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Popcorncorner 19 – 9 – 2021 2021
Roberta Wynn Dream boy
Phil Colbert Who’s got the action
Neil Scott It happened all over again
Beau Marks Stay with me
Dian James Some kind a wonderful
La Ragazza Del Clan Caro Johnny
Cary Chris I still miss you so
Al Alberts Heaven needed an angel
Charles Dell Lets tell him now
Pauli Hiltunen inst Katinka twist
Ania Lindblom sw Jag kan spa i dina ogon
Charlie Gracie Scenery
Jimmy Lee The big let down
Tony Rossini Nobody
James Brown Night train
Kenny and Moe I want to love you
Little Johnny Taylor Somewhere down the line
Bettye Swann I will not cry
Billy Mishel Paradise found
Jimmy Ives My fumbling heart
Earl Grant The Japanese Farewell song
Ariane 1 2 3
Dill Horton I wanna know
Singers the Just a little further
Frank Michael I A chi
Daryl Petty doo wop Flaming love
Supremes the Falling in love with love
Johnny Nash Ol”man river
Skip Cunningham The river’s run dry
Dick Glasser Heartaches over you
Funk Brothers It’s a shame
Mighty clouds of joy soul Mighty cloud of joy
Donnie Brooks Wishbone
Jean Brooks Tomorrow never came
Tams the Disillusioned
Robert Sanders & the Entertainers What i don’t see can’t hurt me
Ben E King Get in a hurry
Suzy Cope Kisses and tears
Kitt”n”Kory Across the moon
James Hunter six A Truer heart
Chris Farlowe Don’t play that song
Pat Galo and the High Lads Arabian camel walk

Popcorncorner 12 – 9 – 2021  Girls of Summer 2021
Della Rae Hurry up summer
Diana Ray My summer love
Marcy Joe What i did this this summer
Silvie Mora Summertime
Carol Hughes Hello heartbreak
Juanita Williams Baby boy
Chantelles the Another time another world
Quinto Sisters Summer nights
Babara Simpson Waiting for my baby baby
Love unlimited orchestra I’m falling in love with you
Helen Shapiro Sometime yesterday
Angeline Morrison Fool
Anna Lin My love without you
Carol Shaw Jimmy boy
Nancy Wilson Reach out for me
Floraine darlin I don’t know
Jamie Grant Peggy got engaged
Lesley Gore After he takes me home
Betty Johnson What’s the matter little girl
Sarah Cooke Please don’t go
Donays Devil in his heart

Beverly Harris Hotcha cha cha brown
Joanie Sommers Don’t pity me
Linda Layne Stay away from my baby
Julie Rodgers Without your love
Candy Sparling When’s he gonna kiss me
Margot Lefebre Amour excuse moi
Cathy Jean Canadian sunset
Melba Moore Does love believe in me
Betty O’Brien Is that tehe way you planned it
Marlina Mars The correct form
Yvette Hormer La playa
Big Mabelle Oh lord, what you are doing to me
Brenda Lee Do i worry (yes i do)
Gerri Granger Just tell him Jane said hello
Baby Washington It’ll never be over for me
Lynn Collins Wide awake in a dream
Marie Knight To be loved by you
Petula Clark Bye bye mon amour F
Mandy Storm I won’t you
Yvonne Carroll Please don’t go
Connie Francis Love bird

Popcorncorner Herfst 2021 05-09-21

Mandy Storm  I won’t tell
Billy Brown Crazy Heart
Laila Kinnunen Fin Tuhon rietä kuljen
Jimmy Mann Such a time
Brad Lundy (I’m at ) the breaking point
Diana Ray My summer love
Louis Neefs Christine
Jimmy Mc Farland Lonely lover
Craig Douglas Another you
Jerry and the Landslides inst Green fire
Kittens Is it over baby
Paul Dino That’s how i miss you
Glenn Yarbrough Summer sunshine
Mieko Hirota J (You don’t know) japans
James Robins I’ll be there
Guido Belcanto feat Naomi Sijmons (B) Johnny vergeet mij niet
Bobby Byrd Time will make a change
Cal Lampley inst Cha cha Chonia
Mel Tormé Lover’s roulette
Julie London I’m coming back to you
Funk Brothers inst Mercy mercy me

Karo Vallee F Je serai la
Barry & the Timberlanes Don’t go
Five Emprees the Hey lover
Bee Tchou F Ce garcon-la
Buddy Ace True love money can’t buy
Durand Jones and the Indications Too many tears
Intentions the Cool summernight
Wright sisters the Crazy over you
Johnny Maestro & the Crest The warning voice
Bill Evans inst Hotel International
Yana Ricco F L’amour
Fay Houser You bring the sun in the morning
Donna Hightower If you hold my hand
Gianni Jalenti I Sedice
Blue Diamonds the Ned Mona
Azie Mortimer Little playboy
Stevie wonder I Solo te, solo me, solo moi
Cesar Costa Negra Paloma
Wynn Cameron Where can i go
Amru Sani Tabasco
Ramsey Lewis inst Summer samba

Summer Series 2 29-08-2021 met de lijst van Hanny en Rober 17:00
Alpha Zoë Hello Stranger
Judy Stone Break My Heart
Milton Grayson It Ain't Necessarily So
Baby Washington It`ll Never Be Over For Me, Baby
Mary Christine Demande Moi Pardon
Brook Benton Revenge
Gene Pitney and Melba Montgomeers Don`t Pity Me
Enrique Guzman 100 Kilos de Barro - Spanish
Gloria Lynne You Don't Have To Be A Tower of Strenght
Donnie White Object of a Male
Stu Phillips & Ochestra The Tease
Julie Rodgers Wihout Your Love
Teddy Randazzo But You Broke My Heart
Jun Mayuzumi Makana Balato
Babs Tino Forgive Me (For Giving you Such a Bad Time)
Josy Nicole La Vie C'est Toi
Sam Fletcher I`d Think it Over
Claude Valade Sous une pluie d'étoiles
The Fleetwoods Lovers by Night Strangers by Day
Juanita Williams Baby Boy
Richie Adams Two Initials In a Heart
Yvonne Caroll Please Don't G
Barbara Simpson Waiting For My Baby Baby
El Chicano Cha Cita

Popcorncorner Summerserie met Cees 29-08-21 18:00
Impressions the Mistrel and queen
Techniques the Queen majesty
Manhattens the I’m the one love forgot
Uniques the Out of love (I’m the one love forgot
Tams Do i worry
Derrick Harriot Do i worry
Engelbert Humperdinck Talkin’love
Paragons Talkin love
Kenny Lynch Movin’away
Ken Boothe Moving away
Sonny Sinbad Emily
Gaylads Emily
Titud turner Young wings can fly
Johnny & the Attractions Young wings can fly
Chuck Jackson The prophet
Prince buster The prophet
Nat king cole Back in my arms
Heptones the Purple lights
Brook Benton Kiddio
Silvertones Kiddy-o
Popcorncorner 22 8-2021 Jaques
Left Arm Of Buddha Chachoo Cookie (remake)
Gloria Christian Basta Cha Cha (aangepast)
LaBrenda Ben It's Allright
Ronnie Love Always Be Good
Rene Geyer Comin' Home (aangepast short version)
Tito Ramirez Lonely Man
Larry Williams Love Charms (aangepast)
Marvin Phillips Patootie Pie
enny Joy – I Never Want To See You I Never Want To See You
Linda & The Pretenders Believe Me
Colman Brothers El Nino (greenwood rhythm coalition remix)
Richie Mandell Love Is Someting
Monorays Love (aangepast)
Rebecca Pan The Moonlite Village (chin
Top Notes the I Love You So Much
Elvis Presley Earth Boy (jackster remix)
Frankie Ortega Trio Spencer Stakes Out
Jackster & Farm Fresh Coconut Ska (remix)
Ford Eaglin My Head Is Spinning
Frank Popp Ensemble Just Say Goodbye
Squatter Boys Sound Of The Sphinx

Popcorncorner Datum 22-8-2021 Paul

Adam Faith Here’s another day
Al Alberts Only on Sunday
Alan Dale The valley of the moon
Ames Brothers Someone to come home to
Andre Williams I hate cha
Andy Anderson Chop Suey
Angeline Morrison Fool
Arthur Alexander Love me warm and thender
Artistics Loveland
Barbara Acklin After you
Barbara Jackson Big Man
Ben Rock , Calypso, Mambo Cha
Ben E Brown Ask the lonely
Ben E King Jamaica
Beverly Harris Hotcha Cha Cha Brown
Billy Barnes I’m coming to see you
Bobby Byrd I found out
Bobby Skel Kiss & run
Bobby Vee Sharing you
Bobby Wright Baby’s gone
Brenda Lee Do i worry ( yes i do)
Brenton Wood Little happy go lucky

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Popcorncorner Datum 15-8-2021 Ton 2
Mohawks the The Champ
Julie London I’m coming back to you
Florraine Darlin I don’t know
Jo Vally Dat ben ik
Les Blue Le p’tit clown de ton coeur (Cathy’s clown
Tony Michaels Love the live i live
Lesleie Uggams Nine’s wonderful
Hal Sandock Traum
David Bowie Volare (nel blu dipinto di blue
Billy Eckstine There’s a small hotel
John Altman Perfidia
Paul Robi Love your magic spell
Bobby Rydell It’s a sin to tell a lie
Lou Rawls Please let me be the first to know
Helen Shapiro Sometime yesterday
Stevie Wonder Solo te, solo me, solo noi
Bunny Paul Were only young ones
Wally Wiggins Sweeter than sweet
Melanie Fiona You stop my heart
Tony Ronald Verano
The Bar Keys Last night
Jaap Dekker Boogie sett Red sails in the sunset

Popcorncorner 887B 15-8-2021 Hans

Rafael Vazquez - Tiempo de verano ((Summertime)) (RCA) (italiaans)
Del Capris - Speak to me of love
Eartha Kitt- You're my man (RCA Victor 47-9525)
Dorsey Burnette - Good good lovin'
Bobby Solo - Al tuo amore non ci credo (instrumentaal 2017)
Connie Landers - Bobby's girl
Charlotte O'Hara - I don't wanna be the one (unreleased) (version #1) (Gold Star Studios) (1963)
Gerri Taylor - Come home i'm alone (Constellation C 154)
Gloria Rome - You won't be satisfied (until you break my heart) (Sunbeam 109)
Afro Blues Quintet Plus One - Summertime ((Summertime))
Jamaican Survivers - The way of no return
Bobby Bennett - Go on with your dancing
Jorge Conty - Cuandovere a mi chica (Amico mio) (cover van Gene Pitney - E quando vedrai la mia ragazza)
Van Morrison, Georgie Fame - Get on with the show
Monty Kelly - Tango bongo
Dove - Never let me go (Noriega 1010)
Joan Small - The big hurt
Julie Rayne - Straight to your arms
Los Mambo Jambo - Work song

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Summer Popcorncorner 886A Franky 8-8-2021

George Jackson & Dan Greer To me it’s storming
Kes Chin Don’t speak to me of love
Rger Douglas Teenagers forever
Jimmy Tarbuck Forget me not
Carl Snyder You beat me to the punch
Sergio Murilo My home town
Renée Martel Johnny angel
Rose Myake Nnamida no kawaku made
Durand Jones and the Indications Too many tears
Los Lobos It’ll never be over for me
Angel Rissoff What kind of fool
Mike Russo I found her telephone number (written on the boys bathroom wall)
Rene & Rene So soy el unico (I’m not the only one)
Patti Page Teach me tonight
Bobby Vee Girl of my best friend
Lee Sterling Welcome stranger
Brunetta Mai piu ti cerchero
Emil Dean Zoghby My baby
Jack Jones Now i know
Bobby Byrd Time will make a change
Books O’Dell Standing tall
Lesley Gore After he takes me home
The Fourmost Wondrous place
Tony Orlando The lovin’ touch

Summer Popcorncorner 886B Sandra 8-8-2021

The Exciters A Little Bit Of Soap (1966)
Ronnie Wallis How It Al Began (1966)
Steve Lawrence Hansel & Gretel (Hold Back The Dyke) (1960)
Sandra (Reemer) Zeg, Wat Is Er Aan De Hand (1964)
The Ventures Summertime i
Heather I’ll Come Softly (1965)
Brook Benton & Damita Jo Love Is A Ball (1963)
J.J. Jackson & The Jackaels Oo-Ma-Liddi (1961)
Sylvia St. Claire Bring Back Yesterday (1965)
The Peanuts Pepito (JP)
Adolph Jacobs Cannibal Stew (1959)
James Royal Sitting In The Station (1968)
101 Strings Orchestra Killer Joe A Go-Go i
Glenda Collins Something I’ve Got To Tell You (1966)
Jill Gibson It’s As Easy As 1,2,3 (1964)
Frankie Laine Misirlou (1963)
Glo Macari He Knows I Love Him Too Much (1965)
Gloria Lynne You Don’t Have To Be A Tower of Strenght (1961)
Elvis Presley Suspicion (1962)
Sandy (Selsie) And The Sophomores (The Avon’s) Walk Away Girl (1964)
Betty Everett I’ve Got A Claim On You (1962)
Claus Ogerman & his Orchestra Harlem Watusi (1965) i

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Popcorncorner 1 aug 2021 885 Sandra 2

