Bob Loye   Another mr Blue
7 Dori Grayson  Try love
8 Cleveland Robinson Jr  Love is a trap
9 Ola V. Harper  I wanna weep
10 Sunglows the Inst  Happy hippo
11 Noel Harrison  A young girl
12 Jamie Coe  My girl
13 Danny Davies  Tell me
14 Crowns the slow Better luck next time
15 Mark Wynter   You are everthing
16 Glady's Knight & Pips  Either Way i lose
17 Velvets the  Let the fool kiss you
18 Don Gardner & Deedee Ford   Nobody but you
19 Mario Zelinotti I Um um um
20 Jackie Trent   Make it easy on yourself
21 Norrie Paramor  Inst  Boeing

706 Popcorncorner  4-3-2018 22:00
1 Vicki Sallee  Jimmy Darling
2 Sonny James  Innocent angel
3 Gene and Debbe  Go with me
4 Reuben & the Chains  Answer these questions
5 Clarence Carter  Can't leave your alone
6 Bobby Skelton  There she goes
7 Chase Webster  Find out
8 Maxine Brown  Am i falling in love
9 Danny Marino  D Wie Kann ich nur so dumm sein
10 Si Zentner and his orc inst Apache
11 Charles Perry  How can i (Keep from crying)
12 Dick Taylor  Linda love
13 Sharon Tandy  Hurtin' me
14 Tony del Monaco I Se la vita e cosi
15 Malcom Dodds  Compared to you
16 Denise Germaine  Unforgetten Yesterdays
17 Jimmy Jules  Take it like it comes
18 Debra Lewis  You stole him
19 Walter Jackson  It will be the last time
20 Singers (the)  You gotta go
21 Sound (the) inst Manchurian beat

705 Popcorncorner  4-3-2018 21:00
1 Crystalettes  We're in love
2 Ronnie Love  Always be good
3 Don Spencer  The joker
4 Imperials the  Bermuda Wonerful
5 Joe South   Concrete jungle
6 Exotics the  Sad sad song
7 Ada Lee  Pushing a good thing too far
8 Bob Conrad  The great Magician
9 Floraine Darlin  I don't know
10 Johnny Rogers    Make a chance
11 Naomi Shelton The Gospel queens  Everybody knows
12 Gene Ross   Wondering
13 Tony Ronald    Mas que ayer (more than i can say)
14 Ronnie Hall  She's mine
15 Jeff Lane   Baby come back home
16 Bernadette Carroll   I don't wanna know
17 Wayne Dailey  (Look at at me) Wreck of a man
18 Versatile Four  Never say
19 Bobby Adams   A new way to hurt me
20 Yamaguchi Momoe  J Heartaches at sweet sixteen
21 Doc Severinsen   must be him

704 Popcorncorner   25-2-2018 21:00
Hill Sisters  My kind of guy
Freddy Butler  I'm not afraid
Peter troy  Verdict of love
Lucille Brown  Lonely inside
Fury Vanta  My baby's lazy
Earther Doss Jr  I'd do anything
Dean Scott   Two years ago today
Dave Howard   While we danced the tango
Dells the  What do we prove
Butch Vaden  Harem girl
H.B Barnum  The record (Baby i love you)
Stevie Wonder   Solo te, solo moi (yester-me, you, day)
Robert & Johnny  Brown, pretty brown eyes
3 Blue Jays (the)  All in one
Troy Dodds  Rise up and walk
Margot Lefebre   Adieu mon amour
Sidney Barnes  Wait
Liz Verdi   You let him get away
Bobby Bland   I ain't myself anymore
Scott Brothers  It's gonna happen soon
Soulful Strings   The side winder

703 Valentijn   18-2-2018  22:00
1 Angèle Durand  Valentino
2 Nat king Cole   Mr. wishing well
3 Bobby Lee Viehmeyer   Just beginning
4 April Stevens   Lovin' Valentine
5 Jimmy Ricks  Oh what a feeling
6 Joe Melson  Hey mister Cupid
7 Eddie de Mar  Love birds
8 Marvels (the)  Two hearts are one
9 Marv Johnson  Unbreakable love
10 Ernie Fields  inst  In the mood
11 Michael Clark  Dreaming of you
12 Jamie Coe  I'll go on loving you
13 Mark Valentino  Penny for your thoughts
14 Jerry Adriani  Eu estarei com voce (I'll be there)
15 Betty Everett & Jerry Butler  Our day wiil come
16 Jerry Angelo  The two together
17 Richie Dickson & group  Moonlight & Roses
18 Carl Smith   Kisses don't lie
19 Chuck Morro  Lover's roulette
20 Nora Aunor  Maybe this year

702 Popcorncorner  11-2-2018
1 Dawn Glass  A second thought
2 Dannie Dexter  Go on
3 Eschelons (the)  Lonely footsteps
4 Donald Jenkins & Delighters   Elephant walk
5 Johnny Fortune   Come on and love me
6 Ty Hunter   Bad loser
7 Ricky Nelson  Gipsy woman
8 Claudine Clark  Easy to love (Too hard to forget)
9 Joe Perkins  Runaway slave
10 Dee Felice Trio inst There was a time
11 Gary Criss  My little heavenly angel
12 Ken Venturi F J'ai peur
13 Jeanette Kaye  Silly Games
14 Donna Lee   You're leaving
15 William Bell  What"cha gonna do
16 Tim Conner  Whitout a shoulder to cry on
17 Eddie Martin  Keep away from Julie
18 Jimmy Hughes  Dilly dilly
19 De Vonns  Put me down
20 Wes & the Airdales I I mei giorni
21 Valli Boys (the) inst The night hawk

701 Popcorncorner 4-2-2018 21:00
1 Salena Jones  I've got the blues
2 Larry Trider  Who's gonna stand by me
3 Darlettes  Lost
4 Vidells (the)  Mr Lonely
5 Extentions (the) I want  to know
6 Steve Ross  One man show
7 Michel Sydney  Toute ma vie
8 Scotty McKay  Sittin down and crying
9 Molly Bee  She's new to you
10 Darnells (the)  Besame mucho
11 Billy Hines  The old master painter
12 Bob Brandon  Painting the town
13 Joe Douglas   Crazy things
14 Delacardos  Hold back the tears
15 Sandy Williams  Pushing a good thing too far
16 Little Jerry Williams  Im the lover man
17 Aki Aleong  Giving up on love
18 Gianni Jalenti  Si dice (baby it's you)
19 Lareine Lamar  That's not the way to love
20 Ed Townsend  Down home
21 George Kerr    The airplane song

700 Zondag 28-1-2018 21:00
1 Jerry Jackson  Gypse eyes
2 Baby Washinton  You and the night and the music
3 Trini lopez  What have i got of my own
4 Billy Butler  Gotta get away
5 Ben e king  The record (Baby i love you)
6 Gene Chandler  I'll follow you
7 Paul anka  Crying in the wind
8 Brenda Lee  He's sure to remember me
9 Jerry Butler  Whatever you want
10 Major Lance  Rhythm
11 Petula clark  La frontiere
12 Johnny Nash  Ol' man river
13 Chuck Jackson  Hand it over
14 Barbara mc Near  Everything's good about
15 Supremes  He means the world to me
16 Bobby Rydell  Frenesi
17 Roy Hamilton  To the one i love
18 Dee dee Sharp  Wild
19 Lesley Gore  Live and learn
20 Connie Francis  Whatever happened to Rosemarie

699 Popcorncorner   21-1-2018  21:00
1 Pat Lundy & Bobby Haris  We got a thing goin' on
2 Eugene Pitt & Group   Everyday is like a year
3 Scott Walker  slow Any day now
4 Clyde McPhatter   Lonely people can't afford to cry
5 C Jérome  F Adieu Jolie Candy
6 Billy Stewart  Look back and smile
7 Arlene Bell  My lover
8 Jimmy Griffin  A little like lovin
9 Tony Bruno  For You (The grass will sing for you)
10 Privates the inst Work song
11 Jamie Horton  Missin
12 Smoothies (the)  Softly
13 Joey Dee   Enough is enough
14 Carl Henderson  I love you so
15 Tom Jones   If he should ever leave you
16 France Gall F Ne dis pas aux copains
17 Astro Jets (the)  Boom a lay
18 Grayhounds   Johnny angel
19 Vicky Lester   Is this the beginning of the end
20 Dee Clark  Walk away from me
21 Johnny Williams  inst Black night 

698 Popcorncorner jaaroverzicht zondag 7 januari 2017

Je laatste fles champagne en wat overgebleven oliebollen komen zondagavond goed van pas tijdens het beluisteren van de herhaling van de Popcorncorner oudejaarsuitzending. Sommige mensen melden namelijk dat ze op de oorspronkelijke uitzendtijd met iets anders bezig waren en dat kunnen wij best begrijpen.

Zondag 7 januari tussen 21:00 en 23:00 uur op Midvliet-FM, Midvliet.nl en Vrocket de integrale totale en ongemonteerde herhaling van de uitzending geweid aan een groot aantal van de ons in 2017 ontvallen (Popcorn) artiesten.

De opmerkingen over oud en nieuw heb ik in de opname laten zitten, daar moet je maar omheen luisteren. De beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar zijn echter ook vandaag nog onveranderd van kracht. Veel luisterplezier namens het Popcorncorner team, Gerard.

 698  Einde jaar uitzending 2017, de overleden (Popcorn) artiesten van het afgelopen jaar

6-jan  Sylvester Potts (Contours the) "22-12-1938 - 6-1-2017 (97) Just a little misunderstanding
10-jan  Buddy Greco "14-09-1926  -  10-01-2017 (90) The magic of a girl
23-jan  Bobby Freeman "13-6-1940 - 23-1-2017 (76) Fever
28-feb  Ric Marlow  "21-12-1925 - 28-2-2017 (91) That's what i'm gonna be
3-mrt  Jim Fuller (Surfaris 27-6-1947 - 3-3-2017 (69)  Wipe out
18-mrt  Chuck Berry "18-11-1926 - 18-03-2017 (90)-  "You came a long way from St Louis
27-mrt  Clem Curtis  (Foundations 66-68) 28-11-1940 - 27-3-2017 (76) Built me up buttercup
6-jun  Sandra Reemer "17-10-1950 - 6-06-2017 (66) Zeg wat is er aan de hand
17-jun  (Little) Sonny Knight & Lakers xxxx1948 - 22-7-2017 (69) Hey girl
22-jul  Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers 18-2-1934 - 22-7-2017 (83) I'm your man
8-aug  Glen Campbell "22-04-1936 - 8-8-2017 (81) The miracle of love
24-aug  Larry Marshall "17-12-1941 - 24-8-2017 (75)  Rome (Leaving Rome
24-aug Winston Samuels xx1944 - (24-8-2017) (73) Here i come again
8-sep  Don Williams 27-5-1929 - 8-9-2017 (88) Fever
12-sep  Riem de Wolff (Blue Diamonds) "15-5-1943 - 12-9-2017 (74) Sunny
20-sep  Andre v d Meersschaut (Cousins) xx1937- 20-9-2017 (80) The robot
23-sep  Charles Bradley  5-11-1948 -23-9-2017 (68) You put the flame on me
6-okt  Bunny Sigler 27-3-1941 - 6-10-2017 (76) For cryin' out loud
8-okt  Jimmy Beaumont (Skyliners) 21-10-1940 - 7-10-2017 I'm gonna try my wings  1962
24-okt  Fats Domino 28-2-1928 -24-10-2017 (88) I know (1954)
28-okt  Gert Timmerman "8-6-1935 - 28-10-2017 (82) Blume from Tahiti
5-6 nov  Robert Knight  (Paramounts) "24-4-1945 - 5-11-2017(72) Dance only with me 1961
9-nov Hans Vermeulen (Sandy Coast) "18-9-1947 - 9-11-2017 (70) Make me belong to you
19--nov  Della Reese "6-7-1931 - 19-11-2017 (86) A clock with no hands
19--nov  Mel Tills "8-8-1932 - 19-11-2017 (85) Say 1960
19--nov  Warren Pete Moore (The Miracles) "19-11-1939- 19-11-2017 (78) If you mother only knew
21--nov  Wayne  Cochran (and the cc Riders) 20-5-1939 - 21-11-2017 (78) Harlem Shuffle
6-dec Johnny Halliday 15-6-1943 - 6-12-2017 (74) Pas cette chanson (Don't play that song)
15-dec  Tobi Rix 28-2-1920 - 15-12-2017 (97) Bocinas