Artiest soort Titel Datum 1-8-2021

The Essex Curfew Lover (1964)
Chet ‘Poison’ Ivey Mata Hari (1961)
Lou Christy Two Faces Have I (1963)
Billy Ford This Is Worth Fighting For (1964)
Les McCann Summertime (1966) i
Donna Loren They’re Jealous Of Me (1965)
Nappy Brown Coal Miner (1961) alt. take
Shelley Fabares Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (1962)
Evie Sands The Roll (1963)
Sonny & Cher Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love (1965)
Peter James Stage Door (1965)
Tammy Montgomery Make The Night A Little Longer (1961)
Ramsey Lewis Trio i Wade In The Water (1966)
The Walker Brothers Sunny (1966)
Lena Calhoun & The Emotions First Love Baby (1961)
Baby Washington Hey Lonely One (1963)
Debbie Dovale I’m My Own Doctor (1963)
Jimmy Breedlove My Guardian Angel (1962)
The Drifters Up On The Roof (1962
Linda Queen I Feel The Pain (1968)
Luther Ingram Oh Baby Don’t You Weep (1964)
Kai Winding Cantaloupe Island (1966)

Popcorncorner 1 aug 2021 885B James 2
Graig Douglas Oh what a day
Mark Wynter Exclusively
Julie Rodgers Without your love
Donna Douglas All the other girls
The Spotlights Rain rain go away
Bobby Rydell Little bitty girl
Tony Brent Don’t save your love
Gene Pitney Amore mio
Doris Troy Just one look
Denese Germaine He’s a strange one
Terry Dane Geraldine
The James Hunter sis I don’t wanna be without you
Dean Martin Forgetting you
Brenda Lee Will you still love me tomorrow
Tommy Ridgley Heavenly
Charles Hodges I’ll never go to a party again
The Starglows Walk softly away
Tom Storm and the Peps That’s the way love is
Tommy Allbert My loving time
Ricky Randell Donisha
The Corsairs & Landy Mc Neal The change in you
Georgetta Banks Sweetly and completly

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884 nr Artiest soort Titel Datum 25-7-2021 17:00
Paul van de Casteele (Instrumetals)
88401A 1 Art Adams i Hangout
88402A 2 Al Kent i Ooh pretty lady
88403A 3 Billy May i Tabu
88404A 4 Andre Brasseur i December
88405A 5 Bill Dogget i Ding dong
88406A 6 Billy Larkin and the Delegates i Tarantula
88407A 7 Andrew Oldman i You better move on
88408A 8 Billy Graham i East 24th avenue
88409A 9 Ann Robinson i I like to do it
88410A 10 B. Aston & his group i Apache
88411A 11 Andy Lewis i One by one
88412A 12 B. Leighton i Lawrence of Arabia
88413A 13 Alberto Pizzigoni i Il mondo di Suzie wong
88414A 14 Balsara and his singing sitars i Puppet on a string
88415A 15 Al Kent i You’ve gotta pay the price
88416A 16 Al Grey and his orchestra i Lilly’s here
88417A 17 Bobby Darin i Beachcomber
88418A 18 Ann Flemming i Jive time baby
88419A 19 Beastie Boys i Song for junior
88420A 20 Alan Lorber i Dance Romeo dance
88421A 21 Alexis Komer i Watermelon man

884B nr Artiest soort Titel Datum 25-7-2021 18:00
Rober en Hanny
88401B 1 Dottie and Millie Talkin' About My Baby
88402B 2 Baby Washington Leave Me Alone
88403B 3 Bobby Darin I'll Be There
88404B 4 Nana Mouskouri L 'Eau Qui Dort
88405B 5 Richard Antony Avec une Poigneé de Terre
88406B 6 Lucky Blondo Trop Sage Pour Aimer
88407B 7 Joanie Sommers Don`t Pity Me
88408B 8 The J with Jamies Yoshiko
88409B 9 Gene Stridel Let Her Go
88410B 10 Freddy Darian Another Show Another Town
88411B 11 Dodie Stevens Too Young
88412B 12 The Colman Brothers inst El Nîno
88413B 13 Tom Jones If He Should Ever Leave You
88414B 14 Peggy March Losin' My Tough
88415B 15 James Darren Punch And Judy
88416B 16 Smokey Robinson If Your Mother Only Knew
88417B 17 Timy Yuro It`ll Never Be Over For Me
88418B 18 Barbara Redd I'll Be All Alone
88419B 19 Larry Trider Carbon Copy
88420B 20 Ronnie Douglas You`ll Come Back
88421B 21 Barbara Lewis If You Love Her
88422B 22 Darlene Love (He`s A) Quiet Guy
88423B 23 The Fantabulous Striings Baby Don't Go

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Summerpopcorn deel 5 883 – 18.07.2021 -  17u - Hans Salaets
Alex Vargas Summertime
Connie Little Billy
Rod McKuen Lonesome boy
Major Lance Play a song for me
Noel Chiboust Royal Madison
Titus Turner Hey doll baby
Della Reese Solitary woman
Billy Eckstine A man needs a woman
Roy Hamilton Don't come crying to me
Unknown Summertime
Lily Ayers Won't let you go
Duke Daniels Backfire
Gene McDaniels A casa non tornero (There goes the forgotten man)
Hash Brown Margie
Al Smith Christopher Columbus
Ian Vint Someone i'd rather forget
Jammers True love is hard to find
Wilma Burgess Confused
Al Freed Ciao ciao bambina

Summerpopcorn  deel 6 van 18.07.2021 door JACQUES om 18h00

Grant Lazlo & Jackster Time For Summer In The Cotton Fields (remix)
Charlie McCoy I'm Ready
Johnny Payne Tinklin' Bells
The Knight Brothers Second Hand Lover (aangepast)
Return Of Honk Just A Little Bit Of Hardesty (remix)
The Bluebeaters Catch That Teardrop
Mina Nessuno (remasterd) (it)
Genny Nu Chiangere Pe'm'Me (it)
Gene Simmons No Other Guy (aangepast)
Jimmy Washington You Better Let Him Go (aangepast)
Phil Davis It's No Use
The Castaways Comin' Back For More
Nella Dodds P's & Q'
Med Dicte & Claus Hempler You're The Boss
Jay Busby Apple Cider
Leopoldo Silos Ay Kalisud
Tito Ramirez Be My Girl
Tommy Oliver Thirteen Women (aangepast)
Miriah Avila Forever
Benny Joy Only Time Will Tell
The Joy Rockers Gauster Bop

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Popcorncorner 11-7-2021 17:00
Ter nagedachtenis aan Gilbert Govaert, Popcorn Pionier.
Een gast programma met Gilbert van 7-6-2009.

Al Taylor Summertime

Kurt Harris Emperor of my baby's heart
Sugar pie Desanto Going back where i belong
Major Lance Too hot to hold
Byron Lee Bata cha cha
An Margaret Someday soon
Ray Rivera feat : John Scully Sprughtly
Major Lance Think nothing about it
Johnny Guitar Watson Wait a minute
Buddy Miles What does it take
Walter Jackson Anything can happen
Sonny Knight Besame mucho
Tny Middleton Drifting
Colman Brothers El nino
Janiza Magness It's you voodoo working

Summer Popcorn deel 4.
Ton Koene Samenstelling en presentatie Datum 11-7-2021 18:00
The incredible bongo band Bongo Rock
Leslie Uggams Begin the beguine
The Supremes Falling in love with you
Roy Black I am not alone
Sasha Distel F La vie en rose
Trini Lopez Don’t let you sweet love die
Villi Carr My heart remunds
Malcolm Roberts May i have the next dream
Andre v Duin Vakantie
Funk Brothers inst Mercy mercy me
Pepe Marquez I want a love i can see
Colin Cook & the Strangers Handsome guy
Jorgen I’ll touch a star
Paul Anka Lauter liebe schenk ick dir
Neil Sedaka Oh Carol
Wayne Newton Remember when (We make these memories)
Barry Manilo Venus
Max Capote Perfidia
Jimmy Gilmer Words of love
Petula Clark Bye bye mon amour
Los Combos El minor mino
Clyde Otis You stepped out of my dream

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(881A) 1e Aflevering Zomer Serie 2021 Samengesteld door James Giezenberg
1. Barbara Redd - I'll Be All Alone
2. Johnny Nash - Ol'Man River
3. Randy Lee & The Merry Melody Singers - Like The Feller and The Girl on The Late Late Show
4. Ben E King - Rivers of Tears
5. Andy Williams - On The Street Where You Live
6. Jerry Jackson - Gipsy Eyes
7. Ric Castle - Almond Eyes
8. Robert & Johnny - Brown Pretty Brown Eyes.
9. Ronnie Love - Chills and Fever
10. Freddy Houston - Chills and Fever
11. Grady Chapman - Tell Me That You Care
12. The Drifters - Mexican Divorce
13. Phil Colbert - Who's Got The Action
14. Diane Coleman - He's The Only Boy For Me
15. Melonie Fiona - You Stop My Heart
16. Ben Pirani - Light of My Life
17. Al Mccarther - His True Love for You
18. Chuck Wright - Love ( I'm Not Gonna Be Your Fool Any More )
19. Kentrick Patrick - Beyond
20. Ken Boothe - I Don't Want To See You Cry
21. Jerry Cole - Land of Dreams

(881B) 2e Aflevering Zomer Serie 2021 Samengesteld door Franky De Berge
1 ‎Patti Austin Someone's Gonna Cry
2 Maria Teresa Chacin Ciudad Solitaria
3 Ronnie Dove Wish I Didn't Have a Heart
4 Lovelace Watkins I Apologize Baby
5 Tony Rossini Well I Ask Ya
6 Charley Crockett Midnight Run
7 Terry Hanck Why People Like That
8 Johnny O'keefe I Will
9 Roberta Mazzoni Lamore Di Nessuno
10 Ronnie Chapman Nunca Me Acostumbrare
11 Brenda Holloway Mr Lifeguard (Come And Rescue me)
12 John Schroeder Orchestra Sunny
13 Mary Christine Un Garçon À Aimer
14 Willie Tee Walkin' up a One Way Street
15 Frank Ifield I'd Be A Legend In My Time
16 Priscilla Bowman Sugar Daddy
17 Donna Loren Dream World
18 Matt Collins Il Faut Choisir
19 Noeleen Batley Forgive Me
20 Rosanna Carlino Cin Cin
21 Wilfred Edwards I Love You no More

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Popcorncorner 880 Datum 27-6-21
1 Dorus Troy But i love him
2 Gerry Reno Don’t ever change
3 Solomon Burke Cry to me
4 Mack Starr Down the watterhole
5 Diane Emond I wanna be your lover
6 Rudy Lambert Love
7 Jimmy Hughes My loving time
8 Roy Hamilton Walk hand in hand
9 Dalida F Quand Revient léte
10 Sheiks’s men inst Song for belly dancer
11 Brenda Lee He’s sure to remember me
12 Harptones the Devil in velvet
13 Dee Clark Don’t wal away from me
14 Tracey Dey Hangin’on to my baby
15 Don & Nocturnes Summertime
16 Bart Jackson Wonderful dream
17 Bobby Angelo Broken dreams
18 Crowns the (feat Philip Harris) Better luck next time
19 Cleftones Some kinda blue
20 Bobby Byrd I found out
21 Ernie Freeman inst Conquest
22 Ginette Sage F Je reve d”etre princesse
23 Azie Mortimer Lips
24 Beebers the Comin back for more
25 Stevie Wonder Lois
26 Beatrice Kay Boy you better watch it girl
27 Joe Bragg I’ve gotta make it
28 Pacesetters the Victim of loneliness
29 Reflections the Talkin’bout my girl
30 Orchestra del Oro inst Concerto in cha cha
31 Incrowd Summertime
32 Denis Hudon Derniers Baisers
33 Trea Dobbs NL Ik hield van jou
34 Gerry Granahan Unchained melody
35 George Kirby What can i do
36 Lovelace Watkins I won’t believe it
37 Jerry Fuller The killer
38 Doug Banks I just kept on dancing
39 Clete Grayson Nature girl
40 Timmy Brown Baby it’s okay
41 Conny van Bergen & The DSCB Hernando’s hideaway
42 George Hernandez inst La bella Cubana

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Popcorncorner 879 Datum 20-6-21 Vaderdag
1 Teri Allen Can’t run to daddy
2 Billy Dawn Look what i found
3 Jerry Butler Lost
4 Larry Trider Who’s gonna stand by me
5 Connie Questell World of trouble
6 Bobby Jenkins & the Jades Youmean everything to me
7 Dorinda Duncan Caddy Daddy
8 Douglas Banks Ain’t that just like a woman
9 James Boys the Another Lori
10 Pat Thomas Where there’s love there’s hope
11 Bittersweets the Summertime
12 Eddie Baxter inst Fortune cookie prt 2
13 Dean Parish Bricks broken bottles & sticks
14 Dorells the Maybe baby
15 Snowman Sugar Daddy
16 Marty Wilde Tomorrow’s clown
17 Sonny James Hey little ducky
18 Dudley El Pizza
19 William Bell What’cah gonna do
20 Gary Criss I still miss you
21 Herp Hardesty Perdido street
22 Claudette Vandal F Un de ces jours
23 Untouchables Papa
24 Irma Thomas He’s my guy
25 Barry Richettes True love or misery
26 Doran Chambres B Aline
27 Billy Fury Don’t jump
28 Helen Shapiro Daddy
29 Barry Martin The world ‘s mine
30 Roy Richards inst Summertime
31 Johnny Meastro I’m stepping out of the picture
32 Bobby Matos orc Cuchi frito man
33 Randy Crawford Letter full of tears
34 Don Grant Don’t take het from me
35 Danny Fisher Just another day
36 Larry Farrell Lonely little girl
37 Dynamite Singletary I really love you
38 Nicola Di Bari i Amo te, solo te
39 Del Shannon Little town flirt
40 Barbara Mason Bobby is my baby
41 Sounds of dawn If had my way
42 Xavier Cugat & orc inst And i love her

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Popcorncorner 878 Datum 13-6-21
1 Gambrells the You better move
2 True Stones the Singing waters
3 Roger Washington Unless you let me
4 Mel Tillis If i lost love
5 Betha Colbert Rain in lovers lane
6 Chuck Osborn Come and walk with me
7 Roland Storm Soldier of love
8 Bernadette Carroll Laughing on the outside
9 Johnny Lemac Sippin’ wine
10 Red Sanders & his orc Summetime
11 Johnny Wyatt I’ll stand by you
12 Dwenn Stacey Lonely girl
13 Guy Pastor Miracle
14 Aki Aleong Love is funny
15 Dee Edwards Too careless with my love
16 Jay Miller Can’t you tell him no
17 Kitten The Is it over baby
18 Jerry Wallace Eyes
19 Pfc Graig Brown Away i’m bound away
20 Lee Rogers Walk on by
21 Les de Merle and his band Bulldozer
22 Bruce Cloud Soul Mambo
23 Crume Brothers the What am i going to do
24 Claude Royan F Qui va plus loin
25 Spidels the Pushed out of the picture
26 Koko Montana Ana Maria
27 HelenGamboa Great big bundle of love
28 Bill ‘Tarzan’Jones A man should never cry
29 Skyliners the Don’t hurt me baby
30 Vigor Fisher Think of happiness
31 Jeanette “baby” Washington Let love go by
32 Frankie Stein Bat & Cat
33 Bobby Jenkins You mean everything to me
34 Ben Tate She’s gone
35 Five Satins You can count on me
36 Larry Greco Jette la
37 Emerlds the All the time
38 Suzanna and the Roommates The dance is over
39 Bunny Paul We’re only young once
40 Top Notes the I love you so much
41 Quarter notes I don’t wanna go home
42 Pedro Esquivel orc inst Lonely moon

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877 Popcorncorner Datum 6-6-21 Thema : De praatplaten
1 Bette Renne and the Thrillettes You ain’t so sush a much
2 Bobby Bland 36 22 36 Intro’s
3 Bob and Earl Harlem Shuffle
4 Jimmy Radcliffe Deep in the heart of Harlem
5 Freddy & the Kinfolk The goat
6 Johnny Shand Fantasy
7 Johhny Cymbal Sacred lovers
8 Buddy Miles What does it take (to win your love)
9 Ballads the Don’t touch that dial
10 Tony Joe White Soulful eyes
11 Jay Blackfoot Losers weepers
12 Jimmy Castor Quinted Poor Loser
13 Ann Cole Have Fun
14 Jamaican Survivers Maffia theme
15 Durwand Kirby Crime doens’nt play
16 Jan Davis inst Fugitive
17 Bill Shaw Bury me deep
18 Rocketeers Hey Rube
19 Billy Jones & the stars Yes, im ready
20 Henry Salvador Je bois a ton souvenir
21 Revels inst Intoxica
22 Betty Swann This old heart of mine
23 Gene Rockwell Stand by me
24 Vicki Martin A handful of dust holy
25 Grainger Hunt Noah holy
26 James Brown & JBO inst Cold sweat
27 Joe Dowell The one i left for you
28 Sharon Wynter We’re breaking up again
29 Cora Washinton What can i do
30 David Hill Two Brothers
31 Vikki Carr Forget you
32 Funk Brothers Don’t mess with Bill (Grand Club)
33 Banda Machos Besame mucho
34 Enrique Herrera Perfidia Cubaans
35 Lorne Greene Pop goes the hammer
36 Jimmy Dean The Cajun queen Big bad john
37 Marcels the My melancholy baby
38 Woody Coleman Linda Darling
39 H.B. Barnum The record (baby i love you)
40 Cindy Malone Run away
41 Dartells Night train
42 Zoh Koypoyah Est neie of est ja

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Popcorncorner 876 Datum 30-5-21
1 Steve Clayton Clown town
2 Lucky Clark Let me be the fool
3 Andy Rose Dance on pretty clown
4 Kenny Kendall & the Kendalls Everlybody loves a clown
5 Grant Tracy The painted smile
6 Christy Allen Little circus clown
7 PJ Proby Clown shoes
8 Ray Stevens Funny man
9 Tony Servo In dreams
10 Jerry Mengo inst Le p’tit clown de ton coeur
11 Bill Giant Tomorrows’s clown
12 Barry Mann The way of a clown
13 Teddy & The twilights I’m just your clown
14 Wes Dakus Sour biscuits
15 Bobby Richardson & the Creations Nobody loves me
16 Joey Welz Ponchinello
17 Dusty Wilson This funny feeling
18 Corvells the The joke’s on me
19 Daryl Quist I see the funny little clown
20 Brian Weske Where does the clown go
21 Les Mccann inst Sunny
22 Neil Diamond Clown town
23 MFQ The love of a clown
24 Nellie Rutherford Laughing at me
25 Al Caiola inst Speak low
26 Barry and the Tamerlanes I don’t want to be your clown
27 Twisters Dancing little clown
28 Shirelles Two stupid feet
29 Sophie Jose F Oh Pierrot
30 Crest the Little miracles
31 Grant Tracy The painted smile
32 Piccolino Pop strings inst Clown town
33 Truly Smith My smile is just a frown
34 Smokie Robinson and the Miracles The tears of a clown
35 Pat Hervey Tears of misery
36 Huey Smith & the clows He’s back again
37 Trini Lopez Smile
38 Teddy Randazzo The way of a clown
39 Unknown jap The way of a clown
40 Dick Dewayne The foolish one
41 Freddy Darian Another Show another town
42 Alan Haven inst Image

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Popcorncorner 875 Datum 23-5-2021
1 Marla Mason Please stay away (from my heart)
2 Demons the Going to the dance
3 Mickey Baker and Sylvia Robinson Hello stranger
4 Diana Ross and the Supremes Will this be the day
5 Otis Leavill I’m amazed
6 Rooseveld Nettles Heartaches and troubles
7 Richard Anthony The night
8 Lucille Brown Lonely inside
9 Kes Chin Don’t speak to me of love
10 Staccato’s the Who’s to say
11 Jackie Wilson You can’t have your cake and eat it to
12 Rita Curtis This little girl
13 Drew Vels the It’s my time
14 Scott Bros Lonely blue bird
15 Brenton Wood Gimme little sign
16 Jimmy Breedlove Queen Bee
17 Sylvia Shemwell He’ll come back
18 Lonnie Duvall Cigarettes
19 Johnny Stone Only fools run away
20 Jimmy Ricks Timber
21 Triffits the inst Moon safari
22 Delights the Breaking hearts to him is just a game
23 Kenneth deal Tell me where
24 Four Epics the I’m on my way
25 Dusty Springfield Long after tonight is all over
26 Richard Mandell Love is something
27 Earl Bostic inst Feeling cool
28 Candies the Stop
29 Allures the King love
30 Ted Taylor Pretending love
31 Shirley Jackson Don’t play me a love song
32 Joe Valentine I can feel my lovecoming on strong
33 Robert Ward I’m gonna cry a river
34 Connie Francis J Your other love (Japans)
35 Billy Keen Losers win sometine
36 Music City all stars Do the Philly
37 Jimmy McHugh Do the Kangaroo
38 Magnetics the Wasting times
39 Serenaders the Two lovers make one fool
40 Sound Judgment Baby it’s you
41 Peter Kraus D Manchmal
42 Henry Manchini orc inst Mr Yunioshi

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Popcorncorner 874 Datum 16-5-21
1 Sharmettes I’d rather have you
2 Dan Penn Lovely ladies
3 Jackie Edwards Do you want me again
4 Eddie Perrell Listen
5 Darrell Nordskog Hush little heart
6 Steve Rossi Ginny Lee
7 Ginny Arnell How manny times can one heart break
8 Manolo S No te creo
9 Susan King You got me in a fix
10 Burt Blanca inst Je partirai
11 Jimmy Castor Quintet Poor loser
12 James Carr I can’t make it
13 Chuck Jackson Any day know (my wild beautiful bird)
14 Dave Reno The Hi Flyers Just imagine
15 Bernie Tessler & Shell tones Daddy , can i have the camel tonight
16 Garry Hagger On this night
17 Sue Perrin Candy store man
18 Guy Darrell Everything
19 Bob Conrad The great magician
20 Robert Cartier Relax
21 Les Mustangs inst Rinky dink
22 Joanne Courcy My poor broken heart.
23 Roy Hamilton You shook me up
24 Baker Twins the He’s no good
25 Wayne Storm Just like a fool
26 Johnny Durain I’ll show you
27 Denise Brousseau F Jái pleure
28 Azie Mortmer Little playboy
29 Little Herman One out of a hundred
30 Sonny Till Tears and Misery
31 Tams the Concrete jungle
32 Spotnicks the Just listen to my heart
33 Andre Hazes Op de hoek van de straat
34 Lennon Sisters I’m comming backto you
35 England Sisters Heartbeat
36 Gene Pitney A change to belong
37 Jess Conrad Every breath i take
38 Jackie De Shannon Give me a break
39 Ben Tate She’s gone
40 Serenaders Adios my love
41 Udo Jurgens I Se partirai
42 Jivers the inst Oh Carol

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Popcorncorner nr 873 Datum 9-5-2021
1 Natacha Snitknie F Le jeu du telephone
2 Leon Haywood It’s got to be mellow
3 Tiny Topsy Just a little bit
4 Bob Kayli Tie me tight
5 Newbeats the Mother in law
6 Jack Montgomery Don’t turn your back on me
7 Showmen Wrong girl
8 Dee Clark Hold On
9 Barbara & Brenda That’s when you’re got soul
10 J-J Jackson inst Ain’t too proud to beg
11 Sharon Jones and the Dap kings Making up breaking up
12 Milt Grayson Wayfarin stranger
13 Du-Ettes Have you seen my baby
14 Major Lance Crying in the rain
15 Robert Parker I caught you in a lie
16 Margie Singleton Her image keeps gettin in the way
17 Relations the Say you love me
18 Lenny Welch Coronet blue
19 Gwenn Stacey How many times can one heart break
20 Rick Lovejoy Don’t leave me behind
21 Andre Williams inst Bassology
22 Thris Toledo Hello stranger
23 B.K Anderson Mother in law cha cha
24 Ronnie Love Always be good
25 Franncoise Hardy Find me a boy
26 Frankie Laine For your love (una lacrima sul viso)
27 Magnetics the Wasting time
28 Frankie Staro Edge of a star
29 Flames Everytime (i see you)
30 Dick Lory Broken hearted
31 Louise Manning The ship of love
32 Scientist inst Super nove explosion
33 Ray Campi Hear what i wanna hear
34 Linda Layne Stay away from baby
35 Swingin Johnny Keyes There’s nothing for me without you
36 Lucky starr Poor little Jimmy Brown
37 Lorenzo Valverde S Nunca he acostumbrare
38 Soul Majestics Missing you
39 Don Gardner and Dee Dee Ford Son my son
40 Royal Jokers A nickle, 3dimes and 5 quarters 156
41 Carry Grant & Grandeurs Take all of my life
42 Dixie Aces inst Inthe mood

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Popcorncorner nr. 872 Datum 2-5-2021
1 Goodnight kisses Devil in the dark
2 Kim Charney Suga coated kisses
3 Bird Rollins Answer my prayer
4 Gino Washington Now your lonely
5 Brad Benwick God country and my baby
6 Pat Forchetti Young lover
7 Jerry Landis Educated fool
8 Cleo Jons Why do you do right
9 Webs feat Bobby Goldsboro Dizzy boy
10 Franck Pourcel inst Tu ne sais pas (you don’t know)
11 Cameos Canadian sunset
12 Fi-Dells What is love
13 Charmaines the What kind of girl do you think i am ?
14 Jean Walter B Piccolissima serenata
15 Jim Eller It’s as simple as that
16 Essex the Easier said thn done
17 Mimi Roman Up to heart in love
18 Spinners the How can i
19 Dario Morena S Eso es el amore
20 Marie Sisters Chica chee cha cha
21 Jerry Smith inst Tokyo butterfly
22 Mitty Collier Help me
23 Marty Balin Nobody but you
24 Nana Mouskouri F Laissez Pleurer
25 Lenny o Henry & group Mr Moonlight
26 La Brenda Ben Just be yourself
27 Richard Anthony F Dis a Laura (Tell Laura i love her)
28 Big John and the Fab Blends Baby you’re wrong
29 Untouchables the Raisin’ sugar cane
30 Gwenn Stacey Lonely girl
31 Otis Leavill I’m amazed
32 Booker t and the MG’s inst Fuquawi
33 Jo Vally B Dat ben jij (I will)
34 Charles Earland Drifting
35 Brenda Lee He’s sure to remember me
36 Bobby Smith Drean angel
37 Jessie Williams Tender words and tender kisses
38 Elvis Presley Never ending
39 Linda Hopkins If you walk away
40 Marv Johnson Don’t leave me
41 Skeeter Davis What does it take
42 Don Steele sextett inst Take one