697 Kerst 2 2017   26-12-2017 22:00
1 Carla Thomas  Gee Whiz it's christmas
2 Reuben Anderson  Christmas time again
3 Creations the   This is our night
4 Encounters   (It all started with) A christmas card
5 Gwen Stacey   Ain't gonna cry nomore
6 Johnny Payne  Tinklin' bells
7 Jan Bradley  X-mas time
8 Brook Benton  Still waters run deep
9 Nancy Holoway   Jai découvert Paris (It might as wel be me)
10 Three Suns  inst Russian sleigh song
11 Ronettes the  Sleigh ride
12 Jackson 5 the  I saw mommy kissing santa claus
13 Brenda Lee  Xmas will be just another lonely day
14 Temptations  Your wonderful love
15 Toni Wine   My boyfriend is coming home for christmas
16 Derrick Roberts  There won't be any snow
17 Merle Heggard   Santa Claus and Popcorn
18 Elvis Presley  Angel
19 Barbara Mc Nair  Everything's good about you
20 Platters the   Winter wonderland

Prettige Kerstdagen  

696 Kerst 1 2017  25-12-2017  22:00 
1 Honey & the Bees  Jing jing a ling
2 Diana Ross  Little bright star
3 Bobby Curtola   My christmas tree
4 Jimmie Rodgers  White christmas
5 Larisa Mondrus R Snowflake
6 Wayne Newton  Let it snow let it snow
7 Rosy Armen F Tombe la neige
8 Miracles   Christmas everyday
9 Kim Weston  Wish you a merry christmas
10 Funk brothers  inst Winter wonderland
11 Superbs   Where or when
12 Peggy Lee  I like the sleighride
13 Bobby Vee  A not so merry X-mas
14 Cadellacs the  Rudolph the rednosed reindeer
15 Valerie Masters  Christmas Calling
16 Irma Thomas  Two winters long
17 Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery  If i were
18 Arthur Prysock  A working man's prayer
19 Lou Rawls  Christmas will really be christmas
20 Jimmy Norman   Don't  blow out the candles
21 Booket T & MG's   Santa claus is coming to town

695 Popcorncorner  14-1-2018  21:00
1 Diana Ross and the Supremes  With a child's heart
2 James Darren   Cherrie
3 Lou Courtney   The man is lonely
4 Magali Michel F Tes yeux dans les miens
5 Tears the  Good luck my love 1965
6 Brenton Wood  I'm the one who knows
7 Marva Whitney   This girls in love with you
8 Bobby Rydell  Strangers in the world 1965
9 Long John Baldry   Let him go (and let me love you)
10 Allesandro inst Pretty blue eyes 1966
11 Barbara Mc Nair  Steal away tonight
12 Happenings the   Sweet Lenore
13 Spontanes  Share my name
14 Jimmy Griffin   Marie is moving
15 Cliff Richard   True love will come true
16 Ray Pollard  My girl and i
17 Titus Turner  Coralee
18 Byrdie Green  Get a hold of yourself 1963
19 Bobby Comstock and teh Counts  Your big brown eyes
20 Steve Lawrence  Yet i know
21 Raymond Lefevre & his Orc  Soul Coaxing

694 Popcorncorner  17-12-2017 21:00
1 Anna Craig   Nobody loves me (1964)
2 Rick Randell  Stars
3 Bonnie Brooks  A letter from my love (1964)
4 Chad & Jeremy  What do you want with me
5 Kitty Kallen  One grain of sand (1966)
6 Fantastics  We got good lovin'
7 Chuck Wright  If i promise you (1963)
8 Edwin Starr  If my heart could tell the storie
9 Jimmy Ruffin  Just before love ends
10 Booker T & MG's  inst  Winter wonderland
11 Marilyn Powell  Please go away
12 Erik Montry  F Monsieur Lhermite
13 Hoagy Lands  I'm yours
14 Toni Wine   My boyfriend is coming home for christmas
15 Samantha Fish  Hello Stranger
16 Ray Singer  Look in your eyes (1964)
17 Duncan Brothers   Make me want you want me to be
18 Chi Lites   Language of love
19 Paul's Troubles  That's my kind of love
20 Bob & Fred & the Baha strings  I'll be on my way
21 Couriers inst  Take away

693   Popcorncorner 10-12-2017 

1 Bette Boothe   Teardrop Avenue
2 Champagne Brothers  Let's live
3 Jimmy Donley  Forever Lilymae
4 Luis Bravo  El Idolo (Teenage Idol)
5 Petula Clark  My guy
6 Jimmy Steward  Convince me
7 Marc Allen   Lonely
8 Eddie Carr   Dirty ols town
9 Guy Bonnardot F Qui, je suis fou d'amour (Crazy love)
10 Duane Eddy inst Because they're young
11 Diane Leigh  Little boy lost
12 Del Shannon   My wild one
13 Landy McNeill   Move it move on
14 Richard David F Crie mon nom (Call my name)
15 Tommy Hunt  The work song
16 Dolly & the Fashions  Just another fool
17 Manhattans the  I betcha (Coudn't love me)
18 Dale Ward  Letter from Cherry
19 Chris Clark   The beginning of the end
20 Billy Brown doowop Once in a lifetime
21 Blue Stars inst This old hammer

692 Jaques Geuens Herhaling deel-2           3-12-2017 21:00

1)                 MONTESAS – SPACE WALK (instr)   
2)                 THE WHEEL-A-WAYS – DON'T YOU KNOW   
3)                 YAO LEE – LACK OF LOVE (chin) (bing translate)   
4)                 FOUR WINDS – DOWN AND OUT   
5)                 SAM FLETCHER – I'D THINK IT OVER (windy rain version)   
6)                 MARI PARK – WOULD LIKE TO BELIEVE (jap) (bing translate)   
8)                 BOBBY RIO – ASK THE LONELY   
9)                 THE DONTELLS – I'M GONNA TELL THE WORLD   
12)             CLEO LAINE – LET'S SLIP AWAY   
13)             BOB CROSBY – BIG NOISE BLEW IN FROM WINNETKA (adjusted)   
14)             PAM GARNER – PINCH ME BABY   
17)             MIKI SUGIMOTO – TURTLE ONSEN GEISHA aka hot spring soap geisha (bing translate)   
18)             VENEICE STARK – GET YOU OUT OF MY MIND (live tv recording)   
19)             MARK THATCHER – I'M LONELY (motherless child)   
21)             LAURA JOHNSON – I KNOW HOW IT FEELS   
22)             JOHN BOWIE – I NEVER FELT SO LONELY   
24)             TWANGY REBELS – LAZY REBEL (instr)

691 Jaques Geuens Herhaling deel 1           26-11-2017 21:00

1)                 JACK CONSTANZO – CAT WALK (instr)   
3)                 KAMAYATSU HIROSHI – AROUND HEAVEN  (jap) (bing translate)   
4)                 DEAN & JEAN – I CRY (take 4 studio recording))   
5)                 JANIE MOORE – IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR   
6)                 BOBBY SOLO – AL TUO AMORE NON CI CREDO (ital)   
7)                 DON GARDNER – UP ON THE ROOF   
8)                 THE KNOCKOUTS – FEVER   
9)                 HUANG QUING YUAN – LIFE IS A BITTER CUP OF PAIN (version 2) (chin) (bing translate)   
11)             CHUCK WILLIS – MY CRYING EYES   
14)             HUNG CUNG & MAI LE HUYEN – CUOI EM (vietnam)   
15)             NEICE DEZEL – IT DOESN'T MATTER   
16)             THE STYLETTES – MY BOY   
17)             BOBBY RYDELL – LOVE IS BLIND   
18)             HUANG LING – UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES (chin) (bing translate)   
19)             LORNE LESLEY – I DON'T KNOW   
20)             SONNY WOODS – I CAN LEARN   
22)             KUF-LINX feat.John Jennins) – SERVICE WITH A SMILE   
23)             SALLAH – MISTERY DESSERT SONG (instr)   
24)             THE ROCK FINGERS – ON THE CLOUDS (instr)

690   26-11-2017 22:00

1 Arlene Smith  Good girls
2 Otis Leavill  When the music grooves
3 Joey Heatherton  Live and learn
4 Compliments, the  The time of her life
5 Lorne Gibson  What kind of love is this
6 Carol Robinson  Wild man
7 Jimmy Radcliff   My ship is coming in
8 Fashionetts the  (Baby) It's you
9 Bobby Vee  Have yourself a cry
10 Bob Crewe orc inst Sherry
11 Roberto Jordan  S Ninguna como tu
12 Johnny Tillotson  More than before
13 Susan King  You got me in a fix
14 Dells slow Oh what a night
15 Georges Blaness F T'en vas pas
16 Bob Conrad  The great magician
17 Little Anne  What should i do
18 Jimmy Randolph  Miracle after miracle
19 Ted Taylor   Pretending love
20 Ruth Mc Fadden  Stop playing that (that's what you said)
21 Sydney Thompson orc inst And i love her  (cha cha)

689   12-11-2017 21:00

1 Gino    The  secret
2 Arthur Prysock  Our love will last
3 Monique   If you love me
4 Billy Dawn  Look what i found
5 Bobby Vincent  How was i to know
6 Mickey Denton  Now you can't throw them away
7 Chains the  I can learn
8 Don Duke   Dreamin'
9 Claude Royan  Qui va plus lion
10 Funky Lloyd price orc Inst Oh pee day
11 Byrdie Green   Get a hold of yourself
12 Frankie Cherval  Shake hands with a loser
13 Allen Dare   Lonelyland
14 Frontiers,  the  Don't come crying
15 Dave Edwards  Wedding of tears
16 Porgy & Monarchs  slow If it's for real baby
17 Danelle Darris   Let's do the shotgun
18 Debra  Lewis  You stole him
19 Wayne Newton  I still love you
20 Diplomats   I realy love you
21 Allesandro   Pretty blue eyes

688 Workin' for the  Popcorn  5-11-2017 21:00
1 Triumphs  Workin'
2 Falcons the  Workin man's song
3 Sam Cooke  Chain Gang
4 Cleveland Robinson  Work song
5 Lorne Green   Pop goes the hammer
6 Jack Hammer   Nummer 2539
7 Jim Waller and the Deltas inst Work song
8 Fred Darian  Strong man
9 Lee Dorsey  Workin in a coal mine
10 Nappy Brown   Coal miner
11 Mike Shaw   Coal mine
12 Dean Carter   Sixteen Tons
13 Five tones inst This old hammer
14 Don Sargent   Jelly coal man
15 Arthur Godfrey   Dig dig dig
16 Jimmy Ricks  Lazy mule
17 Johnny Desmond  Rio Conchos
18 BK Anderson  The minimum wage
19 Col James  Gonna settle down
20 Exotics  Manpower
21 Noble 'Thin Man'Watts  inst Hard  Times

687 Popcorn instrumentals 
1 Mr Acker Bilk  Evening shadows
2 A Jacks  Fury
3 Black Albino's the  Carrots and Onions
4 Don Costa  Chi chi
5 Enouch Light & Light brigade  The night is young cha cha
6 Franck Pourcel  Casino Royal
7 Hollyridge strings  Sukiyaki
8 Londonderry strings  Spanish armada
9 Percy Faith  I will follow you
10 Inciters  Memory groove
11 Joe Kalamazoo  Crazy love
12 Willie Bobo  Timbale groove
13 Os Incriveis  O Milionário
14 Jets   Goldfinger
15 Johnny Watson  Wolfman
16 Jan Davis  Fugitive
17 Milt Rogers  Lonely road to Damascus
18 Johnny Lytle  Gunky from the Soulful rebel
19 Georg Greeley  Ride the high country
20 Galt Mac Dermot  Coffie cold
21 El Chicano  Coming home baby

686  22-10-2017 21:00
1 Joy Dawn  Hang it up
2 Don & Eddie   You fool you
3 Vibrations the  If he don't
4 Marty Valentine  Turning to you
5 Donna Lee  You're Leaving
6 Gloria Christian  Basta
7 James Hunter  Mollena
8 Lord Jim & the V.I.P.s  You don't have to cry anymore
9 Del Rios the  feat William Bell  There's a love
10 Willie Mitchell inst Hot cha
11 Larry Weiss  I don't know myself anymore
12 Richard Berry   Everybody's got a lover but me
13 Attractions   That girl is mine
14 Carol Montgomery  I trying to do what mama says
15 Little Herman   Gotta keep on walkin
16 Johnny Guitar Watson  Wait a minute baby
17 Moovers the  One little dance
18 Ronnie Carroll  Please tell me your name
19 Sam Hawkins  Where the world begins
20 Valerie Sarn F Ce jour merveilleux
21 Joy Boys  inst Kurrawatha