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871 Popcorncorner 25-4-21
1 Tina Robin Dear Mr D.J. Play it again
2 Jimmy Jordan The grass looked greener
3 Dave Howard While we dance the tango
4 Belmonts Ned Walk on boy (dutch)
5 Teddy Randazzo But you broke my heart
6 Bobby Solo I Non saprai mai
7 Mike and the Ramblers Worry
8 Billy J Kramer & Dakotas Still waters run deep
9 Billy Fury I’d never find another you
10 Jummy Castor inst Hangin out
11 Lou D Washington Smokey
12 Kenny Dana It’s been so long
13 Joann Courcy My poor broken heart
14 Brian Hyland Gypsy woman
15 Anna King I don’t want to cry
16 Duffy Power If i get lucky someday
17 Velours the Remember
18 Del Price Memory lane
19 Nancy Wilson Reach out for me
20 Flamingo’s the I’m yours
21 Hugh Masekela inst Grazing the grass
22 Shirley Vaughn Watch out mr. lonely
23 Mark Dinning The lovin touch
24 Tony Sheveton Dance with me
25 Ito Yukari Jap Kawai baby (Pretty little baby)
26 Sparklings the Ned Ach barst
27 Mavis Rivers Footsteps of a fool
28 Earther Doss Jr I’d doAnything for you
29 Chuck Wright Heartless tears
30 Carol Shaw Jimmy Boy
31 Joe Doolittle inst Cuando Caliente El sol
32 Freddy Jaye Thinkin of you
33 Donna Dee Nobody’s gonna hurt you baby
34 Jimmy Ruffin What becomes of a broken hearted
35 Accents the Enchanted garden
36 Johnnie & Joe Here we go baby
37 Crickets the Don’t ever change
38 Larry Farrell Lonely little girl
39 Maxine Davis Before i love you
40 Cecilia Stam A time to love, a time to cry
41 Tommy Hunt Lover
42 Dave Brubeck Quartet inst Toki’s theme

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870 Popcorncorner 18-4-21
1 Vi Velasco Never less than yesterday
2 Lee Sterling Welcome stranger
3 Lenny Welch My fool of a heart
4 Barry Martin The world is mine
5 Ebony Keyes If you knew
6 Tony Robin First kiss
7 Willis Sisters The pretty one
8 Bobby Brooks Wise like salomon
9 Hillard Street Invisible chains
10 Juan Carlos Calderon inst Bandolero
11 Jerry & Mel Once upon a time
12 Gene Pitney s Lagrimas Y mas suffrir
13 Five Keys With all my love
14 Lafayett Street inst Chariot i will follow him
15 Billy Butler Fighting a losing battle
16 Imaginations the No one else lost more
17 Paul Moraitis Le secret
18 Brenda Holloway Fafor for a girl (with a lovesick
19 Cadillacs I’ll neverlet you go
20 Tempo’s the I gotta make a move
21 Al Grey inst I just want to cry
22 Margaret Mandolph Silly little girl
23 Marty Balin I specialeze in love
24 Buddy Smith When you lose the one you love
25 Michelle Richard Ton nez s’allongera (your nose...
26 Jimmy Tarbuck Forget me not
27 Salsoul Orchestra Tangerine
28 Bobbie Smith & the Dreamgirls Now he’s gone
29 Gene Montgomery Only time will tell
30 Jerry Jackson No love but your love
31 Jane Canada Am i dreaming
32 Oasis inst Guitar Holiday
33 Phil Colbert Who’s got the action
34 Stevie Wonder Lois
35 Leola Jiles Insult to injury
36 Nick Lowe Poor side of town
37 Gillian Hills F Qui a su
38 Chesterfields Trouble
39 Reflections the Talkin bout my girl
40 Joan Malone Don’t talk baby
41 Stoppers Come back baby
42 Bill Shade Atlantis

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Popcorncorner 869 Datum 11-04-2021
1 Ruby & the Romantics Your baby doesn’t love love you anymore
2 Teddy Randazzo Lies
3 Danny Moore Somebody new
4 Joyce Davis Go and celebrate your victory
5 Billy Stewart Count me out
6 Johnny McKinney The girl i left behind
7 PFC Craig Brown Away i’m found away
8 Irma Thomas I wish someone would care
9 Gene Cook Silly girl
10 Armand Confora inst Le temps de l ’amour
11 Pete Barin So wrong
12 Sammy Turner Raincoat in a river
13 Bobby Skelton There she goes
14 Tiny Topsy Just a little bit
15 Johnny Jake The big hurt
16 Elbie Parker Please keep away from me
17 Miracles the If your mother only knew
18 Dawn Glass A second thought
19 Whispers the Never again
20 Bobby Hebb You don’t know what you got until you lose it
21 Johnny Williams inst Sadaba
22 Carol Friday Everybody i know
23 Benny Spellman Lipstick traces
24 Dian James Some kind of wonderful
25 Rix Slaughter Lonely little girl
26 Diana Trask Our language of love
27 Billy Hines The old master paiter
28 Eddy Quinn Jr Did you ever want someone
29 Gladys Knight & Pips Either way i lose
30 Johnny Rivers Poor side of town
31 Phil Wilson Just me
32 'Papa’ John Defrancesco inst Latin Groove
33 Hollywood flames Drop me a line
34 Jerry Fuller Wake up sleeping beauty
35 Lorriane Ellison Don’t let it go to your head
36 Dave Howard A hundred
37 Grupo el amor mex Carinito
38 Linda Kerby F Prends moi dans tes bras
39 Billy Conn I should have known
40 Kenni Woods Can’t he take a hint
41 Hillard street Invisble chains
42 Freedom Riders inst Loempia

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868 Popcorncorner   Datum  4-4-2021
1 Buttons Pretty lil’ lovelights
2 Joey Dee Enough is enoug
3 Fabulois four Fools destiny
4 Toby Browne Play the music keep on dancing
5 Anita Lindblom SW Mer án jag kan sága dig
6 Alan David I don’t wanna cry
7 Hattie Littles Here you come
8 Kenny Rankin Sure as you’re born
9 Dusty Springfield I Tanto so che por mi passa
10 Jay Abbott La Tanya
11 Corry Brokken NL Kort en goed nee
12 Johhny Mathis Come back
13 Billy Bland All i want to do is cry
14 Patrick Kentrick Beyond
15 Helen Miller F Tais toi petite folle
16 Don Covay & the goodtimers Come see about me
17 Charlie Francis Cocoanut milk
18 Johnny Stone Only fools run away
19 Rikki Price You’re for real
20 Heather I’ll come softly
21 Cash Mc Call inst You ain’t too cool
22 Cheryl Thompson Black night
23 Don Spencer The joker
24 Creations ft Bobby Richardson Nobody loves me
25 Del Shanon Now she’s gone
26 Dirk & Tony Sitting in the park
27 Bern Elliot Forget her
28 Don Carrol Handful of friends
29 Molly Bee He does’t want you
30 Freddy Anisfield A place in the sun
31 Rex Garvin & the mighty cravers By the time i get to Phoenix
32 John Barry inst A man alone
33 Dee Clark In my apartment
34 Grant Tracy A painted smile
35 Doris Day Move over darling
36 Bobby Hanna Too much love
37 Eddie Williams Peace of mind
38 Chaparones the Dance with me
39 Denise Mills & the Satinettes Meet me in the moonlight
40 Cletus Marland You’re gonna miss me
41 Howard Marren Lonely town
42 Les chats sauvages inst Horizon

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867 Popcorncorner Datum 28-3-2021
1 Diana Leigh Let love do the talking (LP version)
2 Johnny Darrow Fools Paradise
3 Bobby Rydell Little bitty girl
4 Don Heart Lovers hidaway
5 Jimmy Jones Walkin’
6 Al Apollo I’m walkin”ahead
7 Gene Allison Walkin in the park
8 Terry Dene Geraldine
9 Bobby Curtola Three rows over
10 Vic Mizzy inst Senorita with the mini skirt
11 Peggy & Patty Hij is koppig
12 Sindney Barnes Wait
13 C Henry Hall I believe
14 Gems the I can’t help myself
15 Bobby Byrd Time will make a change
16 Connie Francis It 24 Mila Baci
17 Ric Lance I didn’t know
18 Tony Orlando Love on your lips
19 Knight Brothers’the Temptation ’bout to get me
20 Ed Townsend For your love
21 Guy McDuff inst Fury
22 Petula Clark It La nostra stroria
23 Chuck Morro Lover’s Roulette
24 Marlin Greene If it takes a fool
25 Dorsey Burnette One of the lonely
26 Kenny Lynch Don’t make the same mistake as i did
27 Marla Mason Please stay away(From my heart)
28 Robin Ward & Dale Ward My lonely Marie Ann
29 Wayne Rooks Postcard from Paris
30 Bobby Scott I lied to you
31 James Brown & Flamous Flames inst Yours & mine
32 Louise Cordet Don’t make me over
33 Buddy Clinton It hurts
34 Debra Lewis You stole him
35 Dennis Bell My one love
36 Les Sauvages avec Mike Shannon F Obsession
37 Tommy Duncan Let’s try it over again
38 Jon Abnor Maybe tomorrow
39 Jerry Butler Rainboy Valley
40 Connie Smith I will
41 Oscar Perry The rest of my life
42 Chantays the inst Wayward smile

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866 Popcorncorner  21- mrt -21
1 Lize Marke B Als het weer lente is
2 Dick Lory City of love
3 Vern Mcintre The good with the bad
4 Wendy Rene The same guy
5 Tommy Hunt Crackin’up over you
6 Calvin & Cotillions No more
7 Little Peggy March Jap I will follow hin (Japans)
8 Bobby Rydell I’ll never dance again
9 Little Milton Can’t hold back the tears
10 Billy Vaughn inst Perfidia
11 Trea Dobbs D Rita Petita
12 Harold Dorman There they go
13 Dean Cannon Whem love goes wrong
14 Don Charles The Hermit of the misty mountain
15 Tommy Mosley You lied i cried love died
16 Vicky Lester Foolin myself
17 Bob Marlow Run with the wind
18 The Showman ns The wrong girl
19 Dontells the In your heart (you know i’m right)
20 Timi Yuro It’ll never be over for me
21 Los blue birds inst Ella no esta ahi
22 Ria Valk NL Voor mij is het lente
23 Nelson Keene Miracles are happening to me
24 Spector three the I know why
25 Wayne Dailey Wreck of a man
26 Dee Dee Sharp Wild
27 James H. Stayton More then you’ll ever know
28 Marion Rung & Johnny Forsell SW Hei Paula
29 Gene Pitney and Melba Montgomery If i were
30 Burk& The Sea inst Northern lights
31 Karol Keyes You beat me to the punch
32 Ken Karen Nature boy
33 Teddy Vann River keep movin
34 Clydie King Only the guilty cry
35 Johnny & Jackey Don’t cha worry
36 Platters Love your magic spell
37 Nicola di Bari inst Non farmi piangero piu
38 Doug Sheldon One way to say goodbye
39 Phyllis Brown Why
40 Bobby Oroza Your love is to cold
41 Chris Montez Tme after time
42 Chuck Willis inst My crying eyes

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865  Popcorncorner 14 mrt 2021

1 Petula Clark True love never runs smooth
2 Bobby Keene Angel or devil
3 Gene Vincent Tear drops
4 Darry Weaver Edge of town
5 Johnny Durain Someday i’ll get over you
6 James Carr Lovable girl
7 Ruby Andrews Casanova (Your playing days are over)
8 Dick Melari Zippy zippy du
9 Len Watson Dancing with your memory
10 Derek and Ray inst Interplay
11 Bobby Bannister You gave me love
12 Elgins the Put yourself in my place
13 Four Holidays Deep down in my heart
14 Vince Hill Push Push
15 Per Olow (Petren) Sw Klicktor Flicktor
16 Ed Brynes and Connie Stevens Kookie Kookie
17 Wayne Fontana Pamela Pamela
18 Ginette Reno F Tu es lá
19 Barry Young Show me the way
20 Jackie Edwards Blue moon
21 Chantays inst Pipeline

22 Anna Craig Nobody loves me
23 Rivertons Standing in the love line
24 Bobby Lee Would you believe me
25 Freda Payne Band of gold
26 Bennie Turner and the Armourrrettes Morning teardrops
27 Galens Chinese lanterns
28 Earl Brooks Just friend
29 OV Wright Everybody knows
30 Sonny Cymbott Emily
31 Thierry Vincent F Moi j’ai peur de rentrer
32 Tony Osborne The swinging gypsies
33 Wayne Storm Just like a fool
34 John Buzon trio inst Lizette
35 Johnny Crawford Rumours
36 Bill Horton I wanna know
37 Alberta Weeks Forget me not
38 Roy Hamilton Earthquake
39 Atlantic Groove I’m crazy about that woman in red
40 Thierry Vincent Moi jái peur de rentrer
41 Jerry Butler I’m a telling you
42 Mr Acker Bilk Stranger on the shore

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864 Popcorncorner 7 mrt 2021
1 Carol Hughes Hello Heartbreak
2 Frank Cherval My own
3 Jericho Brown Bluebird
4 Chris Teller I’ve been hurt
5 Crest the Is it you
6 Anna King In between tears
7 Ivory Joe Hunter I’m cuttin’out
8 Arthur Prysock In the rain
9 Sheppards the Come to me
10 Big Jullien I remember Otis
11 Ronnie Mitchel You don’t care
12 Anthony Hall Baby girl of mine
13 Spaniels the Everyone’s laughing
14 Delights the I cry
15 Roger Washington Unless you let me love you
16 Rob de Nijs Jong en verliefd
17 Mcguire sisters the Achoo cha cha
18 Bobby Angelle There goes my baby
19 Bobby Rydell The fish
20 Rays the Love another girl
21 Aztecs inst Trafic jam
22 Helen Shariro Young stranger
23 Furys the Anything for you
24 Ben Pirani Light of my life
25 Porter Jordan Nobody’s boy
26 Joe Douglas Crazy thing
27 Ann Fleming You upset me
28 Jimmy Miller On a back street
29 Cesar Costa S Muchacho Naturalista
30 Billy J Kramer and the Dakota’s Still waters run deep
31 Betty Heywood Nothing without your love
32 Criterions inst Island fever
33 Charles Berry Don’t call on me
34 Ruby Andrews Just loving you
35 Johnny Shand Nightmare
36 Tony Middleton Paris Blues
37 Renee Roberts Nobody knows i’m around
38 Al Reed Magic Carpet
39 Elsie Dickson I’m a big girl now
40 Roy Hamilton Reach out for me
41 Bobby Hendricks Let’s get it over
42 Kenny Ball isnt Midnight in Moscow

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863 Popcorncorner 28 feb 2021
1 Maureen Evans The verdict is guilty
2 Dick Jordan Fortune teller
3 Marty Wilde Donna
4 Billy Stewart Strange feeling
5 Nicky DeMatteo I have but one heart
6 Tony Dallara I Se finira
7 Pat Boone Baby elephant
8 Myrna March Parade of broken hearts
9 Steve Clayton My name is on your heart
10 Shadows inst Theme for young lovers
11 Billy Ferrell I’ve got to find love
12 Gary Miles Candy from a stranger
13 Carl Sims I like this place
14 Rein de Vries Teenage meisje
15 Patty Ryan I wish that i could tell him
16 Fred Carter What am i gonna do with Anna
17 Gene and Wendell Your sister or you
18 Miriah Avila Forever
19 Sherli Allen Think it over
20 Heather Tremaine I’ll come softly
21 Lou Donaldson inst The humpback

22 Maljorie Black You still love her

23 Willie West I’m back again
24 Doc & the Interns Baby i know
25 Ornella Vanoni Cocrodrillo
26 Dave Sampson Little girl of mine
27 Opals You’re gonna be sorry
28 Austin Taylor Lovin hands
29 Letterman the Venus
30 Melina Mars Just another dance
31 Nini Rosso I Le ballata della tromba
32 Edmundo Ross inst The third man team
33 Pearline Caesar Go
34 Frank Cherval Shake hands with a loser
35 Noriel Vilela P Saudosa
36 Wendy Rene The same guy
37 Maria & the Autumms Goodbye angel baby
38 Perry Ford Don’t weep little lady
39 Benny Latimore Rain from the sky
40 Cameron Wyn Where can i go
41 Maria Knight Walk away
42 Tony & his Magic Rhythems inst Tropic Memories

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862   Popcorncorner 21-02-2021

1 Marion Rung Fin Pekan Tyttö (Bobby’s girl)
2 Sparkels the Try love (one more time)
3 Mickey Wilson I just don’t understand
4 Julie London I want to find out for myself
5 Vince Howard The wayward wind
6 Harptones I gotta have you
7 Domenico Modugno D Ciao ciao bambina
8 Vicky Lester Is this the beginning of the end
9 Jerry Martin Exchange student
10 Johnny Preston The Peddler man
11 Highway NL Dromen
12 Mer-lyn Promise
13 Isley Brothers This old heart of mine
14 Lou D Washington Smokey
15 Castaways the Comin back for more
16 Bobby Vinton Wanted
17 Mike Rios S Eso si que es carino
18 Terri Robbins For You
19 Drifters Fools fall in love
20 Cliff Nobles The Horse (vocal)
21 Nini Rosso inst O solo mio
22 Pixie three Your way
23 Johnny Faro I’m afraid
24 Dawn Glass A second thought
25 Bill Haley & his Comets Candy kisses
26 Jerry Butler Find another girl
27 Roman Reed Harlem nocturne
28 Wynn Cameron Where can i go
29 La Ragazza del clan I Caro Johnny
30 Chuck Jackson Hand it over
31 Ruby Winters Better
32 Echoes the Cloak and dagger
33 Lulu Just one look
34 Wayne Fontana & the mindbenders Um um um um
35 Denise LaSalle NS Here i am again
36 Kavetts the Stay with me
37 Timo Yuro Insult to injury
38 Bird Rollins Answermy prayer
39 Dea Doll NL Goodbye baby
40 JD Cash Come to me softly
41 Truly Smith Kiss tomorrow goodbye
42 Caravelli inst Que c’est bon

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861 Popcorncorner 14-2-2021  17:00 -- 19:00
1 Betty Everett My love
2 Pentagons ft Joe C Jones I’m in love
3 Sam Cooke Cupid
4 Carol Conners Big big love
5 Billy Ferrell I’ve got to find love
6 Nat King Cole Mr Wishing well
7 Eddie Roberts Immaculate love
8 Tony Harper Heavenly love
9 April Stevens Lovin’ Valentine
10 Diana Ross & the Supremes Let the music play
11 Dennis Turner My lady love
12 Aubry Jones Big lover
13 Jerry Angelo The two together
14 Eddie Hurt Afraid of love
15 Sugar Shakers Sweet baby of mine
16 Sparkels The Try love (One more time)
17 Caterina Valente D Oh Valentino
18 William Bell Formula of love
19 Jaye P Morgan (it took) One kiss
20 Dean Barlow Yesterday’s kisses
21 Underground Vegetables Melting pot

22 Della Reese I got the blues
23 Walter Jackson Special love
24 Denise Germaine Little lost lover
25 Adamo Nobody ever told Sandy
26 Anita Humes and the Essex Are you going my way
27 Valentina Cry to me
28 Anna Valentino On a tropical island
29 Patience Valentine Unlicky girl
30 Valentinos Darling come back home
31 Johnny Nash Don’t take away your love
32 Marco Rizo inst Habanera cha cha cha
33 Raymond Berthiaume F Un mondo avec toi
34 Bobby Frank I’ll give you love
35 Betty Everett You’re falling in love
36 Tommy Edwards Love is all we want
37 Gene Chandler No one can love you (like i do)
38 Barbara Mills (Make it last) Take your time
39 Freddie Houston If i had known
40 Juliana You’re saying goodnight
41 Pearlean Gray For your love
42 Xavier Cugat La playa

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860 Popcorncorner 7-2-21 17:00 - 19:00
1 Joyce Bond Sugar
2 Sidney Barnes Wait
3 Pearlettes the Duchess of earl
4 Bobby Skelton Just two people in the world
5 Jo An Baker You’re someone
6 Kurt Harris Emperor of my baby’s heart
7 Lovenotes the Boomerang
8 Theola Kilgore The sound of my man
9 John Standberry Help me now
10 Noble Watts inst Teen scene
11 Tonny Rich Don’t mention her name
12 Tommy Kent D Suzie Darlin
13 Debbie Reynolds I’ll pretend
14 Platters the Two lovers
15 Kenny Roberts Say, do you mean it
16 Chell-Mars Roamin heart
17 Carl Wayne & the Vikins What’s the matter baby
18 Johnny Walker Rain from the skies
19 June Valli Looking at the world
20 Al Alberts Heaven needed an angel
21 George Greeley inst Ride the high country
22 Trilons the I’m the one (Who loves you)
23 Jimmy Donley Foreve Lilly Mae
24 Suzy Wallis Little things like that
25 Roy Hamilton Let the music play
26 Lee Andrews Operator
27 Larry Trider Carbon Copy
28 Bobby Jenkins and the Jades E/S You mean everything to me
29 Ronny Douglas You’ll come back
30 Paul Anka It’s only last for a little while
31 Helen Shapiro D Sag das es schön ist
32 Pete Thomas inst Coolstuff
33 Tony Roma No power in th universe
34 Connie Stevens Lost in wonderland
35 Peter & The Rochets Dat ben ik
36 Curtis Blandon Mr Imagination
37 Honeycombs the Strange kind of love
38 Wayne Newton I still love you
39 J Jay & the Dell tones Just a matter of time
40 Diana Pane What side your bread is buttered on Logo 501
41 Martiniques Broken hearted me
42 Jumping Jewels inst Dans le coeur de ma blonde

Luister afl 859 hier terug

859   Popcorncorner     31-1-21            17:00 --19:00
1 Beverly Washburn The heart you break may be your own
2 Edward Hamilton and the Arabians I love you so
3 Junior Waters The stars fell
4 Beau Dollar Any day now
5 Babs Tino Forgive me (For giving you such a bad time)
6 Clyde Wilson Go to him
7 Jessie Williams Tender words and tender kisses
8 Della Reese Don’t you know
9 Ray Marco Sunny
10 Alicia Adams The ballad of Ronnie
11 Dick Baker inst Lament for a lost lover
12 Little Peggy March I wish i were a princess
13 Dee Clark I’m a soldier boy
14 Pace Setters Victim of loneliness
15 Annette Funicello Promise me anything
16 Manhattans the I betcha (you coudn’t love me)
17 Superbs the My heart ist’t in it
18 Timmy Thomas It’s my life
19 Dalida Amo (girl)
20 Freddy Butler I’m not afraid
21 Duane Eddy inst Because there young
22 Sylvia St Clare Bring back yesterday
23 Marty Filler Lucky dreamer
24 Hoagy Lands I’m yours
25 KC & The sunshine band Baby i’m yours
26 Dale Warren Follow your heart
27 Murielle Bianchi Te voila
28 Kevin Mc Quinn Every step of the way
29 Five Royales I’m standing in the shadows
30 Dave Hamilton inst Can you dig it
31 Louise Manning The ship of love
32 Bobby Day King’s highway
33 Wright sisters That’s OK
34 Fuller brothers the Stranger at my door
35 Nat Wright Just for you
36 Miracles the My heart says yes
37 Lee Jackson Keep your mouth shut
38 Mari Wilson Would you dance with a strangers
39 Popcorn Rebellion Don’t go walkin’ in the rain
40 Joanne King Please mr Songwriter
41 Teri Nelson Group It’s all right
42 Leonard King & the soul messengers inst The Barracuda

Luister afl 858 hier terug

858 Popcorncorner 24-1-2021  17:00 -- 19:00
1 Renee Roberts Nobody knows i’m around
2 Calvin Williams Let’s dance
3 Rita Moss Exactly like you
4 Frank Alamo Qui j’ai pleure
5 Johnny O’Keefe Im counting on you
6 Tamiko Rhapsody
7 Ted Taylor Somebody’s always trying
8 Carol Shaw Jimmy boy
9 Carol Kay This time you’re wrong
10 Mark Wirtz & Mood Masaic Inst No tears
11 April Stevens ‘65 Teach me tiger
12 Bobby Rio Ask the lonely
13 Donna Loren New love
14 Jimmy Griffin Marie is movin
15 Silvano Silvi I Dove un di ceri tu
16 Billy Stewart Strange feeling
17 Lafitte Help me find her
18 Deltas the Don’t tell anyone
19 Ian Turpie Not you
20 Daryl Quist Whenshe comes to you
21 Steve Douglas Kreisman inst Melodie for Robin
22 Milva I Per sempre , per sempre
23 Jordan and Wayne Find a little happiness
24 Ray Pollard My girl and i
25 Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells Once upon a time
26 Jimmy Meng Don’t be blue
27 Dick Glasser Heartaches over you
28 Don Lee I found a way
29 Helen Grayco Lillys lament
30 Le Spectre F Sunny
31 Johnny Lytle inst Sunny
32 Sonny James Innocent Angel
33 Grethe Ingmann SW Hun er seksten ar i dag
34 Joe Taylor & the Dominoes You don’t love me
35 Otis Blackwell Kiss away
36 Kaye Sisters the Keep on lovin me
37 Peter Gordeno I’ll kiss your teardrops away
38 Joe Jefferson Courtin wade
39 Chet ‘poisson’ Ivy In a little while
40 Jeff Lane Baby come back home
41 Baby Dolls Is this the end
42 Augustus Pablo inst A P special

857 Popcorncorner     17-1-2020     17:00 tot 19:00.
1 Ruth Christie Strange kind of love
2 Videls the Mr. Lonely
3 Kevin Mc Quinn Adventure
4 Johnny Nash Don’t take away your love
5 Nana Mouskouri F Laissez -moi pleurer
6 Lonnie Carpenter Let me go the merry way
7 Jimmy Merritt I’ll forget about you
8 Eddie Holland You deserve what you got
9 Kenny Gamble Standing in the shadows
10 Hank Jacobs inst Hank’s groove
11 Alma Cogan D Schneller (Tell him)
12 Tobi Lark Sweep it out in the shed
13 Maureen Evans Poco sole
14 Tommy Tate A lovers reward
15 Leon Peterson Now you’re on your own
16 Barbara Mason Trouble child
17 Jimmy Griffin I Nei baci di un altro
18 Garnet Mimms & Enchanters Cry baby
19 Dolores Hill What he used to tell me
20 Andy Rose Wondrous place
21 Monk Higgins inst Straight ahead
22 Yvonne Carroll Please don’t go know
23 Ben E King Don’t play that song
24 Gary Criss I still miss you so
25 Steve Allan Triple Cross
26 Barbara George Send for me (If you need some lovin)
27 Franck Fernandel F La Ville Triste
28 Sam Hawkins Where the world begins
29 Impressions the East of Java
30 Ernestine Eady That’s the way it goes
31 Flamingos Come to my party
32 Bennie Turner Come back home
33 Soul Twins Just one look
34 Ernie Freeman inst Conquest
35 Jimmy Holiday You don’t even know my name
36 Alan Price Move on drifer
37 Bobby Vee Hickory , Dick and Doc
38 Gloria Lasso F Sur ton visage une larme
39 Pentagons I’m in love
40 Keith Powell & the Valets You better let him go.
41 Vinnie Monte It’s the end
42 Al Nevins inst Linger a while