685 13 jaar Popcorncorner  15-10-2017
1 Janice Harper  I need you
2 Temptations  Dream come true
3 Tony Washington  Forever more
4 Dick Dale & the Del tones  One double one oh
5 Gillian Hills  F Qui a su
6 Flamingos   I know better
7 Carla Thomas  Little boy
8 Johnny Shand  I'm not the one
9 Parakeets  Shangri-la
10 Sandy Nelson  inst Land of a 1000 dances
11 Joey Bradley   Stand by me
12 Estela Raval Los Cinco Latinos  Volverás
13 Ral Donner  Tears of misery
14 Susan Rafey  Let me tell you baby
15 Roosevelt Nettles Drifting heart
16 Nick Charles  The right girl
17 Jill Jackson  Born too late
18 Charlie Rich  No room to dance
19 Last Brass the inst I will

684 8-10-2017
1 Joanne Garrett (I've dicided on) A whole new plan)
2 Johnny October Uh Huh
3 Freddy Scott Mr. Heartache
4 Ginette Reno F Quand tu n'es pas la
5 Jerry, Mel & Jack Fight for her
6 Gino Parks For this i thank you
7 Dale Warren Follow your heart
8 Vinnie Monte What's the matter with Marilyn
9 Jim Burgett Jeckeyll and hide
10 Jean Tordo inst Ah! quel surf
11 Chee chee & Peppy I know i'm in love
12 Eddie Perrell Listen
13 Bill Giant Better let her go
14 Del Roy's Love me tenderly
15 Mieke Hirota Jp You don't know (in het Japans)
16 Danny Davis Rumours
17 Nicky Hilton Your nose is gonna grow
18 Bobby Reed The time is right for love
19 Barry Biggs slow Wide awake in a dream
20 Tina Charles Go
21 Delegates the Inst The Peeper

683   1-10-2017 
1 Bette Davis & Debbie Burton Whatever happened to baby Jane
2 Frank Cherval   How come
3 Billy Saint   Tear down the wall
4 Frederica  F Rien ne me reste
5 Jimmy Burns   Give her to me
6 Maureen Gray  Oh my
7 Junior Lewis  Which way
8 Fashions the   Dearest one
9 Trevor Peacock  I didn't figure on him to come back
10 June Gardner  inst The joker
11 Deanna Kimbell  Take my love
12 Nikki Papas  Try again
13 Pepi    Hypnotized
14 George McCannon III Thumbin
15 Ter - Rells the  Don't ask me to stop loving you
16 Paramounts the  Baby i'm yours
17 Marcie Blaine  Why can't i get a guy
18 Robert & Johnny  Brown, pretty brown eyes
19 Tommy Jay   Tender love
20 Sharon Black  Play the music
21 Rangoons the  inst Moon guitar

682 Popcorncorner 24 sept 2017
1 Eva Eastwood  I väntan pa dig (ik wacht op jou) SW
2 Tony Orlando  Love on your lips
3 Mike Hurst   Any changce for me
4 Kay Bary  Be my baby
5 Garnett Mimms & Enchanters Nobody but you
6 Scotty Carrol   Tell me more
7 Blue Diamonds  Little Ship
8 Carol Deene   Let me do it my way
9 Haptones the  Devil in velvet
10 Mary Wells  Your old  standby
11 Jaguars Les inst Maria Elena
12 Diana Dors  So little time
13 BB King   Help  the poor
14 Scott brothers the Lonely bluebird
15 Lydia O Connor  Nobody wants you ( when your down ...)
16 Hunters the inst Someone's else's baby 
17 Mini Berté  Let me tell  you
18 O.V. Wright with the keys   There goes my used to be
19 Lou Christie  You & I (Have i the right to cry)
20 Bobby Colt  Before it's too late
21 Christine Quaite  Our last change
22 Auratones The inst Spooky's day off

681  17-9-2017
1 Ila Van What's the matter baby
2 Earls the Eyes
3 Ricardo Sebastian inst Autumn leaves
4 Shep Grant You found my lonely heart a home...

5 Adamo Lonely girl
6 Tony Middleton Sweet baby of mine
7 Caro Fran You can't stop me
8 Adam Wade Here comes the pain
9 Ray Campi Sweet woman blues
10 Stan La Baum and his Orc Allahabad
11 William Bell Who will it be tomorrow
12 Dianne Renner Quicksand
13 Lou Rawls Feelin'good
14 Billy "Crash" Caddock One last kiss
15 Connie Questell World of trouble
16 Arthur Conley I'm gonna forget about you
17 Eddie Robert Immaculate love
18 Little Foxes Love made to order
19 Parakeets the I love you like i do
20 Joy Marshall The more i see you
21 Juan Carlos Calderon inst Bandolero

680   10-9-2017 21:00
1 Charity Brown  You beat me to the punch
2 Chuch Harper  Summer is thru
3 Otis Blackwell  Kiss away
4 Petula Clark   Ne joure pas
5 Wade Flemonds  Keep on loving me
6 John Tee   Crazy
7 Lonne Sattin  Who's Gonna Mention My Name
8 Jackie Deshannon Just Like In The Movies
9 Etta James  Pushover
10 Arrows    Run like the wind
11 Ann Margret & Elvis Presley  You're the boss
12 Rikki Henderson  One brokenheart for sale
13 Billy Fury  I will
14 Terr Allen  Can't ran to daddy anymore
15 Opals the   No no never again
16 Teardrops the  Aint no big thing
17 Jean Duson  How long (can i go on)
18 Casualeers  Dance dance dance
19 Billy Daniels & the Rythm Rockers   Perfidia
20 Doris Day  Move over darling
21 Talismans Les  Línterplanetaire
679 Girls Summer    3-9-2017  21:00
1 Baby Washington  There he is
2 Maureen Arthur  Don't Make The Angels Cry
3 Marion Stewart  I Must Be Losing You
4 Roddie Joy  Come back baby
5 Carol Vega   One little thing
6 Gloria Lynne   Speaking of hapiness
7 Pat Hervey  Summertime
8 Suzy Cope   Kisses and tears 1962
9 Tutti Hill  Handful of memories
10 Tammi Terrell  I cried
11 Julie Rogers   Play the music
12 Patsy Ann Noble F Cést drole lesreves
13 Barbara Kay   Someone has to cry (Why must i)
14 Marvelettes the  Someday someway
15 Barbara Mc Nair  I know better
16 Mary Wells  Never, never leave me
17 Roddie Joy  The la la song 1965
18 Christy Allen  Heart don't let him know
19 Marie Knight   Come Tomorrow
20 Jenny Sirena   Bye bye

Summer Popcorn 2017 # 12    James 3   27-8-2017 21:00

01 Martha Reeves and the Vandellas There He Is At My Door (LP)

02 Dee Dee Sharp Why Don`t Cha Ask Me

03 Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomey   If I Were

04 Joe Valino Everything I Touched Turned To Gold

05 Freddy Darian Another Show Another Town

06 Robie Lester Another Show, Another Town

07 Don Crawford You`re Gone

08 Jerry Butler Whishing Star

09 Bobby Brooks Wise Like Solomon

10 Bill Ramall James Bond Theme ( inst )

11 Gentleman June Gardner It`s Gonna Rain ( inst )

12 The Miracles -  I'll Try Something New

13 Ronnie Hawkins Mary Lou (mnt)

14 The Latin Souls You've Been Talking About Me Baby

15 Ralph Robles Taking Over

16 Neon Richards He Has The Right To Know

17 Los Sospechos Jano's Revenge

18 Cal Tjader The Fakir ( inst )

19 Jackie Edwards Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

20 George Martin and his Orchestra And I Love Her

SummerPopcorn 2017 # 11 Hans 3      20-8-2017    21:00
1 Susanne Wigforss  Sommartid (Summertime) (zweeds)
2 Bill Courtney  One dollar down
3 Eddie Kirk   Monkey tonight
4 Henry Wright   Fever twist
5 Charmen  Lewis (latin instrumental)
6 Mary Moultrie  Rover
7 Frankie Brent  Rang dang doo
8 Big Boy Bloater   Give me what you've got
9 Willy McDougal  Don't turn away
10 Patrick L. Mix  Summertime mix
11 Bobbie Jackson and the Dick Baker Combo Midnight blues
12 Robbie Lee   Let me know
13 Buddy and Ella Johnson  My old man
14 Robins (latere Coasters) Keep your mind on me
15 Joey Altruda   Mucci's jag MK II (instrumental)
16 Kiki Page with Plas Johson & Orch  Big boy
17 Ray McKinley  Similau
18 Arrows   Run like the wind

676 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 10 Franky    13-8-2017   21:00
1 Little Joe And The Latinaires  Don't Go Please Stay
2 Geraldine Hunt  I Let Myself Go
3 Jericho Brown  Look For A Star
4 Patience Valentine Unlucky Girl
5 Greenhornes (the) There Is An End
6 Tutti Hill  Handful Of Memories
7 Vibrations (the)  Finding Out The Hard Way
8 Tams (the)  If You're So Smart
9 Miracles (the)  What's So Good About Goodbye
10 Dells (the)  Eternally
11 Suger Pie De Santo She's Got Everything
12 Tawney Williams Pretty Little Words
13 Larks (the)  For The Love Of Money
Helaas een paar nummers niet in de uitzending gekomen, volgen later.
17 Escorts   I Can't Be Free
18 Eden Kane  Sounds Funny To Me
19 Marvelettes (the) Someday Someway
20 Sapphires  Come On And Love Me

675       SummerPopcorn 2017 # 9           Sandra 3              6-8-2017   21:00                                     
1             Claudine Clark                  The Telephone Game (1963)
2             Jerry Fuller                         Anna From Louisiana (1960)
3             The Supremes                  Your Heart Belongs To Me
4             Brian Hyland                      Baby Face (1961)
5             Plato                                     Copy Cat i
6             Nancy Holloway               Je Ne Veux Que Lui (1964)
7             Joe Dowell                         Poor Little Cupid (1962)
8             The Bermudas                  Chu Sen Ling
9             Tony Middleton               Unchained Melody (1960)
10           Yolanda & The Charmaines         There Oughta Be A Law (1962)
11           Jane Morgan                     My Heart Belongs To Daddy
12           Kenny Lynch                     Poof (Up In Smoke)
13           New Generation             The Beer Garden 4 Plus 1 (1962) i
14           Miss Toni Fisher               Springtime Of Life
15           The Petites                        Get Your Daddy’s Car Tonight
16           Dudley Duncan                Gold Cup (1962)
17           Brenda Holloway             Constant Love
18           Johnnie Mae Matthews                              The Headshrinker (1962)
19           Steve Lawrence                              Pretty Blue Eyes
20           Kitty Ford                           Don’t Play No. 9
21           Varetta Dillard                  You Beter Come Home (1962)
22           Jackie Shane                     Any Other Way (1962)
23           Susan Rafey                      A Kiss To Remember You By (1961)
24           The Turbo Jets                 Far East Cha Cha Cha (1959)

674  SummerPopcorn 2017 # 8 James  30-7-2017  21:00

1 Peter Wynne  I'm a fool to want you
2 Nat Wright  Fantasy
3 C. Henry Hall  I believe
4 Georgia Gibbs  Keep in touch
5 Richard Hayes  Come ona my house
6 Tony Middleton  Drifting
7 Della Reese   It's magic
8 Carl Stevens inst Call of the jungle.
9 Baby Washington  Your fool
10 Dinah Shore  Scene of the crime
11 Xavier Cugat inst Rock Muruno
12 Azie Mortimer  Lips
13 Jerry Cole  Land of dreams
14 Dick Lory  Handsome guy
15 Edmundo Ross  Magic is the moonlight
16 Sarah Vaughan  Johnny be smart
17 Roy Hamilton  Take it easy Joe
18 Randy Lee  Young days
19 Willy Williams  High in the misty sky
20 Bobby Curtola  Many moons ago
21 Xavier Cugat inst Perfidia ( inst )
22 Billy Daniels  Perfidia
23 Amru Sami  Tabasco
24 Gloria Lynne  Speaking of happyness
25 Michel Legrand inst Di-gue-ding-ding.
673 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 7 Hans  23-7-2017 21:00
1 Majaicans  Summer time  (ska)
2 Carl Holmes and the Commanders   Unchain my heart
3 Jerry Butler  Just a little bit
4 Mavis Rivers  Footsteps of a fool
5 Eddie Palmieri   Come and get it
6 Dossie Terry  Twenty four years
7 Carole Bateman Let me go my merry way
8 Billy Williams  The pied piper
9 Randy McKee  No doubt about it
10 Moonriders  Summertime cha cha
11 Azie Lawrence   Pempelem
12 Cleveland Robinson Love is a trap
13 Serge Gainsbourg Intoxicated man
14 Willy J. Charles Lionel Hampton and Orc Feelin'kind of lonesome
15 Frank El Pavo Hernandez  Lily's boogaloo
16 Lack of Afro  Lazy Lazarus (20.00 leagues)
17 Nina Zili feat Smoke Come il sole
18 Fred Darian  Strong man
X19 -Rays   Chinchilla