856 Popcorncorner 10-1-2020
1 Sue Perrin Candy store man
2 Charlie McCoy Cherry berry wine
3 Jodie Sands This little fool
4 Del Shannon That’s the way love is
5 Starr Brothers the Beautiful woman
6 Tony Sheveton Dance with me
7 Tony Dalnes Echo of footsteps
8 David Martin Cinderella Romeo
9 Bill Courtney Without het love
10 Raymond Lefevre inst Theme from exodus
11 ZZ & the Maskers NL Trek het niet aan
12 Jan Douglas Walkin in the rain
13 George Freeman Down and out
14 Betty Wrigley Selfish one
15 Johnny Barnes Nothing witout your love
16 Jimmy Crawford Thank you
17 Sandy Carmel Kiss me
18 Gene Chandler Little like lovin
19 Sharon Black Play the music
20 Carlos Gonzaga S Diana
21 Toots Thielemans inst Indian Nuts
22 Christine Holmes Many thinks from your window
23 Malcom Dodds Laughh my heart
24 Dottie & Millie Talkin about my baby
25 Robert Portee Casanova
26 Carol Vega One little thing
27 Wade Flemons The other place
28 Mark -Keys My sweet baby
29 Etta James Saven days fool
30 Satintones the You cast a spell on me
31 Johnny Crawford Rumors
32 Sonny Thompson inst Loco limbo
33 Dobie Gray The in crowd
34 Patty La Belle Tear after tear
35 Soul four the Misery
36 Jimmy Burns Give her to me
37 Jimmy Jordan The grass looked greener
38 Dicky Lee Mountain of love
39 Jackie Lee & Raindrops There goes the lucky one
40 Quitriche Les Ne t’en vas pas (coming home baby)
41 Wayne Fontana Perfidia
42 Victor Feldman all stars inst Ritual

Popcorncorner 855    3-1-2021  17:00 uur
Jaaroverzicht 2020 Overleden (Popcorn) artiesten

8-jan Edd Bymes ### 08-01-2020 The kookie cha cha cha
14-jan Steve Martin (Caro) (Left Banke) 12-10-1948 - -14-01-2020 (71) Walk away Renee
26-jan Bob Shane (Kingston trio) 1-02-1934 - - 26-01-2020 (85) Hangman

8-feb Bob (Robert) Conrad (Falk) 1-03-1935 - - 8-02-2020 (84) I love you (Pretty Baby)

20-mrt Kenny (Donald) Rogers 21-08-1938 - -20-03-2020 (81) Sunshine
27-mrt Bob Andy (Keith Anderson) 28-10-1944 -- 27-03-2020 (75) Life

16-apr Christophe ( Daniel Bevilacqua) 13-10-1945 - - 16-04-2020 (74) Good bye je reviendrai
27-apr Young Jessie (Obediah Donnell Jessie) 28-12-1935 - - 27-04-2020 (84) Shuffle in the gravel
28-apr Bobby Lewis ### – 28-04-2020 (96) What a walk

5-mei Millie Small (Millicent Dolly May Small) 3-10-1946 - - 5-05-2020 (73) I've Fallen In Love With A Snowman
5-mei Danny Fisher (Edmond Vermeylen B) #### - - 5-05-2020 (80) Love isn't a game
10-mei Betty Wright 21-12-1953 - - 10-05-2020 (66) If a was a kid

2-jun Gaynel Hodge (Penguins) 4 -01-1937 -- 2-06-2020 (83) He y senorita
12-jun Ricky Valence 10-04-1936 -- 12-06-2020 (84) Only the young
26-jun Tami Lynn 1942 – 26-06-2020 Nobody Want's You

11-aug Trini Lopez 15-05-1937 – 11-08-2020 (83) Watermelon man

16-sep Roy C ( Charles Hammond 3-8-1939 -- 16-09-2020 The outside looking in

6-okt Johnny Nash 19-08-1940 – 6-10-2020 (80) Falling in and out of love

5-nov Len Barry 12-06-1942 – 05-11-2020(78) Hearts are trump

12-dec Charlie Pride 18-03-1934 –12-12-2020(85) Crystal Chandeliers

854 Popcorncorner 1e Kerstdag 25-12-2020 21:00 - 23:00 uur
1 Kim Weston Wish you a merry christmas
2 Jackie Edwards White Christmas
3 Reuben Anderson Christmas time again
4 Bobby Curtola My christmas three
5 Helen Shapiro Lttle miss lonely
6 Flamingo’s I know better
7 Bobby Vee A not so merry X-mas
8 Jan Bradley Christmas time
9 Richard Anthony F Noël pour notre amour
10 Paul Anka I saw mommy kissin “Santa Claus”
11 Kenny Vance & Planotones You’re my christmas present
12 Gwenn Stacey Ain’t gonna cry no more
13 Adam Faith Lonely pup (in a christmas shop)
14 Francoise Hardy Song of winter
15 Otis Redding Merry christmas baby
16 Three Lakersiders Paracute
17 Gino Washington Now you’re lonely
18 Roman Reed Our special day
19 Heatwave First day of snow
20 Eartha Kitt Santa Baby
21 Chubby Checker & Bobby Rydell Jinglebell rock

22 Carla Thomas All i want for X-mas

23 Platters Winterwonderland
24 Marvin Gaye Purple snowflakes
25 Eydie Gorme I will follow you
26 Barbara Mc Nair Steal away tonight
27 Brenda Lee Rockin around the christmas three
28 Alan Jackson Holly Jolly Christmas
29 Lesley Duncan You kissed me boy
30 Shorty Long When you are available
31 Four Tops & The Supremes Let’s make love now
32 Three Suns inst Russian sleigh song
33 Anica Zubovic Pada sneg (Tombe la naige)
34 Ronettes Frosty the snowman
35 Jimmy Charles Santa won’t be blue this christmas
36 Bookends Christmas kisses
37 Toni Wine My boyfriend is comming home for Christmas
38 Paul and Paula Jingle bell rock
39 Lynda Graham Wait and see
40 Arthur Prysock A workin man’s prayer
41 Donna Loren Blowin’ out the candles
42 Misletoe band inst Sleigh ride

853 Popcorncorner Kerst avond 24-12-2020 22:00 - 23:00 uur
1 Carla Thomas All i want for X-mas is you
2 Encounters (it all started with) A christmas card
3 Miracles Christmas everyday
4 Dean Martin Silver Bells
5 Larisa Mondrus Rus Snowflakes
6 Burl Ives Holly jolly christmas
7 Jerry Fuller Footprints in the snow
8 Georgetta Banks Sweetly and completely
9 Supremes Children’s christmas song
10 Los Straitjackets Inst Feliz Navidad
11 Johnny Preston A new baby for christmas
12 Pat Thomas Where there’s love ther’s hope
13 Durand Jones & indications Is it any wonder
14 Claude Francois F Des roses de noel
15 Superbs Baby’s gone away
16 Herbert Koud en eenzaam
17 Little Eva I wish you a merry christmas
18 Jimmy Radcliffe My ship is coming in
19 Pixie three Cold cold winter
20 Diana Ross Little bright Star
21 Ventures Inst Snowflakes

This is worth fighting for

Zondag 13 dec ging er het eea mis door ziekte en techniek op 20 dec derhalve de herhaling van het totale programma.

De opname van deze uitzending is helaas niet beschikbaar.
852 Popcorncorner 20-12-2020    Herhaling van 13-12-2020
1 Daughters of Eve (the) Hey Lover
2 Robert & Johnny Dream girl
3 Manoela Torres S Si supieras
4 Neon Richards He has the right to know
5 Baby Washington You and the night and the music
6 Lou Rawls Christmas will really be christmas
7 Jimmy Ricks Oh what a feeling
8 Las Cuatro Monedas V Ayer sonrei
9 Johnny Tillotson Angel
10 De Denise inst Japanse Cha cha
11 Billy Ford This is worth fighting for
12 Claudette Vandal F Mon Copain
13 George Mahares The rules of the road
14 Billy Stewart A fat boy can cry
15 Funk Brothers inst Winter wonderland
16 Deanna Kimball Take me home
17 Jimmy Jordan The grass looked greener
18 Claude Royan F Qui va plus lion
19 Jimmy Beaumont Never say goodbye
20 Stoppers the Come back baby
21 Franck Carrel inst Les bras encroix
22 Babs Tino If only for tonight
23 Platmates the She never looks better
24 Jackie Layne Teenage girl in a changing world
25 Teen Tones Long cold winter ahead
26 Bobby Bannister You gave me love
27 Carole King Breaking up is hard to do
28 Bob Collins & Fabulous five If i didn’t have a dime
29 Joyce Heath I wouldn’t dream of it
30 Timmy Shaw No more
31 Jesse Davis Albuquerque
32 Ventures inst Louie louie
33 Fabulois Four Fools destiny
34 Dale Warren Follow your heart
35 Bunny Sigler For crying out loud
36 Earls the If i could do it over again
37 Citations the That girl of mine
38 Chris Bartley I found a goodie
39 Ral Donner Loneliness of a star
40 Danny Chilean S Cara mia
41 Diane Emond The beginning of the end
42 Enoch Light and the light brigade Cést magnifique cha cha

Play the music and keep dancing
851 Popcorncorner 6-12-2020

 Luister naar het eerste uur:
1 Cilla Black Suffer now i must
2 Ray Fleming I’m glad i have you
3 Anne Kern F Tant pis tant pis entre donc (Come on in)
4 Magnificient 7 the Never will i (make my baby cry)
5 Hoagy Lands I’m Yours
6 Mama Cass Baby i’m yours
7 Tony Daryll Venus
8 Marvelettes Marionette
9 Astro Jets Boom a lay
10 San Remo Golden Strings inst Festival time
11 Los Boppers S Ali Baba
12 Norma Jean Call me a fool
13 Gentrys the Every day i have to cry
14 Pentagons I’m in love
15 Johnny Bartel & the soul masters You waited to long
16 Ovations The Me and my Imagination
17 Gene and Debbe Playboy
18 Bobby Gee & The Celestials Blue Jeans
19 Billy Bridge F Quand je suis loin de toi
20 Pixie Three Cold cold winter
21 Archie Bell and the drells The soul city walk

Luister naar het eerste uur:

22 Vikki Carr Forget you
23 Classics IV the Stormy
24 Terry Collins Oh, so lonely
25 Marry Wells Never never leave me
26 Toby Brown Play the music and keep dancing
27 Four Seasons Save it for me
28 Garrett Saunders A day or two
29 Artistics I’ll leave it up to you
30 Noelene Batley Forgive me
31 Jerry Mason You are lonely
32 Orc de baile de radio Hamburgo Mi corazon partence a papa
33 Tielmanbrothers You’ve got to much going (girl)
34 Karin Smith Wide awake in a dream
35 Sony Savano Lady Angel
36 Toby Robin First kiss
37 Rosalind Madison No other love
38 Dick Dale & the Dell-tones Those memories
39 Etta James Fools rush in
40 Mickey Denton Now you can’t give them away
41 Elegant four Time to say goodbye
42 Bill Butler inst Just for tonight

Popcorncorner 29-11-2020   17:00 - 19:00
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1 Silvana Aliotta I Caro Johnny
2 Adam Wade Broken hearted stranger
3 Benny Joy Only time will tell
4 Barbara Kay Some has to cry (Why must i)
5 Bobby Vinton i Io nonposso crediti
6 Lee Maye Totals disaster
7 Half Sisters Forget where i live
8 Roosevelt Roberts Hooked on your love
9 Martha Smith As i watch you walk away
10 Rick Nelson For your sweet love
11 Eddie Williams Peache of mind
12 Ray Peterson You trill me
13 Maxine Darren Don’t you know
14 Roger Washinton Unless you let me
15 Jamie Coe Cleopatra
16 Alma Cogan He just couldn’t resist het with het pocket transister
17 Johnny and the expressions Shy girl
18 Ito Yukari J The locomotion
19 Staccato’s the Who’s to say
20 Bobby Reed The time is right for love
21 Chapala Beach boys inst Twine time

Luister naar het tweede uur:
22 Kim Weston Another train coming
23 Bill Giant Better let her go
24 Jerry Keller Now now now
25 Linda Hopkins If you walk away
26 Ray Rush So what
27 Joey Heatherton Hullabaloo
28 Gene Thomas I’ll keep on loving you
29 Lenny & the Chimes Paradise
30 Little Ann What should i do
31 Bill Giant Tomorows’s clown
32 Joe Sherman inst Groovy Chick
33 Bettye Lavette You’ll never change
34 Bobby John Shadows of love
35 Johnny Appalachian A mountain of a man
36 Johnny Farro I’m afraid
37 Cletus Marland Every now and then
38 Dee Dee Bridgewater Lonely disco dancer
39 Jim Nabble Look here girl
40 Phil Parry If this is goodbye
41 Russ Loader I Mona lisa
42 Aqua band Do re mi cha cha

849 Popcorncorner 22-11-2020 17:00 --19:00
 Luister naar het eerste uur:

1 Jo Ann Campbell Sloppy Joe
2 Earl Dean Smith Untie me
3 Frankie Lee My last letter
4 Leonard Wayne and the Hi Tones That’s all i want to do
5 Fess Parker Strong man
6 Ruth Cristie This must be love
7 Holy Diciples Trying to make a hundred
8 Buddy Lamp Promised land
9 Marla Mason Please stay away (from my heart)
10 Brass Ring Love theme (From the flight of the Phoenix)
11 Sam Alessi Adorable cha cha
12 Austin Taylor Lovin Hands
13 Fred Carter Jr Happy tears
14 Roy Handy What did he do
15 Claudia Sylva F Dis maman
16 Four Hollidays I’ll walk right out the door
17 Johnny David I met a girl
18 Virginia Vee I Quando io pense a te
19 Jimmy Beaumount I’m gonna try my wings
20 Jimmy Lewis Goodbye sorrow
21 The Four dreamers inst Retiens la nuit