672 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 6      Franky  16-6-2017   21:00
1 Jennifer Wells   Dining In China Town
2 Gloria Lynn  Tower Of Strength
3 Cathy & Cookie  Hi Diddle De Diddle
4 Dean Martin  Captured
5 Joey Kingfisher  Did My Baby Call
6 Maxime Brown  Am I Falling In Love
7 Nelson Keene  Miracles Are Happening To Me
8 Paul Mauriat & Grand Orch Mes Yeux Sont Fous
9 Lulu Reed  Lovin 10 George Freeman  Down And Out
11 Deb Callahan  Way Down In The Hole
12 Ramsey Lewis  Spanish Grease
13 Steptones  Lonely One
14 Ray Jimenez  Leave Her Alone
15 Angels (the)  Would Without Love
16 Timiko          It's A Sin 17 Tutti Hill  He's A Lover
18 Joe Anderson   How Long Will It Last
19 Carol Vega  One Little Thing
20 Billy Larkin & The Delegates Agent Double-O-Soul

671 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 5         Sandra          9 -7-2017  21:00

1 Margie Rayburn Bobby Is My Hobby
2 Smokey Robinson & The Miracles  Determination
3 Patti Austin  Loosen Up Your Heart
4 Teddy & The Twilights  I’m Just Your Clown (1962)
5 Clyde Otis  Jungle Drums (1962) i
6 Les Surfs  If You Please (Pity Please)
7 Annette  Dreamin’ About You (1961)
8 Trini Lopez  Corazon De Melon (1963)
9 The Buttons  Popeye Does The Mashed Potatoes
10 Rocky Hart & The Passions  Baby You’ve Got It Made (1961)
11 Glenda Collins  Head Over Heels In Love (1961)
12 The Skatalites  Freedom Sounds i
13 Odessa Harris   A Rockin’ Good Way
14 Billy & Lillie  La Dee Dah (1958)
15 Wright Sisters  That’s OK
16 Spencer Sterling Jilted (1962)
17 Dionne Warwick I Smiled Yesterday (1962)
18 The Pentagons  I Wonder If Your Love Will Ever Belong
19 Georgia Gibbs  Keep In Touch (1958)
20 Johnnie Taylor  Rome (Wasn’t Built In One Day)
21 Clodagh Rogers  End Of The Line
22 Tony Middleton Unchained Melody (1960)
23 The Supremes  Your Heart Belongs To Me
24 Plato  Copy Cat i
SummerPopcorn 2017 # 4           James 1               2-7-2017 21:00
1             Jamie Coe                          I was the one
2             Buddy Lamp                      Promised land
3             Coby Dion                          Locked in the arms of love
4             James Carr                         Lovers competition
5             Jerry Jackson                    If teardrops were diamonds
6             Don Rondo                        Quiet girl
7             Ed Townsend                    Down home
8             Hank Parker                      Don't leave me  
9             Billy Ford                             This is worth fighting for
10           Cosmo                               Soft and pretty
11           Nino Rienz                         The Persian King ( inst )
12           The Accents                      Enchanted garden
13           Al Mc Carther                   His true love for you
14           Pat Thomas                       Stranger on the shore
15           Al Alberts                           Before Tomorrow is yesterday
16           Johnny Nash                     Don't take away your love
17           Johnny Rivers                   Poor side of town
18           Clark Terry & Chico O' Farrill        Spanish rice
19           Jimmy James & The Vagabonds Come to me softly. ( Caribian 
20           Big Maybelle                     Joshua fit the battle of Jericho
21           Little Johnny Truitt           Just the other day
22           The fabulous four              Fools destiny
23           Tony Williams                   When I had you
24           Johnny Nash                     Ol'man river
25           Maria Mason                    Please stay away
26           Teri Thornton                   Either way I loose
27           TheMarketts                     Bella Dalena( inst

669 Summer popcorn 2017 # 3    25-6-2017 samenstelling : Hans Salaets

1             King's IV  Summertime
2             Chuck Jackson  (It never happens) In real life
3             Denny Denson  Too long
4             Little Jimmy Ray   You need to fall in love
5             Unknown  Venus
6             Jr. Walker and the All Stars  How sweet it is to be loved by you
7             Millie   My man a sweet man
8             Rina Pia   Mon amour
9             Allen Wayne  Chills and fever
10           Shoji Yokouchi Quintet i  Summertime (instrumental)
11           Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra   Smiling
12           Dovells   36-22-36
13           Bobby Darin   Minnie the moocher
14           Alex Schultz and Raphael Wressnig  Pigmy
15           Caro Emerald   A night like this
16           Imelda May   Big bad handsome man
17           Eddie Harris  We are here
18           Orchestra Del Oro  Harlem nocturne

De tweede aflevering van Summer Popcorn 2017 is samengesteld door Franfy de Bergé

668 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 2  Franky 18-6-2017  
1 Junior Lewis  Which Way  
2 Bill Butler  Venus  
3 Janice Christian Just A Bad Thing  
4 Leo Maguire  Crying For The Moon  
5 Maureen Arthur  Don't Make The Angels Cry  
6 Oc Smith  On Easy Street    
7 Soulard Blues Band Pico  
8 Marion Stewart  I Must Be Losing You  
9 Crickets the  Little Hollywood Girl  
10 Dolph Prince  Nobody Understand Me  
11 Ed Bruce  I'm Gonna Have A Party  
12 Eileen Rodgers  Careful Careful  
13 Garrett Saunders A Day Or Two  
14 Fabulous Apollos The One Alone  
15 Billy Tircuit  I Confess  
16 Arthur Alexander  Anna (go to him)  
17 Dickey Lee  Travelin Man  
18 Bee Jays   I'll Find You  
19 Clarence Hill   A Lot Of Lovin Goin Round  
20 Hillard Street   Invisible Chains
De eerste aflevering is samengesteld door Sandra van der Hak.
667 SummerPopcorn 2017 # 1  
1. Dottie Clark  That's A Step In The Right Direction (1961)
2. Gene Chandler  Everybody Let's Dance, 2,16
3. The Tonettes  Oh What A Baby (1957)
4. Kenny Martin   Fever (1961)
5. San Remo Golden Strings I'm Satisfied (jaren ' 60), 2,06 I  
6.  Baby Washington  There He Is (1963), 2,58  
7.  The Impressions  Gypsy Woman (1961)
8. Barbara Green  A Lover's Plea (jaren '60),
9. Garnet Mimms  A Little Bit Of Soap (1966)
10. Dave Baby Cortez Summertime Cha Cha (jaren '60), 1,53 I
11. Tammy Montgomery  If I Would Marry You (1964), 2,42
12. LaVern Baker & Jimmy Ricks You're The Boss (1961), 2,16  
13.  The Donays   Devil In His Heart (1961)
14. Bobby Pedrick Jr.   Betty Blue Eyes (1958)
15. Carole King   Baby Sittin' (1958)
16.  Maximilian   The Twistin' Ghost (1962) I
17.  Jo Ann Campbell  A Kookie Little Paradise (1960)
18. The Shirelles   Twist And Shout (1963), 1,58
19.  Lou Johnson   If I Never Get To Love You (1962)
20.   Brenda Holloway  Operator (1965)
21. Ramsey Lewis Trio  Wade In The Water (1966), 3,46

Oudere lijsten  van  2017

666 Popcorncorner   28-5-2017 
1 Sophie Pascal  Tu es lá  (you were there)
2 Orhans the  Devil in her heart
3 Scotty Carrol  Tell me more
4 Razzy    I hate hate
5 Russ loader  To soon
6 Sue Thompson  Angel angel
7 Frankie Laine  Miss satan
8 Chuck Morro  Lover's roulette
9 Lou Josie and group  Talk to the angels
10 Derterminatios   Sweet night drew
11 Jane Morgan  Lord and master
12 Jimmy Donley   Forever Lilymae
13 Kiki Dee   There he goes
14 Vernon Harrell   Can't take the hurt
15 Wayne Dailey  Wreck of a man
16 Michel Louvain  La ville pleur
17 Valiants the   Lover lover
18 Jimmy James & Vagabounds A man like me
19 Donna Lee  You're leaving
20 Phil Phillips   Come back my darling
21 Tony Ronald  Summertime

665 Popcorncorner  21-5-2017 1
 Bessie Watson  I'm never alone
2 Mel Tillis  Say
3 Dick Rivers  Colline
4 Jim Newton  Wait til graduation day
5 Michael Dominico Now is the time
6 Little Linda   You know
7 Johnny Fuller  She's to much
8 Bobby Angelle  There goes my baby
9 Georgettes  A pair of eyes
10 Rangoons  the   Moon guitar
11 Keith Kelly  Listen little girl
12 Gene Vito  Undiscovered country
13 Robert & Johnny  Brown, petty brown eyes
14 Gordon McRae   The secret
15 Rick Vito  I loved another woman
16 Sunny and the Sunliners The one who's hurtin' is you
17 Billy Fury  I will
18 Georgia Lee  Johnny Angel
19 Cireco Blake   Should i go
20 Johnny Thunder   Dear John i'm going to leave you
21 Rudy Robinson trio  I want to have everything

664 Popcorncorner  14-5-2017
1 Rosa Lee   My heart
2 Moments and Whatnauts  Girls  (Franse vesie)
3 Juanita Williams  Baby boy
4 Richie Moreland  Please don't ask me
5 Transatlantics  Many things from your window
6 Arvettes the   Pledge of love
7 Philly Dawgs  Hello stranger
8 Julie Rogers  Play the music
9 Gary Von  Can you tell me why
10 Romeos inst Mucho Soul
11 Accents (feat Sandi) Then he starts to cry
12 Trends the  (to be) Happy enough
13 Phyllis McGuire  Run to my arms
14 Eric le Mans F Dis non
15 John Price   I'll better let her go
16 Invincibles  This is my story
17 Martha and the Vandellas My baby won't come back
18 Little D & the Harlems  Who's gonna pick up the pieces
19 Chet poison ivey  In a little while
20 Bill Pape   Tomorrow
21 Mar Keys the inst Last night

663 Popcorncorner  7-5-2017
1 Chymes the   Let's try it again
2 Billy Butler & the Four Enchanters  Lady love
3 Vinnie Monte   What's the matter with Marilyn
4 Cleveland Robinson Jr. A loaf of bread
5 Shirley Abicair   So goes love
6 Buttons   Pretty lil' lovelights
7 Gene Ross  Wondering 8 Gary Criss  I still miss you so
9 Fiestas   The railroad song
10 Mike Sharp  inst  Spooky
11 Platters The  Full moon and empthy arms
12 Sims Twins   Soothe me
13 Lenny Welch   It's just not that easy
14 Bob and Earl  Don't ever leave me
15 Bobbie Smith& the Dreamgirls  Now he's gone
16 Original Cadillacs I'll never let you go
17 Corsairs the   Time waits(for no one)
18 Billy Storm   Sure as you're born
19 Chains (Reuben and the ..) I can learn
20 Janiva Magness  I don't know
21 Electro tones (the) Ghost train

662 Popcorncorner  7-5-2017  21:00
1 Sonnettes (the)  Lonesome native girl
2 Imperials the  I'm still dancing
3 Jerry Jackson   Wide awake in a dream
4 Gene Pitney   Count the days
5 Arielle   Tu m'as devancée (you beat me ti the punch)
6 Bobby Bennett  Alone with my tears
7 Matadors the  Listen
8 Jamie Coe   I cried on my pilwow
9 Baby Washington         Let love go by
10 Prince Valiant & the Knights Front yard
11 Sonny Til & Orioles Hey! Little woman
12 Little Jerry Willams I'm the lover man
13 Claudia Sylva   On se dispute toujours
14 Vern Mcentire   The good with the bad
15 Kenny Lynch   What am i to do
16 Dianne Elliott   When he speaks
17 Merseybeats the  I think of you
18 Terry Phillips  Fear
19 Valiants the  Sorrow
20 Curtis Mayfiled  Power for the people
21 Wynton Kelly   It's alright