Luister naar het tweede uur:
22 Dee Dee Sharp Calender Boy
23 Kenny and Mose You know i love you
24 Tony Brent Make it soon
25 Mike hurst Look in your eyes
26 Lefty Wright I don’t want nobody (If i can’t have you)
27 Dale Ward Lonely Mary Ann
28 Nancy Holloway F La chanson du bonheur
29 James Carr Only fools run away
30 Patti Drew Tell him
31 Cleveland Robinson Love is a trap
32 Burt Blanca inst Je Partirai
33 Yvonne Norman SW Du kom för sent (Wallk on by)
34 Ocie Smith Everybody but me
35 Jerry Jackson I don’t play games
36 Nelson Keene Miracles are happening to me
37 Allen Wayne Walkin my baby
38 Dick & Dee Dee Where did the good times go
39 Danny Jordan Just couldn’t resist her with het pocket transister
40 Arthur Epps Baby these are the things i need
41 Etta James Two sides to every story
42 Baby Washington inst It’ll change

848 Popcorncorner 15-11-2020     17:00 - 19:00
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1 Carolyn Crawford My smile is just a frown (turned upside down)
2 Willie Tee Walking up a one way street
3 William Bell The man in the street
4 Impressions the It’s all right
5 Jerry Goldsmith (orc & chorus) You’ve gotta let me go
6 Willis Sisters The The pretty one
7 Van McCoy Baby i’m yours
8 Ray Pollard The Drifter
9 Donays the Bad boy
10 Colman Brothers inst El ninio cha cha
11 Darrow Fletcher Love slave
12 Eleanor Rigby Just a fool
13 Lesley Gore No more tears left to cry
14 Billy Joe Burnette Lust for life
15 Elvis Presley Never ending
16 Arthur Adams I can’t believe my eyes
17 Jackie Walker Take a dream
18 Sunny James Innocent angel
19 Ivory Joe Hunter You only want me when you need me
20 Gene Stridel Where does that leave me
21 Ramsey Lewis Wade in the water

 Luister naar het tweede uur:
22 Dalida F Je ne sais plus
23 Soul Generation Sailing
24 Sonny Hines Look for me
25 Ronnie Dove Tell me tomorrow
26 Marcene Haris Hang on to what you got
27 Johnny Barnes I’m nothing witout your love
28 Attractions That girl is mine
29 Bob Dante Baby this is love
30 Conny Froboess Gino
31 Jeannie Thomas Say something sweet to me
32 Jimmy Conwell inst Cigarette ashes
33 Belmonts Walk on boy
34 Eddie Mannion Just driftin
35 Billy T Band Um um um um
36 Roosevelt Grier In my tenement
37 Pat Thomas Where there’s love there’s hope
38 Hermanos Carion Lindos Ogos
39 Dean Martin Ain’t gonna try anymore
40 Ed Bruce The Prophet
41 Vicky Lester Is this the beginning of the end
42 Sam Hawkins and the ho dads Song for my father

847 Popcorncorner 8-11-2020   17:00 tot 19:00 

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1 Babs Tino Forgive me
2 Milt Westley There must be you
3 Ed Bruce I’m gonna have a party
4 Bobby Prins nl Stil in de straten
5 Julie Rogers Play the music
6 Toby Browne Child
7 Carl Henderson I love you so
8 Carol Fran You can’t stop me
9 Razzy I hate hate
10 Gil Bernal This is worth fighting for
11 Toppers the inst Caminando por Sunset
12 Marty Evans Someone else’s baby
13 Patsy Ann Noble Cëst drole les reves
14 Pepe Miranda SP Christina
15 Diane Emond Little by little
16 Gerry Monroe It’s a sin to tell a lie
17 Bobby Lu Cure I’ll never fall in love again
18 Patty Duke One kiss away
19 Carlo Stranger in my arms
20 Groove the NS Love it’s getting better
21 Byron Lee & the Dragonaires inst More and more amour

Luister naar het tweede uur:
22 Shirley Vaugh Doens’t everybody
23 Jimmy Lewis Goodbye Sorrow
24 Ivan Block She’s got love
25 O.C. Tolbert All i want is you
26 Les Vip-airs F Rever
27 Al Brown Sweet little love like you
28 Barbara Evans The pretty one
29 Johnny Dollar (Jimmy Breedlove) His eyes
30 Blues brother the Some kind of wonderful
31 Danyel Gerard F Sugar shake
32 Mac Davis Brothers inst Panky’s Boogaloo
33 Milton Grayson I love you much to much
34 Mitty Collier Little miss loneliness
35 Lee Haris I’ve got to have somebody’s love
36 Aztecs inst Traffic jam
37 Norma Hendy nl Kleine bambola
38 Johnny Bev No piece of mind
39 Alma Cogan I knew right away
40 Furys the Anything for you
41 Jimmy Hicks I’m mr big stuff
42 Wee wee Willie Down home
846 Popcorncorner 1-11-2020   Halloween 

Luister naar het eerste uur:
1 Bobby ‘Boris’Picket and the crypt cickers Monster mash party
2 Monster Rally Take us to your presedent
3 Johnny Thunder Bad man
4 Salmas Brothers Zombie
5 Magics Zombie walk
6 Mitty Collier Pain
7 Bob Mc Fadden & Dor The Mummy
8 Swinging g’hosts Vampire hop
9 Mike de Net Ghost of love
10 Jan Davis inst Fugitive
11 Cadilacs the Boogie man
12 Jim Burgett The Living dead
13 Upperclassemen Cha cha with the zombies
14 Carole Bennet Haunted lover
15 Cocktail trio NL Het oude spookhuis
16 Upsetters the Haunted house
17 Buddy Fite inst Evil ways
18 Lynn Carnel Demon Lover
19 Gar Bacon The gost of love
20 Don Cherry Ghost town
21 Munsters the inst Frankenstein ska

Luister naar het tweede uur:
22 John Zacherle Happy Halloween
23 Ray Stevens Laughing over my grave
24 Archie King The Vampire
25 Ted Cassidy The Lurch
26 ZZ and the Maskers NL Dracula
27 Bob Kayli Tie me tight
28 Champs the inst Twenty thousand leagues
29 Merv Griffin The sceemin’ meemies
30 Marketts the inst Out of limits
31 Del Vikngs The voodoo man
32 Scary Movies She makes my blood run cold
33 Kimball Coburn Evil eye
34 Henri Salvador Dracula cha cha cha
35 Geno Washington Different strokes
36 Tommy Roe Blue Ghost
37 Del Aires Zombie stomp
38 Bionic Steve Bermuda trangle
39 Lavern Baker Voodoo voodoo
40 Les Baxter inst Voodoo dreams
41 Annie Laurie Nobody gonna hurt you
42 Johnny Watson inst Wolfman


845 Popcorncorner 25-10-2020
Luister naar het eerste uur:
1 Baby Washington Hey lonely one
2 Jimmy Justice World of lonely people
3 Paper Dolls the Darlin
4 Dee Clark You are like the wind
5 Freddy Scott When the wind changes
6 Sonics the Find myself another girl
7 Ruth Brown Say it again
8 Gilles Brown F Cést toi que j’aime
9 Untouchables Raisin sugar cane
10 Oscar Saintal inst En Blue Jeans et Blouson D’Cuir
11 Barbara Perry Say you need it
12 Gamblers Cry me a river
13 Earl Sinks Be good
14 Melissa Manchester A song for you
15 Jokers the inst Olas del Dunabio
16 Bill Giant Better let her go
17 Brenda and the The Tabulation You’ve changed
18 Chuck Bowers You and me are in the same mood
19 Ken Boothe Suzie Q
20 Ronny Douglas Run run run
21 Jumping Jewels Mexico

 Luister naar het tweede uur:

22 Connie Francis P Someone else’s boy (Portugees)
23 Robert Knight Dance only with me
24 Versatiles the Passing by
25 Cindy Malone Is it over baby
26 Aiglons les inst Patricia
27 Lee Andrews and the hearts Cold gray dawn
28 Jody Miller Baby i’m yours
29 Lefty Frizzell Heaven’s plan
30 Maxine Davis Before i leave you
31 JT Carter Closer to your heart
32 Showman Wrong girl
33 Dany Aube La file de Pacha
34 Barbara mc Nair Steal away tonight
35 Jay Johnson Coming down you street
36 Kim Charney Sugar coated lies
37 Vicky Leandros F Quelque chose en moi
38 J.B Love I wiouldn’t have it any other way
39 Danleers the Half a block from an angel
40 Casinos the I still love you
41 Sonny James I wish this night would never end
42 Henri Rossotti Frenesi cha cha cha

Naam Afspelen
18-10-2020 18h

18-10-2020 17h

844 Popcorncorner 18-10-2020
1 Joyce Troyano I cry for the boy
2 Brook Benton Still waters run deep
3 Bobby Adams I think you want my girl
4 Ginny Arnell You Pulled a fast one
5 Dee Clark You are like the w
6 Bobby Sanders Maybe i’m wrong
7 Barry McGuire Jelly coal man
8 Casuals the If you don’t
9 Julie Jules et Jean F He Paula
10 Chuck Willis inst My crying eyes
11 Fred Carter What am i gonna do with Anna
12 Freddy Faulkner Cigarettes and matches
13 Jeri Lynne Fraser Are you just a guy with a line
14 Borsey Burnette Castle in the sky
15 Suzie mix De wereld is leeg zonder jou (NL) (D) (GB)
16 Len Watson Dancing with your memory
17 Soulful dozen plus (the) Don’t play that song
18 Nicky Vallo The sugar lips
19 Little Carl Carlton Bad for each other
20 Meg Myles Sing on baby
21 Rolls Royce and the wheels inst Ah pooney

22 Marta Ren & the Soulful orc Well i done got over it
23 Johnny Starr Marizina
24 Enrique Guzman Jap Lo Se (I will)
25 Marion Rung My boy lollipop
26 Erik Monty 20 kilométres
27 Del Satins Balld of a DJ
28 Bob & Earl Harlem shuffle (special intro)
29 Vickie Baines I’m Losing you
30 Norrie Paramore inst Boeing
31 Pat Lundy & Bobby Harris We got a thing goin’ on
32 Letterman the World without love
33 Paragons the Pretty words, that’s what i want to hear.
34 Mary Wells Your old standby
35 Jimmy McCracklin The bitter and the sweet
36 Aubry Jones Big Lover
37 Ames Brothers the Chi Sara
38 Cleftones the There she goes
39 Velvelettes the Throw a farewell kiss
40 Bob & Fred Ill be on my way
41 Alan Drew What is it to me
42 Bert Kaempfert Midnight in Moscow

843 Popcorncorner met Nederlandse en Vlaamse zangeressen.     11-10-2020  van 17:00 tot 19:00 uur.

Naam Afspelen


1 Brigitte & the Fire Strings Een droom
2 Selvera’s Kus me, honey honey, kus me
3 Samantha Ik hou van jou
4 Rita Hovink Ik vergeet je
5 Enny Denita Tijd
6 Young Sisters the Johnny kom je weer hier
7 Marva Waar kan ik heen
8 Rianta's Te laat
9 Micha Marah Rozen en doornen
10 Gigliola Cinquetti Vroeg of laat
11 Ria Valk Voor mij is het lente
12 Liza Marke Hoe triest is het in Venetie
13 Corry Brokken Mustapha
14 De dom Dollys Waarom noem je mij nog baby
15 De Carinas Word toch eens kwaad
16 Liliane Saint Pierre Mixed up, shook up girl (nl)
17 Conny van de Bos Raak me niet aan
18 Anneke Gronloh Da doe doe ron ron
19 Tonia Ik heb heimwee naar jou
20 Dea Doll Denk aan mij
21 Liz Larsson Vaya con dios
22 Conny Fabry Koningin van een nacht (Queen for tonight)
23 Willeke Alberti Norman
24 Nelly Wijsbek Heel mijn hart
25 Anneke van Hooff Nooit op zondag
26 Rianta’s de Hij kust me zo vaak
27 Milly Scott Zeg’s eerlijk
28 Rita De Neve De allereerste keer
29 Sandra Reemer Zeg wat is er aan de hand
30 Linda Snoeij Marmer breekt
31 Rina Pia Eenzaam zonder mij
32 Teddy Scholten Un Poco
33 Ann Christy Zoals een mooi verhaal
34 Wendy van Wanten Wie weet hoe
35 Caterina Valente Tango Italiano
36 Imca Marina Net zestien
37 Bob & Brenda Konm’t door jou
38 Helga Vlammetjes
39 Jo Leemans Diep in mijn hart
40 Reggie van den Burg Eenzaam op het Leidseplein
41 Sylvia Vartan Het is voorbij
42 Wilma Een Suikerspin

842 Popcorncorner 4-10--2020
1 Dodie Stevens You don’t have to prove a thing to me
2 Dan Penn Lovely ladies
3 Dick Jordan I want her back
4 Lance Fortune Al of my own
5 Sam Cooke Soothe me
6 Tiny Topsy Just a little bit
7 Robert Tanner Sweet memories
8 Lon Genes Dream girl
9 Skip Cunningham Have we met before
10 Delegates the inst Pigmy
11 Cliff Richard Icould easily fall in love ( Mix engels + duits )
12 Francoise Hardy Catch a falling star
13 Exits the Under the street lamp
14 Dean & Jean Silly Little girl
15 Frans Bauer (Ja echt) N Kijk in m’n ogen (Only the lonely)
16 Connie Stevens They ’re Jealous of me
17 Dean Scott Two years ago today
18 Bob Morris I knew i’d lose again
19 Mary Silvers Power of love
20 Tony Allen Triple Cross
21 Dick Baker inst Heartless lover
22 Brenda Lee If you don’t
23 Nick Charles For you
24 Danny Williams The world around me
25 Johnny Angel The two together
26 Stephan Levandowski Poetry in Motion
27 Ginette Reno Here comes the heartaches
28 Eather Doss Jr I do anything
29 Bulldogs the What do i see
30 Danny Wilson Darlin of my heart
31 Marjorie Noel F Dans le méme wagon
32 Bobby Morrow inst Exodus
33 Joanne King Please Mr. songwriter
34 Rick Randell Take my name and nummer
35 Reuben & Chains Answer these question
36 Jimmy Beaumont I’m gonna try my wings
37 Ferlin Husky Love (Your spell is everywhere)
38 Dick & Dee dee Where did the good times go
39 Jerry Fuller Why do they say goodbye
40 Virginie Reviens Vite
41 Imperials the I’m still dancing
42 Jay Abbott inst La Tanya

841 Popcorncorner 27-9-2020
1 Irma Thomas Time is on my side
2 Fiestas the The Gypsy said
3 Ted Taylor Pretending love
4 Buddy Clinton It hurts
5 Kenny Price Somebody told Mary
6 Dale Ward Young lovers after midnight
7 Clyde McPhater Till the cows come home
8 Jess Conrad Every breath i take
9 Rick Sheppard I’m gonna change
10 Caravelli inst Que Cést bon
11 Billy Storm Please don’t mention her name
12 Sonny Cymbott Emily
13 Sammy Turner Love keeps calling
14 Don Gardner Son my son
15 Carol Fran Any day love walks in
16 Johnny Copeland It’s me
17 Al Collier Who will take your place
18 Ludy Lynn Hello Mr. D.J.
19 Darrells The So tenderly
20 Al McCarther His true love (alt)
21 Shake Keane inst Green Onions
22 Beverly Williams He’s hurting me
23 Chuck Morro Lover’s roulette
24 Bob Conrad I Me conforna
25 Tommy Hunt Did’t i tell you
26 Miss Johni Naylor Red wine for my blues
27 De Vonns Put me down
28 Garry Mills Footsteps in the sand
29 Lenny Miles Living dream
30 Corry Brokken N Ik weet
31 Marty Filler Tea, bom, dom, de ,dubi, dubi, dom
32 Valli boys (the) inst The night hawk
33 Kenny Lynch You make love so well
34 Merci Molina Love me forever
35 Ray Pollard No more like me
36 James H Stayton More than you’ll ever know
37 Al Nevins & his Orch inst Linger a while
38 O’Jays NS To prove i love you
39 Ernie Sheldon And a man
40 Vicki Tasso Sound of the hammer
41 Bruno Lauzi I Garibaldi blues (Fever)
42 Fausto Papetti inst Febbre nera

Deze week de echte aflevering 840 sorry voor de mensen die de nummering stipt bijhouden.

 840 Popcorncorner 20-9-2020 
1 Peaches the Baby think it over
2 Roy Hamilton A great romance
3 Kestrels Dance with me
4 Ernie Sheldon And a man
5 Zena Foster Make it me
6 Cirico Blake Should i go
7 Frank Perry You’re the one
8 Gene Pitney Last chance to turn around
9 Jimmy Burns Trough all your faults
10 Jimmy James & Vagabounds - Come to me softly (alt)
11 Hortense Ellis I’ll come softly
12 Eric Perier F Elle et moi
13 Prince Buster Almost being in love
14 Phil and Del My girl
15 La Reine La Mar That’s not the way to love
16 Herb Alpert inst Walk don’t run
17 Len Watson Dance with your memery
18 Jamie Mahar I wouldn’t have it any oyher way
19 Trudy Richards Temptation
20 Craig and the Viscounts Walkin down the avenue
21 Slingshots The Sooner

23 McGuire Sisters Achoo-cha-cha
24 Richard Popcorn Wylie Greater than anything
25 Terrells the Don’t ask me to stop lovin you
26 Vic Charm Pretty blue eyes
27 Fred Carter What an I gonna do with Anna
28 Yvonne Carroll Mister loveman
29 PJ Proby You owe me some tears
30 Craig Wollard Band Impossible
31 Andy Anderson & the Dawnbreakers - Chop Suey
32 Kell Osborne Quicksand
33 Boogaloo Assassins Be my baby
34 Debbie Stanley It’s him i wanne go with mama
35 Baba Brooks Cocktails for two
36 Dave Edwars Wedding of tears
37 Connie Freed Things they don’t teach you at school
38 Freddy Scott Lonely man
39 Bobby Oroza Your love is to cold
40 Skip Arne & The Dukes Angel
41 Monica Kirby Scary movies
42 Janne Mansfield Little things mean a lot
43 Big Moose & the Jams - Bright sounds

839 Popcorncorner 14-9-2020  17:00
1 Vickie Sallee There goes the lucky one
2 Jay Wiggins Tears of a lover
3 Carl Maduri Miss teenage america
4 Justin jones Dance by yourself
5 Winners the I go to pieces
6 Jean Paul Keller F Ca cést arrangé (music to watch by girl)
7 Sam Butera I feel good all over
8 Serenaders the Two lovers make one fool
9 Terri Day Hey Fella
10 Perez Prado inst Sabor a Mi (Be true to me)
11 Rocky Volcano F Belle maman (mother in law)
12 Giorgio Morodio Lonely lovers symphony
13 Castle Sister Light of love
14 Junior Waters Turn away
15 Wade Donald Walkin
16 Barry Gordon The world is mine
17 Dean Martin Grazie , Prego, Scusi
18 Billy Butler Can’t live without her
19 Don Gibson Sway
20 Willows Sit by the fire
21 Jacky Noguez inst Ciao ciao bambina

 839 Popcorncorner 14-9-2020  18:00
 22 Dian James Some kind of wonderful
23 Danny Andrews Market place
24 Dave Edwards Wedding of tears
25 Nana Mouskouri F Tën vas pas comme ca
26 Johnny Maestro & the Crest the Warning voice
27 Barbara Ray Like i do
28 Wayne Storm Just like a fool
29 Lesie Uggams A fortune in pennies
30 Gimicks inst Naughty rooster
31 Electrodes The Go away
32 Nick Villard Evergreen tree
33 The Soul notes Don’t make me beg
34 Tony Sheveton Dance with me
35 Marty Wilde No! dance with me
36 Andrea Henry I need you like a baby
37 Nick Lowe Poor side of town
38 James Julian Now is the time
39 Tawny Williams You lost me
40 Vince Howard The wayward wind
41 Carl Greenstreet Train oh train
42 Percy Faith Oba bossa nova

Op 6 sept zenden we SummerPopcorn deel 5 en 6 uit. Deze afleveringen zijn eerder
door omstandigheden komen te vervallen. Een herkansing dus.
 832 Popcorncorner Summer serie deel 5
Jacques Geuens, Radio Benelux Paal-Beringen (B)
1 Johnny Sonnier Slow Walkin Fever And The Asiatic Flu
2 Bonnie & Clyde I Get A Feeling
3 Billy Merman 900 miles (president)
4 Phil Brito Torna Sorrento (Come Back To Sorrento)
5 Seth Walker Rewind
6 L.C. Cooke Tell me
7 Nino Nardini & jackster Trouser Suit aka strolling with the wolf (instr)
8 The Simms Twins You're Pickin' In The Right Cotton Patch
9 Chase Webster Moody River (1970 Version)
10 David Kipp Yeah My Baby Loves Me
11 Darrell Glenn Bonnie Sue
12 Danny Cochario Dream On Little Dreamer
13 Toots Thielemans Indian nuts (instr)
14 Eddie Singleton Let me know
15 Del Moroccos I Don't Know
16 Fidels Take Away This Loneliness
17 Guy Neve Venus
18 Nick Lowe Poor Side Of Town
19 Jimmy James & Vagabonds Come To Me Softly (Alternate Take).
20 Dave Edwards Wedding Of Tears
21 Andy Anderson & The Dawnbreakers Chop Suey (instr)
22 Big Moose & The Jams Bright Sounds (instr)

832 Popcorncorner Summer serie deel 6
Bijdrage van Ton Koene uit Naaldwijk
1 Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Besame Mucho
2 Paul Bruno A Kiss From You
3 Jimmy Foster Stranger In Paradise
4 Dave King Memorie Are Made Of This
5 Ray Conniff For All We Know
6 Johnny Ray I’ll Never Fall In Love Again
7 The Cimarons Over The Rainbow
8 Richard Anthony Tu Ne Sais Pas
9 Willy Williams Hoog Tussen Ster En Pracht/ High In The Misty Sky
10 Trini Lopez It Had To Be You
11 Something Smith & The Redheads I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire
12 The Brass Ring The Phoenix Love Theme (Senza Fine)
13 Daryl Quist See The Funny Little Clown
14 Peter Law Lingerin’ On
15 Dick Rivers Oublie-Le
16 Richard Chamberlain You Always Hurt The One You Love
17 Jerry Jackson Always
18 Johnny Restivo Last Night On The Back Poche
19 Liliane Saint Pierre Plus Jamais
20 Al Anthony I Love You So Much It’s Hurts Me
21 Wally Wiggins Sweeter Than Sweet
22 Xavier Cugat Tea For Two Cha Cha

Deze week weer twee afleveringen in de serie SummerPopcorncorner.


838 Popcorncorner 30 8-2020 Sandra
Artiest/Groep Titel
1 Molly Bee He Doesn’t Want You
2 Jerry Fuller Quilty Of Loving You (1961)
3 Miss LaVelle White Stop These Teardrops
4 Les Surfs Par Amour Pour Toi (A Lover’s Concerto)
5 Clyde McPhatter My Block (1964)
6 Barbara McNair Murray What’s The Hurry
7 Tammy Montgomery I’ve Got Nothing To Say But Goodbye (1963)
8 Frank Slay Flying Circle (Hava Nagila Hava) i
9 Jamie Carter The Memory Of Your Voice (1965)
10 Cathy and Cookie That Man Of Mine
11 Bobby Blue Bland 36-22-36
12 The Fran-Cettes Late In The Evening (1962)
13 Teddy & The Twilights I’m Just Your Clown (1962)
14 Diane Maxwell Date Bait (1959)
15 Perez Prado You’re Driving Me Crazy i
16 Azie Mortimer Lips
17 Nappy Brown My Baby
18 Gale Garnett Ne Me Parlez Pas De Lui (You’ve Been Talking About Me Baby)


Popcorncorner 30 8-2020 Gerard
1 Vicky Lester Is this the beginning of the end
2 Donays Devil in his heart
3 Dionne Warwick I Non mi perdino (walk on by)
4 Alma Cogan I wish you love
5 Connie Froboess D Diana
6 Varetta Dillard Old fashioned
7 Carolyn Franklin Treat me gently
8 Barbara Mason & Tiffanys Trouble child
9 Betty Johnson What’s the matter little girl
10 Tina Charles Go
11 Ann Christy N Zoals een mooi verhaal
12 Drew Vels Tell him
13 Nita Hill Standing in the shadows
14 Aretha Franklin I can’t wait until i see my baby’s face
15 Anna Lin AZ My love without him
16 Susan Holliday Any day now
17 Petula Clark Ne Joue Pas
18 Brenda Lee Do i worry (Yes i do)
19 Thelma Eden All i want is you
20 Brenda Holloway Operator
21 Keely Smith With all my heart
22 Jo Ann Campbell Duane

Franky de Berge  23 8-2020
The Vibrations  Watusi Time
Tina Robin   River Of Tears (1959)
Dayna Kurtz   Go Ahead On (2013
Linda Mackey  Merry Go Round (1964)
Beverly Williams   Little Girl With A Big Hurt Unissued
Keith Powell   Paradise
Pj Proby  You Owe Me Some Tears  -
 Anita Humes  Don't Fight It
Keith Powell  You Better Let Him Go
Jill Jackson   Pixie Girl (1964)
Nolan Porter   If I Could Only Be Sure
Jo Ann Campbell   I Really Really Love You (1958)
 Keith Powell   Walking And Crying (1966)
Shirelles  Two Stupid Feet 
Bobbi Adriani   To Be In Love With
Kim Davey    I've  Told Every Little Star (1961)
Pat Clayton   You've Gotta Share  -(1969) 
Phill Philips  No One Else But You (1960
Cicero Blake   Soul Of Pain (1964)
 Keith Powell  I Should Know Better (1964)


Ton Koene  23 aug. 2020
Lou Bennett et son Quintet  The Maigret Theme
Günther Neefs  A Hundred Pounds Of clay
Bet E. Martin  I Know A Girl
Ferlin Husky  Love, Your Magic Spell Is Everywhere
Rob de Nijs en The Lords  Als Een Dwaas
Bobby Vinton  Take Good Care Of My baby
Liliane Saint Pierre   Chanson Sentimentale Pour Une Fille Sentimentale
Jimmy Frey  I Will
Jordan Brothers  No Wings On My angel
Eddy Rubio  Quando, Quando, Quando
Ernie Freeman  Half As Much
Trea Dobbs  Secret Love
Jo Ann Campbell  Girl On Wolverton Mountain
Paul Carrack  Groovin’
The Platters  In A Little Spanish Town
Jimmy Justice  Le Petite Amoureux
Varetta Dillard  Old Fashioned
Roy Orbison  22 Days
George Maharis  It’s A Sin To Tell A Lie
Sonny Day  Jealousy – Sonny Day
Dalida  Cordoba (Adios)
Monty Alexander  Summertime

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