661  Popcorncorner  --  30 -4-2017   21:00
1 Amanda  Humphrey Power of love
2 Smokey Robinson & Miracles  I can take a hint
3 Johnny Oneil   Somebody just like you
4 Lesley Gore   Va tu sei libero
5 Ray Pollard   My girl and i
6 Derrick Harriott  Close to me
7 Janie Marden  Make the night a little longer
8 Lemmy B Good   I can't stop myself
9 Barbara Jean  Don't remind me of Tommy
10 Johnny Hartsman  inst  Sizzling
11 Benny Joy  Give me back my heart
12 Marcy Jo  Take a word
13 Kenny Dana   It's been so long
14 Tony Bordes  Counting on you
15 Dick Glaser   Heartaches over you
16 Johnny Chester  Last night was made for you
17 Jo Ann Campbell I ain"t got no steady date
18 Jacques Lepage  Avec toi
19 Gene Thomas  I'd rather not talk about it
20 Ken McDonalds  Teenage tears
21 Combo Latino inst Tema de Paso (Theme from Passing by)

 660 Popcorn Pasen 2017  16-4-2017    22:00
1 Barbara Mc Nair It happens every time
2 Al Saxon  If you want to go to dreamland
3 Ronnie Cord  He mister  Cupid
4 Solomon King  The man who ran away
5 Lee Maye   Total Disaster
6 Dick Jordan   Little Christine
7 Linda Kerby  Plus ford que tout
8 Billy Van  There goes that sound again
9 Crest    Tears will fall
10 Billy Larkin & the Delegates inst Soulful strut
11 Willie Kendricks Let me know
12 Royal Premiers  I can make it if i try
13 Marie Knight  Cry me a river
14 Bobby Ray & Cadillacs I saw you
15 Johnny Bragg   Is it true
16 Gene Vincent   Tear drops
17 Little Eva   Everything is beautiful about you
18 Tony Dallara I Bambina bambina
19 Tony Amaro   Please stay with me
20 Marv Johnson   Don't leave me
21 Volcanos inst Diane

659    Popcorncorner   16-4-2017  21:00
1 Donna Lynn   Navy blue
2 Ed Townsend  Stay with me (a little while longer)
3 Les Mercedes  Um um um um
4 Connie Van Dycke  Oh Freddy
5 Jimmy Griffin  Nei baci di un altro
6 Dale Ward   The fortune teller
7 Flamingos  Come on to my party
8 Noelene Batley  Forgive me
9 Mike Hurst  Any change for me
10 Ernie Freeman  Conquest
11 Crowd (the)  What else can i do
12 Susan Maughan  The verdict is guilty
13 Mandells (the)  True love is hard to find
14 Claudie Dorel  Petite soeur
15 Eddie Mannion   Just driftin
16 Kenny Chandler  It might have been
17 Baby Jane & the Rock a byes  Half deserted street
18 Dreamlovers (the)  Together
19 Lita Rosa  Stranger things have happened
20 Bruno Martino   Kiss me miss me
21 Skatalites  Lalibele

658   9-4-2017  
1 Patti La Belle and the Bluebells - Tear after tear
2 Billy Bland - Steady Kind
3 Junior Waters  -Turn away
4 Johnny Madara  -I kown , i know
5 Joey Brooks - Little girl
6 Mel Turner  -They killed the king
7 Jessy - Jamais tu ne m'oublieras
8 Barry Darvell  - Seek and you will find
9 Demetriss Tapp - What kind of girl
10 Don Costa orc & Chorus inst- Chi chi
11 The Capitols -  I'll drink a toast
12 Joe Hinton  - You Gotta have love
13 Benny Joy - Instead of me
14 The Webs - Dizzy Boy
15 Charles Perry  -How can i  (keep fron crying)
16 Mack Tubb - Tenderly I love you
17 Emperors - I've got to have her
18 Tides  -Little Carmen
19 Carolyn Crawford  -Forget about me
20 Billy Watson -  Get myself together
21 Bill Butler inst -Just for tonight

657 Popcorncorner Lente 2017    26-3-2017  
1 Glenda Collins- In the first place\
2 Lize Marke- Als het weer lente is
3 Jeff Dana-  A boy can dream
4 Little Milton- We're gonna make it
5 Craig Douglas-  From Russia with love
6 Tony  Seymour & Night beaters- Stand by me
7 Lee Moses- Reach out i'll be there
8 Johnnie Ray- You're here in my arms
9 Leon Haywood- Cotton song
10 Popcorn Orchestra-Goin to a happening
11 Chris Farlowe- Don't play that song
12 Ruby and the Romantics- Baby come home
13 Danny Hargrove- Don't want your cryin'
14 Clyde Mcphatter-Ta ta
15 Denise Brousseau-J'ai peur
16 Jenny Lee & the Starlets-What i gotta do
17 Norm Richards- Please don't make me blue
18 Dominique Michel-Tu ne penses qu' á ca
19 David Thorne-  Don't let it get away
20 Benny Turner- Come back home
21 Willy Schobben- The lonely bull

Zondag 12 maart met Franky de Bergé te gast in de Popcorncorner
Popcorncorner 656A en 656B
01- Buddy Greco - The Magic Of A Girl
02- Trio By Heppinstall - Sweetheart
03- Willie Williams - Hoog Tussen Sterrenpracht
04- Simon Junior - My Love
05- Mimis Plessas & The Orbiters - Karagouna
06- Sam Baker And Nacy Cohen - Once Upon A Time
07- Hank Parker - Why Don't You Call It At Day
08- Buddy Clinton - It Hurts
09- Jess Conrad - Every Breath I Take
10- Rosemary Clooney - I Will Follow You
11- Jerry Cole - Land Of Dreams
12- Jimmy Crawford - Our Last Embrace
13- The Darrells - So Tenderly
14- Del Marino - I'll Never Be The Same
15- Danny Williams - The Wild Wind
16- Albert Washington - A Woman Is A Funny Thing
17- Jane Morgan - Lord And Master
18- Ricky Nelson - I Wanna Be Loved
19- Nick Noble - Hello Out There
20- Ray Peterson - Is It Wrong (For Loving You)
21- Margie Rayburn - Try Me
22- Roman Reed - Harlem Nocturne
23- Vikki Carr - Don't Talk To Me
24- The Royal Premiers - Who Am I Without Your Love
25- Les Mccann - Sad Little Girl
26- Don Orbison  Time
27- Ken Osborne  Would you laugh
28- The Toppes  Cammundo por sunset
29- Paul Sindab  I was a fool
30- Nana Mouskouri  My heart won't listen to me
31- Helen Shapiro  Fever
32- Susan Maughan  She's new to you
33-Tony Sheveton  Dance with me
34-Tony Mitchel  Candle in the wind
35-Karen Small   To get you back again
36-Oscar Mclollie  Ignore me

655 Popcorncorner   26-3-2017   21:00
Ervinna   Please Mr Po-stman ( Chinese versie )
Barbara Kay   Someone has to cry (why must i)
Jerry Adriani   Querida
Alice Adams  The ballad of Ronnie
Frontiers the  I'm still loving you
Tony Robin  First kiss
Walter Jackson  I don't wanna suffer
Barbara McNair  What now my love 
Vince Riccio  Paradise found
Johnnie Ray  You're here in my arms 
Fantabulois Carousels the  Would yoy love me 
Lê Toán V  Et Pourtant
Tony Sheveton  Dance with me
Dottie and Millie  Talkin' about my baby
Strands the  Never
Techniques Band And i love her (Chinese versie)
Ken Mackintosh Orc Moonlight shuffle

654 Popcorncorner 26-2-2017  22:00
1 Tammi Terrell  Just too much to hope for
2 John Andrea  Come on in
3 Gi's the   Too much dreamin's no good
4 Nancy Wilson  No one else but you
5 Jerry Williams   I'm so lost
6 Lenny Welch  My fool of a heart
7 Lovelace Watkins Dreams
8 Sarah Vaughan  Let's
9 Chuck Wright   If i promise you
10 Wand R&B Ensemble Hand it over
11 George Mc Crae When i first saw you
12 Carl Henry Hall   (i pray for) A miracle
13 Tobi Lark   Challenge my love
14 Burt Jones  Une fille de partout (Soul boy)
15 Cathy Carroll   I don't wanna give you up
16 Ray Vance  Someone
17 Carol Hughes  Hello heartbreak
18 Dick Hafner   Go 'way tears
19 Barry Darvell  Seek and you will find
20 Boyd  Bennett  It's our night tonight
21 Popcorn Orchestra Goin to a happening

653 Popcorncorner  19-2-2017  
1 Cynthia & the Imaginations  Het Boy (I love you)
2 Al Collier   Who will take your place
3 V.I.P.'S  Strange little girls
4 Demons the   Going to the dance
5 Playmates the   She never looked better
6 Dolly & the Fashions   Just another fool
7 Little Hooks & Kings   Something that money can't buy
8 Chuck Collins   Your heart wasn't in it
9 Musique & the Lyrics  My love and life
10 Sam Taylor inst La playa
11 Johnny Mae Mathews & Group   I had no choice
12 Trilons  I'm the one
13 Melissa Manchester   A song for you
14 Dramatics the   Toy Soldier
15 Wade Flemons  Watch over her
16 Big John & Philidelphians  My love, my love
17 Deanna Kimball  Take me home
18 Little Milton  Can't hold back the tears
19 Climates the  Breaking up again
20 Billy Ford  This is worth fighting for
21 Boozoo Bajou  inst Satta

652 Valentine 2017  12-2-2017 
1 Barry Sisters the Our love is growing stronger
2 Edward Hamilton & the Arabians I love you so
3 Connie Francis  Valentino
4 Walter Jackson  Special love
5 Willis Sisters the The pretty one
6 Becky & Lollipops My boyfriend
7 Jerry Butler   Find another girl
8 Donays the   Bad boy
9 April Stevens   Lovin Valentine
10 Cookin on three burners Soul messin'
11 Ruby Andrews  Just lovin you
12 George Jackson  Tender love
13 Diane Leigh   Let love do the talking
14 Drew-Vels  I've known
15 Tommy Hunt  Lover
16 Otis Williams & his Charms I got lovin
17 Henrietta & the Hairdooz You got a lot to learn
18 Valentino's  Darlin come back home
19 Crume brothers the What am i going to do
20 Beverly Bremers I'll make you music
21 Earl van Dyke  All for you

651 Popcorncorner   12-2-2017    21:00
1 Mary Jo Trape  What would Johnny say
2 Barry Martin  The world is mine
3 Sheb Wooley   Meet mr. lonely
4 Burt Blanca F Baby c'est vous (Baby it's you -Shirelles)
5 Bunny Paul  I'm hooked
6 Jimmy Norman  This i beg of you
7 Carla Thomas  Little boy
8 Larry Tamblyn   Destiny
9 Bobby Womac  Gypsy woman
10 Charlie Chalmers  inst Poppin'
11 Alicia Adams  Oom Dooby Doom Lovey Dovey Sh'boom"
12 Inverts (the)  Lonely lover
13 Johnny Nash  Kisses
14 Nino Papas   Try again
15 Jan Burnette   Fool in love
16 Bobby Coleman  (Baby) You don't have to tell me
17 Robert Portee  Casanova
18 Vi Redd  Your love is like the wind
19 Tony Cosmo  Wise to you
20 Solomon Burke   Keep the magic workin
21 Mood Mosaic  A touch of velvet

650        Popcorncorner                   29-1-2017

1             Delores Hill                        What he used to tell me

2             Playboys the                     How can you forget

3             Irene Reed                        For us tomorrow is

4             Azie Mortimer                  Lips

5             Les Dalcos & Claude Steben         Tu ne savais pas

6             Corki Ray                            Whirwind

7             Carl Dobkins Jr                  Genie

8             Bill Giant                             Better let her go

9             George de Witt                  Come closer to me

10           Bill Black's combo            inst        Turn on your love light

11           Arthur Epps                       Baby these are the things i need

12           Jelly Beans (the)               I'm hip to you

13           Frederica                            Rien ne me reste

14           Garrett Saunders             A day or two

15           Charles Perry                    How can I

16           Robert Earl                         The wonderful secret of love

17           Freddie Scott                    Mr heartache

18           Chambers Brothers the  What the world needs now is love

19           Tangeers                            Let my heart and soul be free

20           Fausto Cigliano                 L'ultima luna

21           Boozoo Bajou   inst        Satta

649       Popcorncorner                                  22-1-2017

1             Rita Pavone                       He's got everything

2             Arthur Prysock                 Our love will last

3             Wilson Picket                    I can't stop

4             Jamie Horton                   There's my love

5             Frankie & Johnny                            I'll hold you

6             Steve Lawrence                              I'm making the same mistakes again

7             Cleo Laine                           It looks they're in love

8             Terry Black                         Say it again

9             Parakeets                           I want you right now

10           Banny Price        inst        Monkey see monkey do

11           Edd Henry                          Your replacement is here

12           Jimmy Holland                  I can't wait

13           Dee Dee Sharp                                The night

14           Marv Johnson                  Magic mirrow

15           Tony Bruno        slow      Small town bring down

16           Patsy Ann Noble             F             Cést drôle les rêves

17           Rickochets (the)                              House of broken hearts

18           Monique                            If you love me

19           David Thorne                    Tiny little ants

20           Knock Robyns (the)                       That's the way it is

21           Los Xochimilcas                                And i love her

648         Popcorncorner                            15-1-2017    21:00

1             Demetriss Tapp                 Let go of my heart

2             Billy Quarles                      Quit bringing up what i've done wrong

3             Kathy Kirby                        Oh darling how i miss you

4             Carl Henry Hall                  (I pray) for a miracle

5             Stevie Wonder                 Lois

6             Eugine Pitt & Group       Everyday is like a year

7             Christophe                         Cristina

8             Ron Holden                       I tried

9             Nick Charles                      The right girl

10           Frivolous Five                    The lonely bull

11           Cilla Black                            Suffer now i must

12           Ray Campi                          Sweet woman blues

13           Truly Smith                        My smile is just a frown (turned upside down)

14           Little Peggy March          Te ne vai

15           The Reflections               Talkin' 'bout my girl

16           Cindy Devereaux            Sing on baby

17           Frontiers (the)                  I just want you

18           Juliana                                 You're saying goodnight

19           Scott Brothers (the)             Love me tendely

20           Denna Johnson                            There's gonna be showdown

21           Enoch Light and the light brigade      Mack the knife

643 Popcorncorner 11 dec 2016 (zangeressen uit Nederland en België

1 Liliane Saint Pierre Verboden wensenl
2 Brigitte & the Fire strings Een droom
3 Conny Fabry Koningin van een nacht (Queen for tonight)
4 Terry Lamo 24 Duizend zoentjes
5 Reggie van de Burg Eenzaam op het Leidscheplein
6 Nelly Wijsbek Heel mijn hart
7 Lily Vincent Al wat de zee
8 Tonia Ik heb heimwee naar jou
9 Rina Pia Ik wacht
10 Willeke Norman Norman
11 Annie De Reuver Diep in mijn hart
12 Wendy van Wanten Wie weet hie (Blue Bayou)
13 Liz Larsson Vaya con dios
14 Dalida Speel niet met mijn hart
15 Liza Marke Mijn lied voor jou
16 Sylvia Vartan Het is voorbij
17 Ria Valk Adieu, vaarwel goodbye
18 Jo Leemans Buenas noches mi amor
19 Wilma Een suikerspin

644 Popcorncorner 18-12-2016

1 Debbie Rollins - Who care what people say

2 Jimmy Griffin - Marie is movin

3 Mary Wells - Two lovers (alt take)

4 Sonny Forest - Now that i'm lonely

5 Alan Bruce - I feel better

6 Connie Haines - What's easy for two is so hard for one

7 Ronnie Wilson - Boy in a crowd (2e take)

8 George Hamilton - Don't envy me

9 Ria Bartok - Tu la revois (He's in town)

10 Eddie Cano & Nino tempo - King kong

11 Eddie Perrell - Hex (Shurfine)

12 Pacettes - Don't read the letter

13 Art Polhemus - Hey there mountain

14 Alan Price set - Any day now (My wild beautiful bird)

15 Trini Lopez - You belong to my heart (Spaans)

16 Danny Marino - Bald geh'n die lichter aus (It's a lonely town )

17 Tony Milton (Middleton) - Comin'home baby

18 Bryan Hyland - I'm afraid to go home

19 Dog Bagby at the Hammond org - Mr Hippy


642 4-12-2016 22;00

1 Toni Fisher - Love is just a word

2 Johnny Tillotson - I rise i fall

3 Jerry Goldsmith (orc & Chorus) - You've gotta let me go

4 Harry Middlebrooks - Two tickets and a candy heart

5 Mel Anton & Checkers (the) - Don't treat me this way

6 Gerri Granger - Just tell him Jane said hello

7 Siluete - Noc za ljubav (Whit a girl like you)

8 Ema Damia - Toi aussi

9 Gerarld Sims & Daylighters (the) - Cool Breeze

10 Soul runners (the) - Spreading'honey

11 Arthur Prysock - Love me

12 Claudine Cardin - Pleure Seule

13 Bobby Vee - Please don't ask about Barbara

14 Paula Watson - Love me forever

15 Johnny Gilliam - Find yourself another

16 Tyler Karr - Please don't hurt him

17 Dee Clark - Don't walk away from me

18 Rene & Alligators - I cant wait

19 Toots Thielemans - Indian nut

641 4-12 2016 21:00

1 JJ Jackson -Let the show begin

2 Johnny Nash- What kind of love is this

3 Andy Rose- Wondrous place

4 Carlos Gonzaga- Oh Carol (Potugese)

5 Etta James- Dream

6 Robin Ward- I could have danced all night

7 Bobby Comsstock- Just a piece of paper

8 Mary Ann Fisher- Foreven more

9 John Bowie- You're gonna miss a good thing baby

10 Starlighters (the)- Creepin'

11 Mary Wells- At last

12 Serenades (the)- Two lovers make one fool

13 Jimmy James- I love you Shirley

14 Billy Hambric- I gotta find that girl

15 Louis Cordet- Dix mille fois

16 Rosa Lee- My heart

17 Jimmy Ricks- Oh! What a feeling

18 Januari Jones- In this world

19 Jumping Jewels- Gost riders in the sky

640 Popcorncorner 27-11-2016 21:00

1 Francis Lark & Superbs - Hold back the dawn

2 Bobby Brinkley -The guy with the car

3 Debbie Rollins - My Johnny doesn't come around

4 Jimmy Thomas - Hurry & come home

5 Miki Jevremovic - Bili smo deca (Sealed with a kiss)

6 Marva - Waar kan ik heen

7 Oscar Perry - Sittin here crying

8 Anna King - Big Change

9 Smokey Robinson & Miracles - A love she can count on

10 Andrea Tosi - La sorella di Christine

11 Claude Valade - Ca recommence (The big hurt)

12 Jimmy Radcliff - My ship is coming in

13 Erma Franklin - What kind of girl do you think i am

14 Jimmie Williams -Trade my soul to the devil

15 Rosa Lee - My heart

16 Corsairs feat. Jay 'Bird' Uzzell - Dancing Shadows

17 Paul Moraitis - Le Secret

18 Kevin McQuinn - Adventure

19 Mr Acker Bilk -Perhaps perhaps perhaps

639 Popcorncorner 20-11-2016 21:00
1 Diane Ray - My summer love
2 Solie Celleror - Party time
3 Emanuel Lasky - Lucky to be loved (by you)
4 Sweet Jeena & the Roomates - Oh senorita
5 Bobby Sharp - Baby girl of mine
6 Anna King - I don't want to
7 Johnny Starr - Marizina
8 Larry Weiss - I don't know myself anymore
9 Dick Rivers - Ton nom
10 Sam Butera - The boulevard of broken dreams
11 Kenny Chandler - It might have been
12 Tammi Terrell - Hold me oh darlin
13 Jamie Coe - I cried on my pillow
14 Andy Tielman - My special prayer
15 Lou Monte -1956- Elvis for presedent
16 Senators -1961- There's a new man in the white house
17 Little Jo Ann - My daddy is president
18 Janie Grant - Peggy got engaged
19 Bill Butler -Just for tonight

638 13-11-2016 21 00

1 Contessas Hard guy to please

2 Titus Turner Coralee

3 Baby Washington Your fool

4 Randy & Rainbows I'll be seeing you

5 Jimmy and James Wrong number

6 Billy Storm Please don't mention her name

7 Barbara Ruslin Can't believe in miracles

8 Romeos (the) Two of the chosen few

9 Roy Hamilton I Tonero con te

10 Dave Apollon Meadowland

11 Jimmy Burns Forget it

12 Intimates (the) Only girl for me

13 Gene Chandler You throw a lucky punch

14 Vince Wayne I'm sorry i made yoy cry

15 Bobby Solo D Bon giorno signorina

16 Dusty Springfield Spooky

17 Johnny Rivers You better move on

18 Peter Beil D Einsam geh ich durch die dunkle nacht

19 Jerry & the Landslides Green fire

Afl 637 Was de Halloweenmix 2016 van Hans Salaets


Deel 2: 23 okt 22:00 en 30 oktober 21:00

Miss Toni Fisher The Big Hurt (1959)

Dave Baby Cortez Rinky Dink (1962)

Chubby Checker The Girl With The Swinging Derrière

Tuesday Weld Are You The Boy

Major Lance Um, Um, Um

Dean & Jean Silly Little Girl

Guy Mitchell 99 Years

Gale Garnett Ne Me Parlez Pas De Lui

Five Counts Watermelon Man i

Jimmy Frey Yet I Know

Margaret Whiting Hot Spell (1958)

Steve Rossi Subito

Mary Wells You Beat Me To The Punch

Perez Prado My Roberta i

Bobby Moore & The Rhythm Aces Searching For My Love(1966)

Yvonne Caroll Please Don’t Go

Pierre Lalonde Louise

Eddie Holland Jamie

Cliff Richard Angel

El Chicano Viva Tirado i


Deel 1: 16 oktober 22:00 en 23 oktober 21:00

Evie Sands The Roll (1963)

Patsy Ann Noble It's Better To Cry Today

Kenny Lynch Poof (Up In Smoke)

The Donays Bad Boy (1961)

High Keys Qua Sera Sera (1963)

The Funky Lloyd Price Orchestra Oh, Pee Day (1960)

Baby Washington Hey Lonely One (jaren' 60)

Jerry Butler The Wishing Star (1962)

The Miracles Shop Around (Canadian Version)

The Bobbettes Mr. Johnny Q (1960)

Plato Copy Cat (1963)

The Shirelles Celebrate Your Victory

Barbara George The Recipe (For Perfect Fools) (1962)

Gene McDaniëls It's A Lonely Town

Jacques Denjean Dans La Nuit (1960)

Dee Dee Sharp The Night

Bobby Rydell Frenesi

Jackie Shane Any Other Way (1962)

Julie & The Desires Kiss & Tell

634 12 jaar Popcorncorner 16-10-2016 21:00

1 Alex Hassilev - Young man
2 Dick & Dee Dee - Sha la la
3 Robin Ward - Today I feel in love
4 Clyde Wilson - Go to him
5 Scotty Carrol - Tell me more
6 Bunny Sigler - For cryin' out load
7 Laura Vanel - Reviens je ne veux que toi
8 Johnny Darrow - Fools paradise
9 Doris Troy - No one is perfect
10 Spencer and Spencer - Brass wall
11 Danny Beline & Dwellers - Little lonely girl
12 Tony & Tyrone -Crossroads of love
13 Benny Turner -ou gonna miss me (when I'm gone)
14 Sylvia St. Claire - ring back yesterday
15 Four tops - Walk away Renee
16 Kenny Gamble - You don't know what youve got until you loose it
17 Connie Francis - Colombino
18 Chantels (the) - Never let go
19 Roger Willams - Born free

633 9-10-2016 21:00
1 Brenda Hollaway-A favor for a girl
2 Kim Charney-Sugar coated lies
3 Billy Keen- (That Little) Angel
4 Wade Flemons-Whats happening
5 Milt Grayson-Your old stand by
6 Johnny Maestro-She's all mine alone
7 Parakeets-Love you like i do
8 Jimmy James and the Vagabonds-Come to me softly
9 Suzanne Gabriello-Z' avez pas lu Kafka
10 Dave Baby Cortez-Soulville express
11 Charlie Rich-Lady love
12 Alain Barriere-Dov'en tu (Emporte Moi)
13 Bobby Byrd-Time will make a change
14 Barbara Mc Mair-Steal away tonight
15 Satintones (the)-I know how it feels
16 Dreamlovers (the)-Together
17 Gene Chandler-From day to day
18 Donna Loren-I'm gonna be allright
19 Bronx river park way-Nora se va

632 2-10 -2016 21:00 uur

1 Margie Joseph - One more chance
2 Mike Hurst - Look in you eyes
3 Carl Sims - I like this place
4 Duffy Power - If i get lucky someday
5 Donna Dee - Nobody's gonna hurt you
6 Bulldogs - What di i see
7 Sevilles (the) - Treat you right
8 Tonny Rich - Don't mention her name
9 France Gary - Be my girl
10 JT's Rhytm Band - My sweet baby
11 Ane Brun - Crawfish
12 Johnny Barnes - Nothing without your love
13 Jerry Wallace - Eyes
14 Michael Dominiconow - Is the time gone
15 Kenny Roberts - Say, do you mean it
16 Merv Griffin - Love story
17 Chet Poison Ivey - In a little while
18 Debbie Burton - Baby, it's over
19 Dick Glasser & co -In the sunshine days

631 Girls of summer 2016 25-9-2016 21:00
1 Jessica James and the Outlaws - Come closer
2 Sylvia Hill - No more heart
3 Yvonne Elliman - Hello stranger
4 Ruby Jean - Roving girl
5 Mer-lyn - Promise
6 Connie Francis - Whatever happened to Rosemarie
7 Angels - You should have told me
8 Virginia Lee - Quando io pence a te
9 Wright Sisters - That's ok
10 Pat Lundy - You hit me where it hurt
11 Joytones - This love that i'm giving you
12 Dee dee Ford - Just like a fool
13 Gale Garnett - Forget it
14 Violeta Rivas - La tierra (Chariot)
15 Penny sisters - Why an i so shy
16 Willeke Alberti - I dream of you (die zomerdag)
17 Ann Cole - Nobody but me
18 Ester Philips - Just say goodbye
19 Alberta Weeks - Forget me not

630 18-9-2016 21:00

1 Jeannie Robertson - Memories

2 Dave Crawford - Millionaire

3 Orlons (the) - Too strong to be strung alone

4 Denise Brousseau - J'ai peur (I will)

5 Earther Doss Jr - She's got my name

6 Louise Cordet - Loving baby

7 Darrell Howe - I make wish

8 Marvel Hurrell - Don't play with my heart

9 Petula Clark - Ever been in love

10 Jumping Jewels (the) - Mexico

11 Mary Sewrey - Those memories of you

12 Opals (the) - No no never again

13 Barbara Brown (with George Smith) - So i love

14 Malcom Dodds - Key to happiness

15 Jack Hammer - Melancholy baby

16 Bobby Stevens - Forget me not

17 Varetta & The Thomases - Fly by night

18 Dalada - Je t'aime (I'ts over)

19 Moonriders (the) - Där näckrosen blommaer

629 11-9-2016

1 Sylvia & The Blue Rays - Put me in the mood

2 Lenny Welch - My fool of a heart

3 Cleftones - Do you
4 Eddie Mannion - Quiet Girl
5 Patti Lynn - Big big love
6 Dee Clark - I don't need nobody like you
7 Tiger Boys - Kiss of an angel
8 Ann Christy - Gelukkig zijn
9 Eric Salvet - Nathalie
10 Funk Brothers - Don't mess with Bill (live)
11 Trini Lopez - Quizas Quizas Quizas
12 Nerious Joseph - Cos I'm black
13 Volumes (the) - That same old feeling
14 Nelson Keene - Image of a girl
15 Anne Kern - Tant pis tant pis entre donc (Come on in)
16 Lonely ones (the) - When lovers part
17 Don Fredericks - A little bir of soap
18 Rita Moss - Exactly like you
19 Tajardo y su Charanga - Batman boogaloo

628 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 9 4-9-2016
1 Lloyd Charmers - Summer time
2 Lydia O’Connor - Nobody wants you - (When you're down and out)
3 Marilyn Brown - Fortune in love
4 Tom Jones - If he should ever leave you
5 Edd Byrnes - Kookie's mad pad
6 James Hunter Six - Heartbreak
7 Art Polhemus - Hey there mountain
8 Hal Prince - The very thought of you
9 Lorne Gibson - What kind of love is this
10 Antidoping - Summertime
11 Raymond Harper and the Melody Makers - Safari
12 Bill Pinkney - Don't call me
13 Gianni Jalenti - Non l'ascotar (Don't talk to him)
14 Chris Farlowe - Who can i turn to
15 Criterions - Island fever
16 Billy Butler - Does it matter
17 Kay Starr - Well i ask ya
18 Cesars Salad - Afrolypso

627 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 8 – 28.08.2016 21:00

01 - La Familia - Mary Lou (Summertime)

02 - Eddy Raven - Misery

03 - For Real - Born to love that boy

04 - Donna Marie - Just one look

05 - Raymond Lefevre - La passionnata

06 - Edd Byrnes - The kookie cha cha cha

07 - Margie Mills and the Executives - Knock on any door

08 - Plums (Doris med Plums) - Mama didn't lie

09 - Billy Joe Royal - Mama didn't raise no fools

10 - Joe Loco - Summertime

11 - Skatalites - Burru Style

12 - Benny Turner - When i'm gone

13 - Geronimo - Cleopatra

14 - Frank Ifield - What a way to start the day

15 - Ray Tchicoray et son Ensemble - Esmeralda

16 - Jerry Butler - You can run (but you can't hide)

17 - Len Barry - 1-2-3

18 - Dany Montano - La playa

Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 7 – 21.08.2016

01 - Rosalie Du-Pree - Summertime

02 - Carol Montgomery - Love is better than ever

03 - Bobby Curtola and the Martells - Gypsy heart

04 - André Marcoux - Sophie (Adonis)

05 - Alan Haven - The odd couple

06 - Bobby Sitting and the Twisters (aka Freddy Sunder) - Love me warm and tender

07 - Dedications - I ain't a bit sorry

08 - Johnny Tillotson - More than before

09 - Michael Landon - Linda Is Lonesome (Bonanza Version)

10 - Joe Beck - Summertime

11 - Roland Alphonso - Bongo tango

12 - Rhythm Rascals and Bebbie Boy Butch - Why do you have to go

13 - Violeta Rivas - La Tierra (Chariot - I will follow him)

14 - Louis Neefs - Sixteen Tons (latere versie)

15 - They Might Be Giants (TMBG) - Minimum Wage

16 - Freedonia - Dreaming about you

17 - Michelle Willson and the Evil Gal Festival Orchestra - Think about me

18 - Denny Dugan - The shoop shoop song (I'ts in his kiss)

19 - Los Aragon - Balboa triste

625 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 6 14.08.2016

01 - Lana Bittencourt - Summertime

02 - Jessica James and the Outlaws - Come closer

03 - John Gary - Forget it

04 - Gary Griffin and the Top Ten - Think nothing about it

05 - Patriots - Walkin’ on air

06 - Heatwaves - What price for love

07 - Hugh Laurie - Unchain my heart

08 - Impressions - Rhythm

09 - Johnny Dunn - False pride

10 - Unknown - Summertime

11 - Bongo Man (Byefield) and Roland Alphonso - Tango man

12 - Joy(-)tones - This love (that i'm giving you)

13 - André Marcoux - Il est trop tard (pour toi et moi) (Point of no return)

14 - Marvin Gaye - A chance with you

15 - Doc Bagby - Rubberneck

16 - Michael Dominico - Now is the time

17 - Little Benny - Une fille

18 - Sammy Turner - Always

19 - Ray Conniff - Beyond the sea

624 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 5 7-8-2016 21:00

01 - Jill Scott and George Benson - Summertime

02 - Johnny Desmond - Hawk

03 - Virginia Vee - Quando io pense a te

04 - Jay and the Shufflers - Always be mine

05 - LeRoy Holmes - I wanna be a James Bond girl

06 - Marvel Harrell - Don't play with my heart

07 - Eddie Bo - The river of tears

08 - Gil Bernal - The dogs

09 - Johnny Earle and the Jordenaires - Suspicion

10 - Armand Canfora - Summertime (

11 - Eric Monty Morris - Solomon a Gundy

12 - Gary Von - The moment after

13 - Willeke Alberti - I dream of you (Die zomerdag)

14 - Jay Lewis - Should i come back

15 - Ramsey Lewis - Why don't you do right (instrumental)

16 - Champagnes - Crazy

17 - Dusty Wilson - This funny feeling

18 - George Hudson - Cry to me

19 - They Might Be Giants - Minimum Wage (kortste popcorninstrumental ooit)

623 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 4 31.07.2016 21:00

01 - Die Zorros - Summertime

02 - Craig Douglas - Silly Boy

03 - George Gee and the Jump Jive and Wailers - You're the boss

04 - Earl Grant - Work song

05 - Sam Wright Group - Green Onions

06 - Willeke Alberti - Die zomerdag

07 - Little Milton - Who's cheating who

08 - Lloyd Nolan - I don't know about you

09 - Pat Lundy - You hit me where it hurts

10 - Meirelles e Os Copa 7 - Summertime

11 - Rolando Alphonso and his Soul Bros. - Train to Skaville

12 - Gene Middleton and the Sole Survivors - Stop where you are

13 - Karel Gott - Kdybych nebyl

14 - Gary Von - Can you tell me why

15 - Lpt's - Mo Soul

16 - Marty Valentine aka Ronnie Saxon - Turning to you

17 - Gallahads - Barracuda

18 - Gil Bernal - The dogs

19 - Ramsey Lewis - Why don't you do right

622 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 3 17-7-2016

01 Astronauts - Summertime
02 Chuck Willis - Whatcha gonna do when your baby leaves you
03 Little Caesar and the Romans - Fever
04 Little Jimmy Brown - Tell it like it is
05 Cesare Marchini - Blue moon cha cha cha
06 Charlie Mc Coy and the Escorts - I'm ready
07 Johnny MacRae and the Tag-Alongs - Whoever you are
08 Vic Dana - When a boy falls in love
09 Smokey Robinson and the Miracles - Whatever Makes You happy
10 Larry Williams and Johnny (Guitar) Watson - Summertime
11 Mungo's Hi Fi - Unknown ska
12 Angels - You should have told me
13 Benny '' Road Man '' Jones - Ain't gonna let you go
14 Ann Cole - Nobody but me
15 Ted Heath - Bombay duckling
16 Freddie Hughes - Let our love go on
17 Gale Garnett Forget - It
18 Virginia Vee - Quando io pense a te

621 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 2 17 07.2016 21:00

01 - Pat Hervey - Summertime (andere versie als op aflevering 412)

02 - Don Ellis and the Royal Dukes - Blue fire

03 - Henry Richardson - She loves to party (Elois label)

04 - Gil Monti - You know what i like

05 - Watts 103 Rd Street Rhythm Band - Bumpin' on sunset

06 - Yvonne Elliman - Hello Stranger

07 - Willows (aka Five Willows) - Sit by the fire

08 - Unforgettable Ink Spots (feat. Doc Pittman) - Mark my words

09 - Tymes - Street talk

10 - Cathedral City Project and Ike Stubblefield - Summertime

11 - Mungo's Hi Fi with Marina Peloso - Unknown (ska) - 3 versies - Divorce a l'Italienne (zang Marina P.) - Ranking Joe I love jah - Ska dubplate

12 - Frank Sinatra - Downtown

13 - Tony Sandler - Vier kleine schuhe (Four little heels - Clickety clack)

14 - Sylvia Hill - No More Heart

15 - Gene Ammons - Moito mato grosso

16 - Fred Hughes - Let our love go on

17 - Gallahads - Barracuda

620 Summer Popcorn 2016 - aflevering 1 10.07.2016 21:00

01 - Adam Faith - Summertime

02 - Ji Auburn - Push sweep

03 - Ruby Jean - Roving girl

04 - Maxayn - The finger points to you

05 - Bill Doggett - The sparrow

06 - Chance Eden - You'd better go by

07 - Arin Demain - You don't have to cry anymore

08 - Barry Young - Why

09 - C. Henry Hall - I believe

10 - Billy Longstreet Sextet - Summertime

11 - Wailers - Hooligan ska

12 - Dee Dee Ford - Just like a fool (i keep hurtin')

13 - James Brothers - Rote rosen (Pretty blue eyes)

14 - Five Satins - You can count on me

15 - Harry Harden and his Orchestra - Classic cha cha cha (LP Kapp)

16 - Gene Chandler - Miracle after miracle

17 - Henry Richardson - Dancing girl

18 - Ike Cole and the Hank Levine Orchestra - I love you Ida (sweet as apple cider)

19 - Xavier Cugat - Hang on sloopy (Decca)

619 26-6-2016 22:00

1 Candye Kane I didn't listen to my heart

2 Modern Redcaps I couldn't care less

3 Billy Keen (That little) Angel

4 Dolores Rodell Mister make believe

5 Johnny Stevens Ask for me

6 Carry Grant & the Grandeurs Take all my life

7 Johnny Nash Ol' man river

8 Nicola Anigliano 20 kilometri al giorno

9 Frankie Laine Meet me half way

10 Jumping Jewels (the) Night people

11 Freida Boccara F Le soufle de ma vie (Every breath i take)

12 Key Howard My angel baby

13 Manhattans I wanna be

14 Louise Cordet Loving baby

15 Patti Drew Workin'on a groovy thing

16 Johnny Durain Someday i'll get over you

17 Freddie Scott ft Mary Mayo When the wind changes

18 Carlos Gonzaga Oh Carol (portugese)

19 Magic Sam Trying to make it

618 Gipsy Special 16-6-2016 21:00

1 Major Lance - Gypsy Woman

2 Michael Cox -Gypsy

3 Deans (the) - Lady of the caravan

4 Rosco Gordon - A little bit of magic

5 Lou Christie - The gypsy cried

6 Jerry Jackson - Gypsy eyes

7 Johnny Shand - Gypsy eyes of blue

8 Platters - Love , your magic spell is everywhere

9 Magic Circle - I was bewitched

10 Les Surfs, Joaquim al Violin - Be my baby

11 Bobby Curtola - Fortune teller

12 Lara Tan & The Trailers - Love potion No. 9 (Japans)

13 Clovers - Love potion #9 (take 16)

14 Teddy Randazzo -It's magic

15 The Gypsies - Diamonds, rubies , gold and fame

16 Fiestas (the) - The gypsy said

17 Billy Stewart - That old black magic

18 Lou Johnson - Magic potion

19 Cesare Manchini - Caravan cha cha cha

617 19-6-2016 21:00

1 Arlene Smith Good girls

2 Paul Anka Sylvia

3 Petula Clark La frontiera

4 Lou Jordan Just to look at yoi

5 Harptones (the) Devil in velvet

6 Miracles That's the way i feel

7 Chantal Kelly Je sais bien

8 Junior Lewis Where do i go from here

9 Candy Cole What's for dessert

10 Tony Osborne Orc Turkish koffie

11 Arthur Prysock What a difference a day make

12 Myrian Martin Un clin d'Oeil (Just one look)

13 Jimmy Hughes My loving time

14 Vic Damone Save a kiss

15 Vikki Carr You don't have to say you love me

16 Dells It's all up to you

17 Colin Cook & the Strangers Handsome guy

18 Herschel Thomas What's over is over

19 Jet Blacks (the) Suspicion

616 Soldiers Popcorn 12-6-2016 21:00

1 Major Lance Soldier boy

2 Shirelles Soldier boy

3 Mike Williams Lonely soldier

4 Johnny Deerfield Lonely soldier boy

5 Arthur Alexander Soldier of love

6 Toy Dolls Little tin soldier

7 La' Shell & Shelletts My soldier boy over there

8 Chantels Soul of a soldier

9 Johnny Burnette God country and my baby

10 Taxi gang (the) Soldier man rock

11 Laurie Sisters (the) The soldier boy

12 Gregory Isaacs Lonely soldier

13 Montells (the) Soldier boy im sorry

14 Chuck Jackson They don't give medals (to yesterday's heroes)

15 Singing Crusaders Soldier in Viet Nam

16 Earl Wright This soldier want to come home

17 Kitty Hawkins Good-bye to Viet Nam

18 Sammy Salvo Mushroom cloud

19 Rio Grandes Soldier take over

615 5-6-2016 21:00

1 Vivian Copeland - Chaos in my heart

2 Lou Christie - Little did i know

3 Mel Anton & the Checker's - Love is born

4 Bobby Lu Cure - I'll never fall in love again

5 Johnny Dollar (Jimmy Breedlove) - His eyes

6 Clark Richard - Come again

7 Jericho Brown - I'm watching you

8 Claudia Sylva -Je t'aime tendrement

9 Patty & The Emblems - Mixed up shook up girl

10 Jan Davis - Fugitive (met honden)

11 Skeeter Davis - Blueberry hill

12 Fabulous Denos - Once i had a love

13 King Floyd - Why did she leave me

14 Nelson Riddle ft Sue Lyon - Lolita ya ya

15 Al Elias - Now, baby, now

16 Timy Yuro - It'll never be over for me

17 Bobby Rio - Ask the lonely

18 Lamours - Love potion # 9

19 Raymond Lefevre - Theme from Exodus

614 29-5-2016 21:00
1 Barbara West -You're no good
2 Del Shannon -That's the love is
3 Billy Butler and the Chanters - My heart is hurting
4 Gale Garnett & The Gentle Reign - You've got to fall in love again
5 Marty Wilde - Hide and seek
6 Reggie Hall - You can think what you want
7 Candy Sparling - When he gonna kiss me
8 Charles Aznavour - Les Avonturiers
9 Four lads (the) - 555 times
10 Ramsey Lewis Trio - Up tight (Everything's allright)
11 Twinkle - A lonely singing doll
12 Frank Alamo - Hum hum hum
13 Sue Raney - Any old time of the day
14 Silhouettes - Not my baby
15 Harold Dorman- There they go
16 Harold Burage - Please love me
17 Play Boys (the)- How could you forget
18 Frankie Vaughan - Istanbul
19 Don & the Nocturne’s - Summertime

613 Jukebox girls 2 22-5-2016 21:00
1 Phyllis Newman The world of music
2 Edna Savage Maybe this year
3 Dinah Lee I'll forgive you then forget you
4 Madeline Bell Doing things together
5 Tracey Robbins This world without you
6 Shirley & & The Shirelles A most unusual boy
7 June Valli Looking at the world (trough a teardrop)
8 Jo Ann Garrett That little brown letter
9 Noeleen Batley A letter full of tears
10 Dee Dee Warwick Gotta get a hold of myself
11 Cindy Cole A love like yours
12 Barbara Middleton Come on back to me
13 Jeanie Sceen While the lovin'is good
14 Phyllis Smith I need somebody to love
15 Doris & Kelly Groove me with your lovin
16 Jayne Mansfield Little things mean a lot
17 Sandra Phillips When midnight comes
18 Ruby Winters Better
19 Shirley Matthews & the Big town girl Stop the clock

612 Jukebox girls 1 15-5-2016 21:00
1 Shirelles I might like it
2 Georgettes (the) Oh-oh-yes
3 Eileen Barton Sway
4 Betty Harris His kiss
5 Peaches (the) Baby think it over
6 Vicki Anderson My man
7 Half sisters (the) Forget where i live
8 Berna Dean Hello
9 Sandra Gale Hello heartbreak
10 Mary Love The hurt is just beginning
11 Ruby Winters I don't want to cry
12 Jean Campbell Where the boys are
13 Joyce Kennedy Does anybody love me
14 Barbara Mercer Call on me
15 Vivian Copeland Oh no not my baby
16 Jane Morgan Romantica
17 Billie Dearborn Friday child
18 June Conquest Take care
19 Jean King Don't say goodbye

611 Popcorncorner 8-5-2016

1 Mary Wells - Everlovin' boy

2 Mel Tillis - Say

3 Renée Martel - Johnny Angel

4 Little Robbie - I've got troubles on my own

5 Salem Travelers - Wade in the water

6 Johnny McKinney - The girl i left behind

7 Julie London - I'm coming back to you

8 Bryan Davies - Raincoat in the river

9 Satintones (the) -You cast a spell on me

10 Herman Griffininst - Uptight

11 Annie Brunet - A ta fenêtre

12 Larry Triderr - The hahaha song

13 Johnny Farnham - In my room

14 Chiffons (the) - I'm gonna dry my eyes

15 Sonny Hines - Look for me

16 Jaques Raymond - Will you care

17 Dreamers (the) - Love love love

18 Wayne Newton - I'll be with you in appleblossom time

19 Les Sagittaires - Coer brisé

610 Popcorncorner 1-5--2016

1 Becky & The Lollipops - My Boyfriend

2 Alvin Cash - Poppin' popcorn

3 Bobby Rydell - Two lovers

4 Tony Orlando - Love on your lips

5 Carla Thomas - Promises

6 Johnny Lion & Jumping Jewels - Forget him

7 Nevil Cameron - I Se te ne vai

8 Furys - Zing went the strings of my heart

9 Jack Hammer - Mean and evel me

10 Those Fantabulous strings - Baby don't go

11 Jean Pierre allane - Si tu t'en vas

12 Colin Cook & the Strangers - Handsome guy

13 De Strangers en Lina Core - Valentino (Dutch)

14 Supremes (the) - We couldn't get along without you

15 Bruno Mars - If i knew

16 Orlons - Too strong to be strung along

17 Black Rose - Only if i could (Thai)

18 Screamin Jay Hawkins - Stand by me

609 Popcorncorner 24-4-2016

1 Lorraine Silver -I know you'll be there

2 Sam Fletcher - I'd think it over

3 Narvel Felt - Lonely teardrops

4 La' Shell and the Shellettes - My solder boy over there

5 Earl Sinks - A little bit of heaven

6 Dani - Comme tu les aimes

7 Cascades - First love never die

8 Eddie Carr - Dirty old town

9 Dottie & Millie - Nothing in this world

10 Phil Upchurch Combo - Honest Injun

11 Cornell Blakely - You broke my heart

12 Oscar Perry - Big Sam

13 Maria Candido - Qui me dira

14 Temptations - My girl

15 Buzz Clifford - More dead than alive

16 Rusty Evans - Jack Hammer

17 Sarah Vaughan- A lover's concerto

18 Soul communicators - Those lonely night

19 El chicano - (Se Fue Mi) Chachita

608 Popcorncorner 17-4-2016

1 Susan King - You got me in a fix

2 Roy Orbison - Blue Angel

3 Merv Griffin - Love story

4 Donald Jenkins - Somebody help me

5 Dani - Comme tu les aimes

6 Dick & Dee Dee - Sha-la

7 Mickey Denton - The other side of Betty

8 Mr. T-Bone - Bring me back

9 Ronny Shannon - On way street

10 Tommy Castro Band - ain't gonna make that call

11 Gene Kennedy - Lonesome town USA

12 Majors (the) - He's a trouble maker

13 Jackie Edwards - I feel so bad

14 Diana Emond - Little by little

15 Kenny Price - Somebody told Mary

16 Colette Chevrot - Que toi

17 Kyu Sakamoto - Hats off to Larry

18 Sonny Oliver - Kee mo sabee

19 Mustangs - Perfidia

607 Cleopatra's Popcorn night 10-4-2016 21:00

1 Four Tophatters - One Arabian night

2 Bobby Capri - Cleopatra

3 Nino Rienzie - Persian King

4 Cee Cee Joy - Harry's harem

5 Rowdies (the) - The Camel

6 C Jay Tones - Cleopatra cha cha

7 Gene Pitney - Mecca

8 Delcos (the) - Arabia

9 Mark Wynter - Aladdin's lamp

10 Rockatones - The sheik and his harem

11 Tracey Dey -Teenage Cleopatra

12 Earl Davis and the Arabian knights - In Arabia

13 Ron De Salvo - No! no! Cleopatra

14 Eddie Holland - If Cleopatra took a chance

15 Rolf Harris - Tutankhamun

16 Jamie Coe - Cleopatra

17 Gerry Goffin - Sheik

18 Cabrians (the) - Dance Cleopatra

19 Salah Ragab & the Cairo Jazz band - Egypt strut

606 "Herhaling" Paas uitzending 2016 4-3-2016 21:00

1 Joanie Sommers - Never throw your dreams away

2 Ronnie Johnson - Love oh love

3 Milton Grayson - I love you much to much

4 Imperials (the) - I'm still dancing

5 Diane & Darlette - Just you

6 Eather Doss jr -I do anything

7 Hélene April - Je m'ennuie

8 Mr. T-Bone - Bring me back

9 Joe Tex - Heep see, few know

10 Fivetones - This old hammer

11 Jonna Gault -I'm never gonna cry again

12 Bobby Curtola - Many moons ago

13 Jimmy Mc Farland -Lonely lover

14 Ruth Brown - Say it again

15 Thierry Vincent - Merci merci

16 Peter Dane - Wens haar van Peter veel geluk

17 Pony-tails - Seven minutes in heaven

18 Bobby Cole - Before it's to late

19 Texas Rangers (the) -Bananas